Did you check out that users profile? Even though they’re in London, they knew which market she was at. I googled the name of the shop & saw the shopping cart. They’re on it.

it’s her, hope she comes for a chat. Thank you so much,love


Jersey girls don’t pump gas

Oh don’t worry, the best is yet to come. I’m not solely referring to the U. S. Weekly article on stands next week. After all, Jersey girls don’t pump gas.

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That was meant for me. Come on, I’m here, let’s hear your side

Oh wait it just clicked. I think the took a break while shooting story was planted by Clarence House. Dad to the rescue. C+C were in India on tour, they might have wanted to set a quick exit to get her out before Harry started his own tour.

Going back to India? you mean the middle east?  that’s okay, This is such a mess, they are going to blame the PR’s and say oops sorry, do you like me now?, no

Her followers have chilled the bitter salty crap, but now enter the other PR team which just shot over her bow, with the education shit. I wish I had unlimited comments tonight, but I will stay on top with my usual copy and paste

If she was never in London when the shooting break occurred, were the DM photos taken when she legitimately had a preplanned break? Who would leak a false story of her taking time off work!?

The worst public relations department on earth, they destroyed her, but she could have said NO. The middle finger to the monarchy, dictated by phone, FUCKed up. Nobody has clean hands in this

NYC is killing out there. I expect several IG post.

oh, yeah, it’s in over drive now, we should make pop corn! loving it. While you’re here let me share with you.

She’s trying to make a show out of The T I G, Suits is pretty much dunzo, too bad, apparently many people enjoy it, I guess. Anyway! Here we go, somebody on her team overestimated her popularity and underestimated the love and fierce protectiveness people have for Harry(right or wrong) and jumped the gun on her. She was never in London when she took a break from filming, she was lining up a new publicist and handling legal issues and such, but by then it was all over and that letter was a middle finger to the media and trolls(maybe me now lol) and calling her his girlfriend was a finger to The Firm, dictated to him by phone. There will never, ever be a tell all about this because The Firm does not mess around anymore since the Vegas Scandal, (more like Vegas awesomeness) everyone signs a confidentiality agreement, EVERYBODY! Okay now you still hate her, know why? Because she comes off as disingenuous even though all signs point to her as being genuine.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3997720/After-Pippa-s-tips-s-Meghan-s-mantras-Harry-s-girlfriend-uses-blog-offer-life-affirming-slogans-food-waste-positivity-JUST-cringingly-obvious-Ms-Middleton-s.html#ixzz4RqeOsOdV
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