Toronto shopping cart was staged in advance, Markus took the picture.  That was the toronto diversion that didn’t happen. MM went to the island and met up with Harry.

The independent UK

Don’t be fooled Meghan Markle has done nothing to modernize the monarchy

The potent symbolism of a young mixed race California girl perched on the railings outside Buckingham Palace, and years later exiting Windsor Castle in bright white Givenchy with a prince on her arm, should escape nobody. Yet the idea that Markle’s royalty is anything more than purely symbolic – that it will materially level British and, by extension, Commonwealth society – is naive.

Queen of the World served an important reminder – and not that Meghan Markle retains use of her own arms. What it inadvertently tells us is that however many Trinidadians join the household, Sierra Leoneans exhibit at the palace, African Americans marry princes, the Windsors remain a profoundly hierarchical and inherently conservative family; for all its surface-level movement, in other words, the bedrock of royalty stands firm. As Commonwealth secretary-general Patricia Scotland puts it: “If you ask anyone in the world, “Who is the Queen?”, there is actually only one, and that’s Queen Elizabeth II.” There always has been, and always will be, only room for one queen of this world.

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yeah the tour is a lot of photo ops. The Canopy stuff looks like there is some substance there but mostly it is fluff – pic taking and meet and greets. Harry will be the real draw not Megsy and so she will act up to get attention. I think 16 days of her poor social skills, posing, merching and manic excitability will really expose her. She is bad in small doses – a constant supply of her fakeness is going to really expose her.

I think so too, have you notice her go to media are calling her out a bit?  The people article about the leather. I’ve been staying away from her clickbait, but I didn’t realize they put we make a commission of the sales before. The IRS and consumer department want people to know this is a paid endorsement, it really does out MM. 

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JD, cute as koalas are, they carry chlamydia. Maybe American Git Girl should hold one instead of British Hubby Harry? 😕

Rub it all over you MM!   LMAO  yeah since she needs something to hang on too. I waiting for the pee.  

My cousin used to fly to Sydney from Hawaii, and he said the little buggers smell like eucalyptus, that’s what they eat.  

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