Are these Meghan Markle’s 5 pals that briefed story defending her after she pleads for their privacy?


EXCLUSIVE: Archie needs a friend! Meghan bemoans one-year-old will lack social skills because he doesn’t interact with other toddlers, complaining she’s too famous to join ‘Mommy and Me’ class

  • Meghan Markle is worried Archie doesn’t have enough interaction with other toddlers his own age, a close friend told
  • The Sussexes and their one-year-old son Archie have been holed up at Hollywood tycoon Tyler Perry’s mega-mansion in LA since March
  • ‘Meghan said Archie needs to learn emotional and social skills by being around other young children, something he can’t do with adults,’ the friend said 
  • By being in a baby group, Archie would have the opportunity to play with other toddlers and help develop his brain, Meghan told her friends 
  • But although Meghan said she’d love to join a baby class where she could have playdates with other new moms, she understands it would be ‘impossible’
  • It wouldn’t work out not only because of COVID-19, but because ‘she’s just too well known to do normal things,’ the friend added 

Hey Harry! Are you going to get in there and beat some heads for BLM?

You’ll fit right in with ANTIFA.

Harry, is this your call for action? Because if you were in the mix they would beat you and put you in the hospital. These may be uncomfortable truths but you don’t want to end up like Jussie Smollett.


I have seen plenty of beatings of white people since the riots started, and a lot of white women being punched out.

They conducted surveys that said the majority of the people don’t see a protest; they see riots, looting, and violence. I can tell you that I filled out such a survey YouGov. Since then the riots have cooled down, gee I wonder why?  The Dem’s have lost the plot and this little display in civil disobedience isn’t going down well with the silent majority.

Cancel culture is under attack from within the liberal base. When you restrict freedom to express yourself, you will get angry people. You cabalized your own, and that makes the WOKE societies a big loser.

Of course, Harry and Meghan have jumped on the bandwagon as people are fleeing for cover. It was an evil plan from the start.

More bad karma headed your way, Harry.

Meghan Markle – DailyMail lawsuit