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130 people come forward to claim they are Jeffrey Epstein’s children and are therefore entitled to a share of the pedophile’s $635 million estate

  • A website created to find the heirs of deceased financier Jeffrey Epstein has heard from as many as 130 people claiming to be his children
  • The multimillionaire and convicted pedophile, who took his life in a Manhattan jail cell in August, never married and was not known to have had any children
  • Morse Genealogical Services set up the website shortly after Epstein’s death asking for people who thought they were heirs to his estate to come forward
  • Since then, Morse reports that as many as 386 people have contacted the website
  • The estate was valued at $635 million earlier this year and includes Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and a luxury 75-acre estate dubbed ‘pedophile island’

Woman admits she was a schoolgirl ‘pimp’ who procured 24 friends as young as 14 for paedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein – and was paid $200 for each victim

  • Hayley Robson, 33, admitted actions in interview in new Netflix documentary
  • First of his ‘recruiters’ speaks in Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, premiering May 27 
  • Ms Robson was 16 when she first started working for the billionaire paedophile
  • Says she was racked with guilt for years until she realised she was a victim too 

‘I look for Jeffrey’s type and I bring ’em home.’ Prince Andrew’s cousin tells how Ghislaine Maxwell bragged she recruited girls for Epstein from trailer parks and was intent on eventually marrying him

  • Ghislaine Maxwell bragged to Christina Oxenberg, a distant cousin of Prince Andrew, about how she recruited girls for Jeffrey Epstein in Palm Beach 
  • Oxenberg said Maxwell, who has been accused of being Epstein’s procurer of young girls, told her: ‘I look for what I know is Jeffrey’s type and I bring ’em home’
  • Oxenberg, 56, is the daughter of a Serbian princess and a sister of the Hollywood actress, Catherine Oxenberg 
  • Maxwell was ‘proud’ to be a recruiter for the pedophile during a meeting in 1997 when she wanted Oxenberg, an author and socialite, to write her memoir
  • The British socialite wanted to marry Epstein so he would ‘elevate’ her so she was ‘more than an employee’
  • Oxenberg described Maxwell and Epstein as ‘two odd grifters’ who found each other
  • She said: ‘She told me during that stretch that the reason Jeffrey keeps me around is because I don’t make mistakes’
  • Oxenberg speaks out in a new documentary about Epstein’s death called Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? which premieres on Investigation Discovery on Monday

Is Ghislaine Maxwell hiding out at Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch? New court docs reveal she’s requesting Annie Farmer’s civil case be moved to New Mexico where the 16-year-old ‘was sexually assaulted’

  • Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney asked a judge to move Annie Farmer’s civil lawsuit to New Mexico in court papers filed in New York last Thursday 
  • The location request raises new questions about Maxwell’s whereabouts 
  • Farmer, 40, has accused Epstein and Maxwell of sexually assaulting her at age 16 at the pedophile’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico 
  • She claims that in the spring of 1996 Maxwell touched her intimate parts against her will during a massage at Epstein’s ranch and exposed her breasts to Farmer 
  • The filing comes as Maxwell has largely been a ghost since Epstein’s arrest last summer,  as questions about her whereabouts continue to follow her 
  • Lawyer Laura Menninger argued Maxwell’s deposition in the civil case could implicate her in federal prosecutors’ investigation
  • The 58-year-old British socialite is accused of facilitating Epstein’s sex trafficking ring