Sarri submits: Samantha Markle interview

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on a tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle’s half-sister blames ‘death threats’ on tell-all book on Duchess of Sussex



She said the harassment she was subjected to forced her to move twice, first from Florida and then from Virginia after online trolls “taunted” her with threatening images of her and her home.


I agree with Sam Markle, and I have felt the harassment with death threats as well. Sam does warn that there are many fake accounts out there that claim they are her.  I’ve warned all of you to beware of these accounts.

Ki Native and Monroe trolls are the worst!  Could Meghan stop it, YES!!  One message to these people to stop these life threats would do it, but they have crossed the line with personal information.

How could you ghost a father that was loved and adored, had two heart attacks and still crickets.  I think someone lying, Meghan!

This interview was done by an NBC affiliate WFLA in Tampa, FL.

If the Royal family wants to get you, they will!  Be Safe Samantha


The annoying Markle saga continues

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Jr appeals to Duchess to end bitter family feud

Good Grief! Right on time, you’re all being scammed BRF! It’s a public ransom note, pay up or we continue to talk.  JD

Anon submits: Thomas Markle – letter

Why I shared Meghan’s ‘hurtful’ letter: Duchess’s father Thomas Markle reveals he kept note secret for SIX MONTHS and never intended share it until HER friends spoke to a US magazine about it and ‘misrepresented’ its contents

The drama of the Adventures of the Markle’s reality show, look I’m already getting bored. It’s a new take on lather, rinse and repeat with a threatening lawsuit dangling.


Lawyers always tell you to shut up, shut down, but they seem to be speeding up, going to the court of public opinion.

By the way, I’m blocked from signing in on the DM. They want me to sign in under my personal facebook page, nope. Ask me here on jerseydeanne using anon.  I support the DM so why block me? I have a problem with Peter Sheridan and Charlotte Wace for not posting the sources.

Thanks for waiting anon, 🌸😎🥰🐸

I’m still on the fence if the markle’s are in on


Its honestly my favorite part. Watching the sugars and neutrals spin this like they were a DJ at some festival. It’s so interesting because they say oh she loves her father, but I hope he burns in hell for doing what everyone else ways doing that’s still in contact with her. Thomas is gonna speak out and make it worse for himself in the long run, and this lawsuit seems like a huge bait dangling for him.



Call em out!!


Oh no but Meghan is not manipulative. She is just a sweet, poor victimized girl that the racist world won’t leave alone. 


A little rant…

The neutrals and sugars are already spinning this. Apparently Meghan has chosen not to include her father in the lawsuit because she’s taking the high road and she loves him? Except???where???

Let’s ignore the fact that she can’t sue him in the US because that letter is now his property (which I think is the only reason why TMsr hasnt been included in this lawsuit)

Homegirl has been sending jabs at her father left and right for MONTHS: grandparents picture with Doria, HMTQ and Prince Philipp, refusing to share pictures of Archie, not letting him see his grandson, saying she financed her uni studies through scholarship/on her own when she’s been singing her fathers praise on her old IG saying how great he was for paying her studies and so on and so on.

Let’s be honest this lawsuit and that statement are a joke.

I’m still on the fence if the Markles are in on it. The letter is from 2018, and they were loved up. It’s a trap for sure, we just have to figure out for who?  She may be drawing out her dad for the distraction & sympathy play. 

It sounds like the beginning all over again, we know Smegs wrote the last statement and dictated over the phone. Supercommas anyone?

Biting DM doesn’t sound right because they were more than happy to take copy off of Sunshine Sachs.  They could bury MM. 

Harry is in on it with her as long as Meghan has his ball in her purse. 

Does Meghan have a 19 yr old daughter?

Did Meghan have a baby in Oct 1998? Bio father Luis S., her date for 1997 Christmas Formal? Named Noel, now called Noelle, and raised by Samantha?



Is that one coming back around again?  Many of us are suspicious, but Noelle only met Meghan once at Samantha graduation from university.



Unless Sam comes out to say she adopted her, then it will continue to be a rumor. There wasn’t any proof like Meghan’s annulment marriage when she was in university.  The National Enquire reported on that, and it went, POOF! Scrubbed, we would find stuff, and someone went behind our research and whitewashed the evidence.


The Royals went to great lengths to clean her up?? It was an awful lot of money spent to start the war to get the nobody recognized. LARP’s work for money. Follow the money trail and the wokeness. It will lead back to the Soros/Clinton narrative she’s been scamming on the British People.

Notice all the celebs coming to MM/PH defense using racist, check CAA creative artist agency to be complicit in this world scam.



It’s was a setup from the start.



MM is playing to your emotions to continue to talk about her. She is building her brand, and without us talking about her, she becomes irrelevant, and the woke message dies.



Enty claimed Meghan thinks she is part of the elite and is too good to fly commercial. What Meghan’s wants, Meghan gets!



Anything is possible with Meghan Markle, and the grifter has many tricks up her sleeve.


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tumblr Anonymous said: The DM has just published a new Thomas M. article

The DM has just published a new Thomas M. article. I’ve noticed whenever Meghan gets a lot of press, and there is an article about her family so that people have sympathy with her.
That is true, and it’s either a sympathy article like Thomas roaming around a Home Depot by himself or Sam shooting her mouth off. Will they stop? I can’t say?  As long as MM needs them to save her from crappy comments on the mail, they will continue to be there.
We had anon with a rumor that team Markle shut Sam down with an NDA, but I’m not so sure about that. Maybe Sam can’t talk about the frozen eggs anymore,
Honestly, I think surrogacy is the sweetest gift to give to any women in need. That my friend is a gift from God, celebrate life.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋

Anon said: Samantha – Book- stopped by MM lawyers

so just that you know, the rumor is that Sam has finally accepted an offer from Meghan’s lawyer. she won’t talk (much) anymore about Meghan and won’t publish the book. she also is not allowed to talk about what she’s signed etc.

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CHESTER, ENGLAND – JUNE 14: Queen Elizabeth II sits and laughs with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex accompanied by Samantha Cohen (Back, C) during a ceremony to open the new Mersey Gateway Bridge on June 14, 2018 in the town of Widnes in Halton, Cheshire, England. Meghan Markle married Prince Harry last month to become The Duchess of Sussex and this is her first engagement with the Queen. During the visit the pair will open a road bridge in Widnes and visit The Storyhouse and Town Hall in Chester. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Well, isn’t that good news, anything to calm this circus down is good, I hope you’re right.  Since they paid Sam off did they pay Thomas Markle off?  They were all working in unison.

I’m not surprised by this, I don’t know why they didn’t shut this down a long time ago. What methinks is they were playing a role in MM play for sympathy, everyone thinks that.

What matters is we move on and past this horrid situation and get back to grassroots, a renewal of sorts.  Be Royal!! Thank you, Jesus!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎💋


Hi reporter people, because I feel you are checking in daily, to see if those people that shall not be named, is being talked about. Those people no longer interest me, and they are not a part of my daily life. Freedom of speech, remember that? You all still owe these women an apology, especially JD. You know who you are. As for me, I don’t want your apology, you can shove it up your ass.

Now, I’m gonna swerve from the bullshit, and listen to Sinatra.


Anonymous said: There have always been rumors that Meghan had a kid that she gave up for adoption

There have always been rumors that Meghan had a kid that she gave up for adoption. The BRF has a lot of media power, if they don’t want something to get reported it doesn’t happen (Andrew’s “hobbies,” Doria’s crimes, Meghan’s first marriage,…)
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Yes, there has always been that, but we don’t have any proof of that she was pregnant.  The BRF is more powerful then people think, its the people behind the monarchy you have to watch out for, the men in gray.  Yeah, Andrew hobbies.
Thank you anon, 🌸😎😝