Anon submits: MM for president?

Well he’s right with one thing – Meghan definitely wants more than being a BRF member.

Meghan Markle for President? Royal filmmaker says the Duchess of Sussex could take on a POLITICAL role in the US – insisting she is ‘not going to stop with just being a royal’

I’m having a bit of chuckle reading this story.

Enty did say that Harry and Meghan were house shopping in LA with a 10 million dollar price tag, back in the springtime.

MM is putting feelers out, no takers on the speeches?  Look we all knew that royal life for her was going to dreadful for the free-spirited Californian.

Going into politics is an all-out contact sport if you can’t take the criticism its not a place for Meghan Markle.  Go for it Meghan, I’m just going to love this! We have twitter wars over the woke left, LOL.

Meghan likes to hear herself talk, I doubt that any office would be fulfilling for her. I think she is jealous of AOC, that could have been her and she passed it up to be arm candy.  A true feminist 🙄



Anon submits: DM Harry and Meghan visit Westminster Abbey Field of Remembrance

Meghan, the smirker, looks scruffy again

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Remembrance is a significant day we need to reflect on all the good things we have in the world from sacrifices made by our military to preserve democracy and freedom.  The mighty island that could stave off enemy forces, sending their brave young men to fight against German aggression.

MeAgain isn’t essential, but she did her job today. We may not like what she is wearing, but she did her job. I happen to like her makeup and hat. She needs to stop wearing belts as she is short-waisted.  I don’t dig the coat; it looks like a rug.

Thank you for your anon, 🌸😎🥰

Don’t believe the hype that Meghan Markle lost her titles

It’s much to do about nothing, pure PR clickbait for sympathy! Big bad monarchy picking on the mixed-race WOKE self-described Queen of the world.

American Media Group ran that rubbish:


Even though the BRF may pay for ads in knee pad magazines, it will be fluffy pieces like the Cambridge kids, to soothe the public from the bad press of the woke couple from hell.


Please, stop believing clickbait articles that claim they know what the Queen or Prince Phillip are thinking, one thing I learned early on that nobody knows what the Queen is thinking.  It’s not the style to strip titles, at least at this point. That would be a bad strategy considering MM is still in the family.

The BRF always takes the passive approach, but what they don’t have to do is to support MM’s lousy behavior. This is the time to let her run with the rope and see how far it takes her. Remember, timing is everything; trust issues prevail.

If Harry and MM want to rush off to the US, let them. I expect random spottings, and Harry may wonder again how the paps know where to find them as he did before in 2016.  He has to learn the hard way.

Meghan Markle gambled and is failing badly. Try to release anything about BRF Meghan, and all that crap that was moved to the dark web will magically appear again, including the tossed salad.

PS: Lord Geidt is not part of this if he were the woke couple would have their wings clipped. Do you see this happening? No, don’t believe the delusional blogger on tumblr. There was a time it may have been necessary but not anymore.

It is up to Harry to decide, choose wisely. The family should always come; first, I mean blood family Harry.

The Rise of the NGO- Kitty Links! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

As promised, JD! Inspired by the recent One Young World Conference, I thought I would take a look into the world of the NGO and how it influences our choices and, more importantly, how we view the world.
Explanation as to what an NGO is and is not.

What is an NGO? What role does it play in civil society?


David Jones.
David Jones is a former CEO of Havas, Havas Worldwide, and the co-founder (along with Kate Robertson ) of One Young World, You and Mr. Jones (A brand tech group for which he raised 350 million dollars from undisclosed sources . ) and the creator of the” Social Business Idea ”
Jones leads the Euro RSCG team advising David Cameron and the UK Conservative Party from 2007 to 2010.


Social Business Idea.
Described in Jones Wikipedia entry as principal and practice that “operates at the intersection of social responsibility and social media ” David Jones believes in using the communication skills of the advertising industry to drive social change . Jones was quoted as saying this :
“I passionately believe that what our industry actually excels at is using our creativity to change people’s behavior.
Given the state of the world, I believe that we in the creative industries not only have an opportunity but an obligation to use that talent and our creativity to change people’s behaviour around some of the bigger issue’s facing the world ”
Lofty ideals.


One Young World
OYW was founded in 2010 by David Jones and Kate Robertson

Business, Corporations and Saving the World? Interesting combination, surely a conflict of interest unless it’s about” Sustainability”

A selection of articles by Cory Morningstar Superb research. A Must Read.

Inevitably we must include Greta Thunberg and George Soros in this post.

Lots of articles here about Greta Thunberg.

Why am I not surprised that the billionaire George Soros has decided to give £400,000 to the anti-Brexit crusading group Best for Britain? Because, since the 1980s, Soros has acted as if his considerable wealth entitles him to influence and alter the policies of governments throughout the world.

One of the planet’s richest men, his past marred with crimes and misdemeanors, the 86-year-old billionaire skates on. More than a decade ago, he moved his financial headquarters to Curaçao, a tax-free haven in the Caribbean designed for monied hypocrites who talk one game and play another. The place is not bulletproof; on occasion, Soros has been accused—and even convicted—of insider trading. A French court found him guilty of that crime and levied a fine of $2.3 million. In the parlance of the billionaires’ club, that was small change. Investigative journalists, a dwindling cadre, show little interest in him. They prefer to scrutinize safer, softer targets.


If they took even a cursory look, though, they would see that Soros’s global reach and influence far outstrip those of the Koch brothers or other liberal bogeymen—and that underlying it all is a vision both dystopian and opportunistic. “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order,” Soros has declared, “is the United States.” Ergo, that constitutional republic must be weakened and its allies degraded. The Sorosian world order—one of open borders and global governance, antithetical to the ideals and experience of the West—could then assume command.

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Says Climate Protest is About Ending Idea Heterosexuality is “Normal”

This article possibly reveals one of the ultimate agendas in all the agendas we are faced with.
The annihilation of humanity and what it is to be human. The breakdown of the family (of all kinds) which because it is tribe, engenders cohesion and loyalty to itself rather than the dictates of the ” state “. This represents the greatest threat to our would-be masters and their vision of a totalitarian regime and the beginning of a dystopian future unimaginable to most people.

Interesting quotes from Zbigniew Brzeziński on how he saw “us “

Kitty ❤❤❤

Thank you, Kitty! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤 I always say this is your best post, nope this is relatable to what’s going right now! This is THEE best links you’ve brought.

People, this is what’s happening right now, you can stop this takeover of the world with a VOTE! We still have that God-given right, and you need to use it more than ever.


Tell the Soros to go naff off and vote these bottom dwellers out of office.  You know what’s right for you and stop these foundations from robbing you of your hard-earned money because they think they are smarter then you, they don’t get it, you are the Patriot in charge, and they will never see it coming.

Pain is coming!

Anon said: Comments MM

Are you still reading the comments on MM articles? I had to stop reading them; it’s just too much. I liked the comments on the Daily Mail, but MM is every day in the news, and her fans, fake friends, and family are so annoying…


It’s not worth bringing back comments anymore, I started this when Meghan was commenting, and we had a legit war of words. Now, it’s turned into a frenzy that I’ve said over and over again, Stop giving Meghan Markle air, #NoAir.  People don’t realize you are making her happen, stop making Smeg happen. No press is an excellent press for the woke one. Let her die out, which is what the BRF would want.

I get that people want information, and to keep hashing up old pictures and articles is falling right into her hands!  The more you hate on Smeg, the more she can preach this Diana 2.0 crap to Harry. He falls for it and wants to be the knight in shining armor as she sucks all the mojo out of him.

Smeg’s PR brought back her family right on cue for Sunshine Sachs, a PR strategy to get people talking about her. Remember, Smeg needs money! The more you click, the better she makes out. Don’t buy whoah is me narrative; she is a shark that shouldn’t be underestimated.

The backers are Hillary and George, and they want the open society narrative (communism). They are hateful people.



Thank you anon,  🌸😎🥰

The annoying Markle saga continues

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Jr appeals to Duchess to end bitter family feud

Good Grief! Right on time, you’re all being scammed BRF! It’s a public ransom note, pay up or we continue to talk.  JD

Daily Mail- Royal fans blast Princess Diana Ex aid Paul Burrell

Paul a well-known douchebag strikes again! But ghosting people, wow. Just like Meghan, NOT.


IMO Diana was still in love with Charles. The heart doctor denied everything, he said he met her once or twice?? Dodi was playboy, didn’t mean a thing. IMO she was signaling a message to Charles, maybe?  One thing was for sure, Diana loved to be defiant.

‘Mrs Shand Kydd did like a drink and Diana had a habit of ghosting people who disagreed with her, so It’s quite possible that these remarks were made.