Did you know Meghan Markle has her own section on the Daily Mail?

Meghan Markle’s smile and the reason she always carries a clutch bag  

Meghan Markle’s former career as an actress has almost certainly helped her adapt to life in front of the cameras in the royal family.

Rachell suggested the Duchess of Sussex ‘always has a genuine smile and a twinkle in her eye.’

Oh good, Lord! 

However she also revealed that Meghan had certain tricks in order to appear more photogenic, including avoiding a ghoulish grin.

Her Smug look? 

It goes on about Kate and Queen but it’s rubbish!


Anon submitted: MM slashed the value of her wardrobe in half

Meghan Markle slashed the value of her wardrobe in HALF in 2019 but still wore £211,700 worth of new items (including one ensemble valued at almost £92,000)

The TaxPayers want their money back for Meghan charging designers to wear their clothes! 

Anon Said: Love how the narcissist are in focus

Love how the narcissist (and her Hollywood teeth) are in focus but Harry has been relegated to a blur! The close up of Archie is also a fail. Go and see your grandfather (and Meghan’s dad whilst you’re at it). The photo looks like it was photoshopped by an amateur. Looks like Meghan put it together, then photoshopped it after one too many cocktails. Comes across as a composite of three separate photos. Or 4 photos if you add the Christmas tree.


Yeah, that’s a scream!  I do agree she should go see her father. I occasionally talk to Sam Markle and the book is still a work in progress. Sam said she waiting for the ending. 

Yeah, it’s not professional in any way befitting a royal.  Meghan got one out anyway. 

Thank you, Anon, 🎄

Anon Said: Christmas Card Staged

It really does feel like it is a weird staged photo. More interestingly, it feels like Meghan and Harry’s head have been taken from another photo, and why on earth does she appear crystal clear and harry is blurred? Such a creepy pic! Why can’t they just produce a normal royal type card? No, Meghan’s face is bright and clear, while Harry’s is blurred. It’s all about narcissist and attention seeker Meghan again.


We kept bitching about it, that’s why.  Meghan didn’t disappoint with her photoshopping skills, or I should say her friend skills.  You have to admire her hustle.  She such a smack ass. Good blind coming up. 

Thank You, Anon, 🎄

Anon said: Meghan’s old face

Teenage Meghan Markle grins at high school Christmas dance with first boyfriend and pals

Markle of yesteryear

OMG, been looking at this the wrong way, it’s been right in front of us the entire time!  No that picture and many others have been photoshopped.  She’s got gnarly black teeth too.


Posting My Comment… LMAO

I will always have a dig at these people, because even though we moved away from that subject, people still found a way to talk about JD mostly, about how she was apparently paid, which is still a lie, and she wasn’t even thinking about them. There were, and still is, certain blogs ridiculing Meghan, and calling her names, telling racist jokes, a lot worse than we ever did. And yet those blogs are still up and running. No one touched them. Why is that? Last year, someone was impersonating me on twitter, and of course the platform did nothing about it. They thought someone else was me. Flaunted my picture around, called me names. But all of that is ok. Because I believe in Karma. And I’m going into 2020 with a clear head and positive mindset. And so, with that said, I’m reposting my comment here. Happy Holidays everyone!

“They’re boring.

Which I guarantee people will be combing these pages, looking for comments to dox us on, don’t waste your time. Because they are irrelevant and boring. Since they are news again, like Andrew, its good to have coffee table conversation.

So hi nosey journalists, how are ya?