Delingpole: ‘Princess Pushy go Home’- Britain Tires of Meghan Markle

This is a fantastic read! It’s about time the press wakes up to the fake golden calf from woke hell.


Anon said: William may be worried about Harry

William may be worried about Harry, but I doubt he cares about Meghan. He knows she’s okay and only playing games. A typical narcissist who plays the victim, She destroyed her own family, and now she’s destroying Harry’s family so that she has Harry on her own and can control and manipulate him as she wants.


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I agree with you, and if you didn’t see it before, you could see it now why William was concerned with his brother’s choice in a bride.


The woke couple from hell is on the rampage!  I’d say cut them off, but the palace likes passive strategies which Meghan knows. With a passive approach comes less risk and money. I do wonder how long before the Woke run out of money?  Unless Clinton and Soros want to help them out?

Thanks, anon, 🌸😎🥰🤣

The Sussexes are attacking the BRF

Harry and Meghan’s “sources” talked to the CNN and basically said they are victims and they are the only ones who can save the monarchy:

“They added that any sibling or person seeing that would of course be concerned, but said the tabloids and the briefings by so-called “palace insiders and friends” are classic examples of anti-Prince Harry and Meghan hysteria.

The source added that the institution around the British royal family is full of people afraid of and inexperienced at how to best help harness and deploy the value of the royal couple who, they said, have single-handedly modernized the monarchy.”


Good Morning Anon! I had to take this one first, this is hysterical!  Why would they do this? They are delusional and Sunshine Sachs went right to the Trump Derangement Syndrome Network, Fake NEWS CNN.  Because after all crazy Clinton dictates to them, you know the Clinton News Network also represented by Sunshine Sachs.

BP must be going bonkers and I bet a chair has been thrown!  What losers to bite the hand that feeds them their cushy privileged lifestyle.

Thank you, Sarri for the greatest laugh since these two coupled up! 🌸😎🥰🤣🤣

BBC- William ‘worried’ about Harry after interview

William should be, not only was this preplanned to arrive after Kate and Will successful tour, the Sussex’s threw dirt on everyone with the help of Meghan Markle.


Yes, Harry is under extreme stress from being around Narcissist day and night. You can tell Markle is influencing him in the most unroyal fashion.  You tell strangers and not your family who will now think this attack was directed at them.


Will, it was directed to every British subject and anyone who dared to call out the hypocrisy of the celeb lifestyle. How they have the nerve to think they aren’t supported when Meghan is charging charities for her appearance, allegedly.

The Sussex foundation that’s registered in the US for profit!  They are using this for PR???


The Cambridge’s did nothing wrong to deserve this, and I do hope they get Harry the help he needs, like a divorce before it’s too late.

They are going to LA to visit Dorito! This article can give you cavities!

The Royal Family is supporting the documentary, it’s on their channel.  The Sussex’s still has tons of article’s in the media they are suing, okay sure, Jan.  It’s sheer insanity to do a stunt like this.  Stop believing they are against Harry and Meghan.

I adored Katie Hopkins, the crying scene is funny.  She is right we want the old harry back.

Anon said: Watched the Harry and Meghan Documentary

I’ve just watched the documentary. I’ve never taken to her. I like her even less now. It’s like she’s pre-warned him not to speak or answer questions, then when he does talk, she cringes and waits to just butt in and talk over him.


She’s the main reason that Harry is suffering mentally because she’s manipulated him. She expected to be accepted and loved like the other Royals. She’s realized that she’s not the princess that she thought she could be and she doesn’t like it one bit but blames the public and media for her own doing. She has no respect for the Royal Family at all and doesn’t deserve to be a part of it. If they ever divorce, she will go back to America and make his life a living hell in talk shows, interviews,..

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That’s correct; anon, Meghan is a narcissist, they always control any situation, and if you don’t go along there will be hell to pay.  Harry is vulnerable with all his ghosts; all she had to do was work on those ghosts to make him ruin himself.  Narcs destroy and toss the partially devoured corpse in the gutter, still alive mind you, they may need to use you at a later time.


I predict she will divorce him as soon as she builds the brand, or the sweet money comes rolling in from the tabs. It’s a gamble that Meghan Markle is willing to take.  Plus, she can sue Prince Charles as he has been supporting her lifestyle she has grown accustomed to.  California law is the most liberal in the entire world for divorced wives.

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Harry and Meghan- An journey to tell you, you suck, you don’t like my wife

It was a mish-mash of information last week, but after you watch the documentary, you know this situation was a complete setup: the camera shots, the wording, the fake concern.

The woke couple showed how charitable they are, aren’t they great? Nope, they were using this tour to chastise you for criticizing them.  How dare you for not being woke, sheeple, we are the elite and can take jets, you can’t.  We can spend your hard-earned money transported armored Landrovers to Africa, after all, they went to the murder capital of the world, aren’t we brave!  But leave the expensive jewelry behind, the people (black) might steal it.  Right away, their African sister doesn’t really trust you! Who’s racist now?


The whole thing is one big pile of muck a mile high!


They were intentionally ruining the tour on behalf of the Queen. Most people would be fired for doing this stunt.


Harry goes on about living in Africa, and he can’t, how would he protect himself, oh boy, from what Harry? Oh, the angry Black citizens that are murdering white people. What a schmuck! LMAO


People don’t buy into their nonsensical crap, they both knew what they were getting into, and they courted the press to get you to like her, even against PR’s expert plans.


It’s common sense, PR would have said lay low and stop reading about yourself. Then make a slow comeback but dignified.  Narcissists can’t do that. They love playing the victim as anon said the other day, Meghan pinned it on Harry. Good Job! Meghan!! You’re so predictable!

Let’s not forget the Express – Meghan Markle Snub

MEGHAN MARKLE claimed there is a big misconception in the media – that because she was an actress, she would have been familiar with the attention that comes with being a member of the Royal Family, in a throwback interview ahead of her wedding.


“Because I’m American I very naively didn’t get it. It’s complicated.”


The woke couple knew what they were doing and knew exactly what would happen. Neither one should be yelling at the press let alone suing them. The Sussex’s courted the press and Meghan’s been around the block a few times, they don’t call her media Meg because she is naive.  Meghan hit the blog’s in secret to attack her detractors, one thing you can’t control is social media.

Harry knew she was commenting on the Daily Mail comment section poking the bears. Megs intentionally pissed the British people off before she was sure she was in.  It’s smoke and mirrors and nothing to see here, but a money-making opportunity to rip off the public.  It’s a grift, a con job.  It makes me think of the lipstick alley poster that said she wants to be the most hated woman in the world, how do you think she is doing so far?