Delusional Hillary says she can beat Trump again? HUH

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Batshit Crazy, but I told you she was going for another run at the Presidency.  Her president is dangerous to future elections.

When viewing Hillary’s tweets over the past six months, I can tell she was directing the shit show! It became evident that this hate monger was going to run.


IMO, Hillary is the one promoting the wacky female empowerment, emasculating men, unconscious bias, communist left-wing bull crap. Her narcism knows no bounds. The former SCOTUS is an inferior loser who can’t cope with defeat after she spent fortunes on an election rigged for her to win.

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We must stop the deep state and weed out all the traitors that swore to protect the country, both foreign and domestic.  I’m not talking about the ones that put their lives on the line as my cousin does in FBI, but the top scum that is tossing Hillary’s salad for what? Money?  You are a traitor!


I’m not sorry as a registered democrat and constitutionalist, my countries laws come first, and I won’t let you rip it up so your delusional dreams can come true! No Way! There are millions of Patriots standing in your way that blog and tweet for free or get a donation or two. We are priceless!  Your Sunshine Sachs PR will not win!  That’s right Patriots, and SS is the same PR for Meghan Markle. Connections.


JD 🌸😎🥰


Anon said: Meghan doesn’t inspire

The only people who Meghan inspires are the ones who want to sleep and lie their way up like Meghan did.

‘Meghan will inspire women, partly because she is black’: University of Johannesburg professor praises Duchess of Sussex as she is greeted by excited students ahead of tonight’s reunion with Prince Harry

Why dear lord why?  My eyes are permanently stuck from eye-rolling.  She used “it takes a village” OMG, I’m going to vomit the same color as her ugly dress.


I need opinions since I’m not around young people. When did all the males become rapists?  Instead of emasculating our Men why not try to unite with equality for all.   Here again, being exclusionary causes resentment. It’s clearly the Hillary Clinton narrative since Bill is a rapist she shouldn’t project that on all of us.  I may even forgive Harry somewhat since Meghan has his ball in a jar for safekeeping.


I know, how dare I speak so crudely, sometimes you have to call them as they come.  It’s still a distraction from Randy Andy.  I don’t understand why everyone is still promoting the land yachting actress.  We are literally making her branding dreams come true. If you keep commenting on the DM about her, they keep the articles coming.  Ohhh, right? Advertises opportunities.


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Anon said: RF members are not like normal parents

RF members shouldn’t act like they are like normal parents. These people have nannies, assistants and can fly to New York when they want and do other things without having stress in their life. MM needs to watch out what she is saying. The same goes for PH.

‘Being a working mum and travelling as well with a baby… it’s a lot, but it’s all so exciting!’ Meghan Markle shares the hardships of being on royal tour with Archie with women on South African trip

OMG, Talk about out of touch with the real working women! You’re right anon and WTF does she have on?  This tour has nothing to do with the Foreign office. It’s all about ME ME.


The emasculated Harry stays home with the baby.  Holy cow I hope he can get out of bed to care for the baby!  The Nanny will handle it!

The MeAgain fashion show from hell and her clod hopper shoes.


Enty the Entertainment lawyer suggested, Meghan is charging charities for her appearances. That’s nice Meg, so you really are working for the crowd.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰


Can We All Move On Now?

I’m gonna be a grown up, and say that I have had some very harsh opinions about these two people. There is actually a living breathing baby. I admit I was wrong. But this subject should be buried after today, because there’s more going on in the world. And if anyone remembers I said this would happen. We have also said that Meghan Markle is not going anywhere. She is where she wants to be. The family accepts her. And if Harry loves her just let it be. It’s over. Time to move on. Politics are crazier than ever, there was an earthquake in Pakistan and people have died. JD switched the main focus of this website to important issues, politics, business, pedophiles. Meghan and Harry are at the bottom. So, that’s that. There is a baby, don’t care how it got here. The whole BRF is shady. Have been for years. So again I’m admitting defeat, like a lot of people have. Blogs are getting shut down over this. Not worth it. All I ask is just please no making fun of children. Especially babies. It’s fucking wrong. Let those two do what they want, it’s not our business. I moved on, everyone else should consider the same.


Anon said:PR out in full force

Her PR is out in full force today. You get downvoted when you write something they don’t like it and post A LOT of positive comments, they didn’t do this before Africa.

Oh god… This still exists? lol

I’m staying as far from this shit as I can go. But I still browse and all I know is that this will never end. They know what they have taken on. So i’ll say it again. I feel no remorse for the BRF. Whoops

Miss everyone, hope all is well ❤

Anon submits: Vogue -Another idiot

Every time when people criticize Meghan, her “friends” claim it’s racism. It’s so ridiculous and says a lot about idiot Meghan and her fake friends.

British Vogue editor says the criticism of Meghan Markle after she guest-edited an edition of the magazine was ‘racist’

I knew this one was going to rear its ugly head! UGH


The more the celebs jump on the racist bandwagon for PR, the more you know it’s all set up.  All they are doing is tossing Annie Wintour salad. The magazine sales were dismal. Why not call everyone a racist one last time? What could possibly go wrong?


Enty, the Entertainment Lawyer on said, Megs didn’t do the choosing on the cover, she picked four, Vogue did the rest.  Megs would have picked A-listers.


The woke left at work still throwing Race Card Stun Grenades.  We are not stunned anymore, resentful and bored.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰

Daily Mail nails Justin with his WOKEness, LOL

Politics is a contact sportMitch McConnell  

We are on to the left “Woke” speak, and it’s contagious amongst Democrat Socialist libtards.  The New World Order is rubbish! Take your unelected billionaires and shove off.

It’s we, the people and an honest candidate with ideas to serve us, we don’t want puppets.

Now time for gossip, Meghan Markle used to hang with Justin and his wife Sofie at Soho House Toronto. Claims have been made that he is involved with NXVIM, Rothchilds, Seagram’s Edward Bronfman former bootleg family.

Q claims he is a boy lover. Symbolism is everything to these kooks.

Read this one, loads of fun.  There are claims that Justin is Castro’s love child.