Laurence Fox claims Meghan Markle left the UK because ‘she was being denied the limelight she craved’

Meghan Markle Is the Only One Shocked by Hollywood’s Cold Shoulder

  • Reports are suggesting that Meghan Markle isn’t seeing the interest from Hollywood that she thought she would.
  • Offers have been coming in, but they’re not prestigious enough for the Duchess of Malibu.
  • At some point, Meghan will have to realize that there are levels to the Hollywood game.

Kate’s heartfelt video hijacked by Meghan Markle’s deranged fans

Even Omid Scobie has had enough of Meghan’s fans who constantly attack other people:


Meghan’s mentally ill fans aka the Sussex Squad attacking Kate again


Nasty Meghan Markle Fans Bully Sasha Exeter – And It’s Getting Ugly

  • Sasha Exeter has been at the center of a public spat with Meghan Markle’s friend Jessica Mulroney.
  • Since then, Jessica has apologized and accepted that she was in the wrong to approach the situation in the way she did.
  • That hasn’t stopped Meghan Markle fans from bullying and threatening Sasha Exeter.