You know I got into politics because of Meghan Markle

I found that it’s all connected, and she is doing a job on BRF and look at what happened.  Meghan Markle started her woke speech back in 2016, throwing race stun grenades at everyone.

Once I stepped out of the world of royal blogging, it became clear to me what she is doing.  George Soros/Clinton narrative like they are doing to this duly elected president.  They want sheep never to question what they are doing around the world.  It’s all about money don’t think they are trying to do good for one minute!

We will fight that narrative tooth, and nail like our lives depended on it.

JD 🥰


Dorito spotted on solo outing in LA

You see, if Meghan Markle were there, the paps would have her, but she went to Toronto instead. That doesn’t mean she isn’t going to LA because she has audition set up.

Of course, it’s MEGA that took the shots, yes this is PR.

Anon: From Meghan’s PR Team?

Meghan Markle blasts Prince Andrew: Duchess of Sussex was left ‘troubled’ by Newsnight interview and ‘wanted to curl under a table’ when he said sex is a ‘positive act a man finds difficult to forget.’

Originally published in the Telegraph, you know I think so, and they aren’t doing her any favors when it comes to the royal family. Are the reports reliable when they say they aren’t taken Harry and Meghan’s phone calls, text?  Oh, and by the way, they aren’t a tabloid paper.

Does that mean she is out? Because, how dare she when Prince Charles is allegedly flying home to give Andrew the riot act. The rest of the family is tight-lipped, and she is giving an opinion?

As I’ve stated in a previous post when she brings the black side of the family out its game over.  It will take six months or so to get that ball rolling.

It’s amusing that all this coincided with Hillary Clinton’s visit that Andrew felt compelled to do this interview. I feel as though he could have stayed silent forever.  Don’t explain, don’t complain. So, what happened? Not that I’m complaining, but they are just putting Prince Andrew on mothballs for now. He isn’t losing his titles, and it’s said that he will still do the pitch privately. He’ll continue to make money whether we like it or not.

I do see this as blackmail plot, and maybe Prince Harry was so smitten he couldn’t see it for what it really was.  So many questions, and I want to get to the bottom of this. Meghan never knows when to keep her mouth shut.

Thank you anon,  🌸😎🥰