I have always posted about Henry Cavill, I’ve reblogged whatever I could about him, this is nothing new. I still accept and always will accept anons about Prince Harry. I also post horses, dog, and cats is that okay?



Here you are my darling JD she is in Ireland https://www.facebook.com/brendan.condrenstunts/posts/887668328052511?pnref=story Oh yeah and before that she was at a wedding in Uk. She only stood in front of him at a cast group pic and some idiot on IG starting bsing then Sun ran with it. All sighting of him was alone in NZ

Thanks! Absolute rubbish reporting for a click. There is another article on DM that has them headed for a serious relationship, insert severe eye rolls. I didn’t want to bring it back here. If they used the words, canoodling, besotted or loved up you would hear me screaming.

I had anon from New Zealand that said he was such a nice guy and he likes his drink. What beer drinker doesn’t, he has said he like Guinness, I like it too. 

thanks so much

Little eye candy for a reward, and the Rock, Henry Cavill’s friend