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Thomas Markle says Meghan has been left ‘mothering’ a ‘very insecure’ Harry’

Thomas Markle believes his son-in-law Prince Harry is ‘very insecure’ and that his daughter Meghan is publicly taking the brunt of the criticism for her husband.

Markle, a retired Hollywood lighting director, appeared to stand up for his daughter in an interview for an upcoming TMZ special – Harry & Meghan: The Royal Crisis – set to air on Fox on Wednesday night.

‘I think that Harry is a very insecure man and I think that’s being shifted on to my daughter,’ Markle said.


‘I think she winds up mothering him.’


In the special, Markle said that despite their public feud he wished the best for his daughter and her family.

‘I hope that they stay together and love each other and take care of their child, my grandson,’ he said


‘Even if I never see them again I wish them the very best. I still love them.


‘I hope that some day we do get back together but I’m 75 so there isn’t a lot of time.’

The hour-long special is expected to include interviews with more than a dozen people who have ties to Harry and Meghan.

It will also focus on the moves Harry and Meghan have made to move into the entertainment world now they have stepped down from royal duties.

Among those interviewed in the special are:’s editor-at-large, Piers Morgan, Ryan Seacrest, Dr. Phil, Mark Cuban and Lisa Vanderpump.

Seacrest compared the couple to the Kardashian family and the reality television empire they’ve built.


‘I think that the Kardashian family has built extreme interest in their lives. Obviously there’s massive interest in Harry and Meghan,’ Seacrest said.


‘I know the Kardashians made a pact with the family when they started out on this journey to be open and honest and show the good the bad and the tough to the public.


‘Whether Harry and Meghan want to do that, need to do that or have decided to do that remains to be seen.’

Harry & Meghan: The Royal Crisis airs on Wednesday, January 29 (8-9pm ET/PT) on FOX.




Meghan has not spoken to Kate since Megxit and has ‘never been happier’ since leaving London

‘Kate and Meghan have not spoken since [the royal exit] happened,’ the source told Us Weekly.

‘Meghan feels free. She has never been happier. She’s happy to be out of London.’

They added: ‘She was surprised at how quickly everything happened. They knew they’d have to relinquish their titles, but the pace it happened surprised everyone.

‘The palace thought it would take longer, but they went with it.’

“Meghan is a con artist who married Harry for fame and money, not for love. She doesn’t care about the UK or the monarchy. Harry is her stepping stone into the HW world. Her beloved HRH title (mentioned on every post written by Meghan) is the only British thing she loves and absolutely doesn’t deserve. Titles feed her ego. It gave her power and standing among celebrities, which she could never attain by herself.”

Samantha – Meghan

Samantha Markle denies racism was the reason the public turned against her sister Meghan – as she begs for the Duchess to make peace with their father before he dies


Samantha Markle, who shares Meghan’s father Thomas, said it was this type of behaviour that meant Meghan fell out of favour with the public.

‘When their behavior came to illicit an angry or a controversial public response, then it became a little bit stressful for them,’ she said.


‘Clearly there were some things that happened because the public’s not stupid.


‘They were witnessing some things that they didn’t think were so cool and she didn’t step up to the plate and fix them.


‘That includes family, that includes public spending, there was a lot that happened that was attributable to behaviour.


‘It wasn’t about racism, it was about “hey you guys aren’t being cool step up to the plate and fix it”.’


She said she hopes Meghan and their father Thomas, 75, can reconcile before he dies.

‘He was almost a single dad to her her whole life, gave her everything. Half a million in tuition, not including clothes, books, party money, everything.


‘It’s really not right of him to die without any closure. I don’t think any father out there would be thinking this is cool.’


Jackie asked if she predicted that Meghan and Harry would step down from royal duties as they sensationally did earlier this month.

Samantha replied: ‘No but they made choices that created all of this.


‘I felt she did it to our family, she’ll do it to yours. It’s not “I told you so” it’s “hey let’s do the math”. It’s turned out that way.


‘It’s sad on one hand but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’


Asked if Harry is also responsible for the the Sussexes stepping back, she said: ‘I think it takes two to tango.’

Penny Junor about Megxit

Queen is ‘mindful of the significance’ of the Sussexes’ departure on the future of the monarchy but is ‘dealing with a much-loved grandson in crisis’, royal expert Penny Junor says

The BRF is better off without those two narcissistic drama queens – the only problem is that they still want taxpayer money and want to keep their titles to make money with their foundation etc.


TMZ claims the Sussexes could make a lot of money with book deals etc.

Meghan ‘really regretted giving up’ her professional career for a royal family role

The Duchess of Sussex ‘really regretted giving up’ her professional career for her royal family role which ‘didn’t compare’ to her life as a TV star, according to the Queen’s biographer.

Sally Bedell Smith, who has written biographies on senior royals including Princess Diana and Prince Charles, has revealed how Meghan Markle, 38, was unhappy ‘renouncing’ her former life for one in The Firm.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Sally explained: ‘It seems now that she really regrets having had to give that up, and what she was expected to do in the royal family didn’t compare with what she had been accustomed to.’

Delusions of Grandeur with Meghan Markle

How dare those Canadian demands I pay my fair share! Don’t they know who I am?  I’m the most famous woman in the world! I’m HRH Duchess Meghan.  You’re a bunch of racists!  WTF is wrong with all of you? Bend the knee in front of my grace!

Embed from Getty Images

Pit stains and all I’m your Queen here to lend an ear and make it all about me! I’m so original that I’ve discovered the engagement. Yep, that’s right I’ll come to your charity to highlight it. While putting the spotlight on MEEEEE!

reporter: Well, didn’t you have that in England?

Shut up Racist! Do as I say not as I do! I’m above you!

Wait, I have to pay taxes and security since I ran away from the comfort of the royal family? I’ll threaten a tell-all!

reporter: you can’t you signed an NDA

That idiot Harry agreed we can’t use our titles to make money! Don’t they know I need money, wheel barrel full, dump truckloads of money so I can live like a rock star. An A-lister like George and Amal Clooney. People will love me and kiss my big fat ass. I can be mean to them, I get off making people squirm, right Harry?

Harry is a candy ass, he is so wimpy, I texted my dad the other day and told him. He is almost ripe to be picked off. The Divorce is going to epic!

Billionaires will be lining up to get some of this!  Hell, yeah baby, and I’ll treat them like shit and they’ll keep buying jewels and houses. My puddy lined with gold and I’m super loud in bed.  How could they resist ME!

Harry: Can I pee now, I think I have poo in my panties 


Thomas Markle interview

Thomas Markle revealed:

  • He will do a big interview every 30 days in the hope it will push his daughter into contacting him;
  • Duchess’ father has even written to Meghan’s mother Doria to try and reach out to his daughter but has received no answer;
  • Thomas urged Harry to ‘man up’ and fly down to meet him in Mexico – saying he should have done it two years ago;
  • If Meghan is listening to him today he’d say: ‘I love you, let’s sit down and work this out’; 


His message to Harry:

Man up and fly down and see me and we will talk.

I think Harry should have come to me at the beginning, he asked for her hand over the phone. I think a Royal who has a plane whenever he wants it, he could have asked for her hand in person. I feel he can still reach out to me, they are making this a big drama for the world everyday, it’s a family problem and should be solved as a family problem.


On his regular media interviews:

After this interview if I don’t hear from someone in 30 days then I will try again. I don’t want to sit in silence in my living room for the rest of my life waiting for someone to get back to me


On alleged racism towards Meghan:

I’m having trouble buying that, there has never been a problem in terms of race with Meghan at her school or in any place and I haven’t noticed it in England at all, I think England is far more liberal than the US when it comes to races, I don’t think she is being bullied in anyway, or any shape because of racism


Criticism of Harry and Meghan’s private jets and long-haul flying:

I think it is just, if you are preaching to do that then you should be also as responsible as to what you are preaching. Take a note from your brother and take public transportation, it makes more sense.


On Sussexes quitting as senior royals:

As far as what they’ve decided to do is embarrassing. I think when they got married they married into royalty and they knew what they were getting g themselves into. That is Harry’s life and Meghan had a similar life and I think they have hurt the Queen and the Royals and it just doesn’t work to be going to another country and serving England is never going to work, I’m a little embarrassed for them and feeling sorry for the Queen 


On his health and being estranged from Meghan: 

My health is mixed, I suffer a lot of stress because of what’s going on, every day there is a new thing happening and the press shows up at my door. I am still very disappointed in what’s going on. Of course I love my daughter and grandson and I’m sure I would love Harry if I met him. This decision is very confusing, I don’t think anyone understands.


I’m still very disappointed as to what happened I think it’s a misunderstanding which should be worked out between two families. I’m not sure exactly how to approach this, I’ll always hope that we can come together at some point. Right now with what’s going on the break from the royals is going to cause far more problems. What I’m saying now will also cause problems. I’m disappointed I haven’t seen my grandson and I really miss my daughter


On seeing Meghan again, and meeting Harry and Archie for the first time:

For me there is no other way to reach them. I will give an interview and wait for 30 days to get an answer back and that’s the only shot I have. I’ve spoken and sent letters to Doria to get to Meghan as well. I am at their mercy, if they want to get in touch with me I’m sure it won’t be a problem.


On watching the Royal wedding: 

This was a few days after my [heart] procedure, I was very saddened that I couldn’t be there, I thought it was beautiful. I was honoured that Charles would walker her down the aisle and thankful but I wished it was me. I cried for a bit for that