Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly boasted about oral sex with George Clooney

‘She’d be perfect for Jeffrey!’ Ghislaine Maxwell ‘wanted to recruit young Paris Hilton for Epstein after seeing her at party and asked friend to introduce her to the heiress’

  • Ghislaine Maxwell wanted to recruit Paris Hilton for Jeffrey Epstein after seeing her for the first time, a former friend of the British socialite has claimed
  • Christopher Mason said Maxwell stopped in her tracks and said ‘oh my god’ when she saw Hilton at a party
  • Maxwell said she would be ‘perfect for Jeffrey’ and told a friend: ‘Can you introduce us?’
  • Mason, a British journalist based in New York who has known Maxwell since the 1980s, did not give a date for the encounter 
  • But it appears to have been around the year 2000 when Hilton signed up to Donald Trump’s modeling agency, T management
  • She would have been 19 years old and on the cusp of becoming a star
  • Hilton, Maxwell and Trump have been pictured together around the same time in September of 2000 at a fashion show in New York  
  • Mason recounted the episode for a new docuseries called Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, which is due to air on Lifetime on Sunday night 

Bridesmaid for Princess Diana was guest on Epstein island: Clemmie Hambro who took two trips on paedophile’s private jet says ‘I was young, naive and lucky to escape’

  • Clemmie Hambro revealed as guest on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island
  • She also took two flights to Little St James on one of the paedophile’s jets
  • Travel logs were released as part of court proceedings for Ghislaine Maxwell
  • Now married mother of four said she did not suffer or witness any abuse 

‘The naughty boy blushes to think of schoolgirls and all of their crushes.’ Friend of Ghislaine Maxwell claims she had him write a creepy poem about Jeffrey Epstein’s ’24-hour erection’ for the pedophile’s 40th birthday party

  • Ghislaine Maxwell asked friend Christopher Mason to write a creepy poem for Jeffrey Epstein’s 40th birthday  
  • One line of the poem, which was read at the 1993 party in Manhattan, goes ‘It’s clear from his smile, the older he gets the more juvenile’
  • Another line goes, ‘The naughty boy blushes to think of schoolgirls and all of their crushes’ 
  • He says Maxwell gave ‘very specific information’ about what had to be included 
  • Christopher Mason, a British journalist based in New York, met Maxwell in 1989 
  • Mason said there were ‘snickers in the room and it seemed like it was something that was known about him at the time, that he liked younger girls’ 
  • He reads the poem lyrics in Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, a four-hour docuseries which premieres on Lifetime on Sunday  

Orange Bad Man partied with Epstein. Baba Bill? NEVER! Just ask Madam Secretary …

Ex-Formula One racer Eddie Irvine: Bill Clinton and I partied at Epstein bash

Anon you are allowed to bring links, this isn’t tumblr.  Is he getting out in front of it? I don’t know why he is talking? Donald Trump kicked Jeffrey Epstein out of Mar a Lago for hitting on Virginia the towel girl.  He also called the cops. 

Pink sheets, nipple pinching, latex outfits and large naked portraits: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s kinks are exposed in Ghislaine Maxwell court documents

  • Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual kinks were laid bare in legal filings from a 2015 lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, unsealed by a judge on Thursday
  • According to his victims, the 66-year-old demanded three orgasms a day, and forced his underage ‘sex slaves’ to fulfill a plethora of twisted fantasies
  • Transcripts of interviews with alleged victims, witnesses and a copy of a memoir by Epstein ‘sex slave’ Virginia Giuffre expose the details of his sex life
  • In her memoir, The Billionaire’s Playboy Club, Giuffre wrote that Epstein even chose the color of his bed sheets to be reminded of female genitalia
  • Previously released court documents in Giuffre’s case show the late pedophile bought books on sadomasochism
  • Shawna Rivera claimed she was just 14 when the perverted financier told her to pinch his nipples while he masturbated during a massage 
  • In one sex-themed room of the house, the couches, pillows and artwork all featured ‘nude women, couples having sex or fertility statues’