“We all knew about him.” Right. Are we supposed to believe Bill and Hillary never heard anything?

Cindy McCain, the widow of late Sen. John McCain, blasted authorities who were “afraid” to arrest convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein even though everyone “knew” what he was doing.

“Epstein was hiding in plain sight,” said Cindy McCain. “We all knew about him. We all knew what he was doing, but we had no one that was — no legal aspect that would go after him. They were afraid of him. For whatever reason, they were afraid of him.”

McCain’s comments came after she was questioned by an attendee during her appearance at the State of the World 2020 conference in Florida.

McCain said a girl from her daughter’s high school was one of Epstein’s victims and that she hopes Epstein “is in hell.”

Epstein’s massive wealth and his connections to powerful politicians and celebrities allowed him to continue trafficking young women and girls long after many had exposed his devious interests.

He allegedly died by suicide at a Manhattan federal detention facility last August. His death and the circumstances surrounding it have created controversy after the former medical examiner of New York, Dr. Michael Baden, told 60 Minutes that he believes Epstein was murdered.

Cameras from outside Epstein’s jail cell failed to record footage on the night of his death, and guards who were supposed to monitor him every 30 minutes fell asleep when the former financier allegedly hung himself.

Epstein didn’t kill himself, and he was arkancided!

They were scared because he blackmails them!

Mossad had the proof to keep them in line.

Can you imagine the SIC politicians getting their jolly’s from little girls and boys?

I talked with a girl who had seen the photographs of the children, its the most unimaginable seen. It’s worst of the worst, she can’t unsee the abuse these monsters did.


Epstein ‘boasted he was selling Andrew’s ‘secrets’ to a Mossad spy

SPY CLAIMS Jeffrey Epstein ‘boasted he was selling Prince Andrew’s ‘secrets’ to a Mossad spy and called him his ‘Super Bowl trophy.’

OMG, It’s the gift that keeps on giving in this article! 

“Epstein was a bragger, a boaster,” Hoffenberg told The Sun.


“He always explained to me what he was up to. He acquired his first royal connection in the early nineties, he told me about it. He got it from [Ghislaine] Maxwell and used it substantially. That was the Super Bowl to him, it was the most important relationship to him.


”Epstein did meet Prince Andrew around 1991, this was said to me by Epstein. Epstein was very pleased with meeting the prince and it was in the UK.


“Epstein knew he could manipulate Andrew. That’s a solid fact. Epstein’s ability to manipulate was extraordinary. If he wanted to, he could have been the President of America.


“Andrew respected Epstein highly and was tremendously impressed, so that’s what made him vulnerable to Epstein.

“This was a trophy friendship, it was his strongest bond, even more than Clinton’s.”


Epstein was Narcisstic Psycopath without a moral compass; I’d put him in my serial killer/rapist category.  He is a confident hunter, and he knows how to manipulate his prey.  He should be considered at the top of the bunch with Son of Sam, Bundy, BTK.

Jeffrey was tops because of his total control. He was swimming with other Narcissistic people and made them live-out their fantasy at a huge price.  Some were powerful politicians, titans of business that dared to grab forbidden fruit.

Cameras were set up in all his houses, his private plane, nicknamed the Lolita Express, and Epstein threw parties for his high profile friends, providing a roster of younger, underage women, Hoffenberg said.


“He told me that Ghislaine Maxwell was going to be the breakthrough to bring him into that orbit – to be able to part of the agency in Israel – and that’s what did occur,” he said.


“They created the plan of installing the honeypot cameras and had taken over the house in Manhattan [given to him by his billionaire client Les Wexner] to blackmail the politicians.


“He then took over the house in Florida and put in cameras. The cameras were to record rapes, it wasn’t just about gathering intelligence, but compromising the politicians.


“When he befriended Andrew, he had a deal with the Israelis to gather the intelligence and information from people who Epstein took into his homes and his plane.


“I remember Andrew was at many of his events when he took over the house in Manhattan, that was in the early years.


“He got tremendous power and influence from Ghislaine, using that intelligence to socially climb, with Trump, Clinton and Andrew. Andrew didn’t understand he was being used, he’s a royal so doesn’t look at that.


“He would discuss tactics with me speaking of Andrew as a trophy, a tremendous friend and benefit in his social network, he’d brag about it. It was a big, big, big issue with him.


“This guy [Andrew] was seduced by Epstein, totally overwhelmed by him, so impressed with his authority and way of life, his fast lane. He is one in a kind of people. Clinton was brilliant with people, but Epstein was far above that level.


“Andrew had a weakness for the girls and fast life, Epstein provided that fantasy. Andrew would then give intelligence that Epstein would give to Israel. This was happening when I was working with Epstein.”

Uncle Harvey sent Sopranos actress a box of chocolate penises

Harvey Weinstein sent Sopranos actress a box of chocolate penises before he ‘raped’ her as court hears she said ‘hope he has a job for me’ when she heard he wanted her number just two months before she revealed the assault to Ronan Farrow

  • Sciorra messaged her friend in August 2017 saying she was ‘more broke than I ever imagined, I haven’t worked in years and I have been reaching out to friends’; She added: ‘I am hoping Harvey has a job for me’
  • In October 2017, she spoke with to Farrow at the New Yorker about her alleged rape at the hands of Weinstein
  • In an emotional testimony Sciorra, 59, described how Weinstein, 67, ‘overpowered’ her in the early 1990s
  • She told jurors she ‘punched and kicked’ out but ‘couldn’t fight anymore because he had my hands locked’
  • The actress said Weinstein told her he had ‘perfect timing’ after ejaculating on her nightgown 
  • ‘I didn’t have very much fight left inside me at this point’, a visibly distressed Sciorra told the court 
  • Weinstein, 67, has pleaded not guilty to charges of assaulting two women, Mimi Haleyi and Jessica Mann
  • Sciorra’s rape allegation from the early 1990s is too old to be charged as a separate crime, but prosecutors hope it will show that Weinstein was a repeat sexual predator –  a charge that could put him in prison for life
  • Her testimony sets up the first of several face-to-face confrontations between Weinstein and his accusers 
  • Weinstein hobbled into court Thursday without the aid of his walker and supported by his legal team 

Anon said: Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal emails leaked

Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal emails were HACKED sparking fears that damaging information about high-profile individuals linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case, including Prince Andrew, could be leaked


Ghislaine Maxwell’s personal emails were HACKED sparking fears that damaging information about high-profile individuals linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking case, including Prince Andrew, could be leaked

  • Lawyers for the British socialite revealed the hack while discussing what should remain sealed in the defamation case brought against her by Virginia Guiffre
  • In August, 2000 pages of court documents relating to Epstein failed to redact one of Maxwell’s email addresses 
  • Those documents also accused Maxwell of procuring underage girls for Epstein – an allegation she denies 
  • The hack means the 58-year-old’s emails could be sold or leaked to the public and potentially reveal more details about individuals connected to Epstein
  • It may also have implications for Prince Andrew after it was revealed in December he exchanged emails with Maxwell in 2015 about Giuffre 


The hack may have implications for Prince Andrew after it was revealed in December that the Duke of York exchanged emails with Maxwell in 2015 about Giuffre.


In that email, revealed on Panorama, Maxwell and the British royal discussed Giuffre – despite denials from Prince Andrew that he had never met the then-teenager and that a photo of them together was a fake.


‘Let me know when we can talk. Got some specific questions to ask you about Virginia Roberts,’ Prince Andrew wrote in an email to Maxwell.


She replied: ‘Have some info – call me when you have a moment.’

How lucky are we that the emails were hacked? 

Anon Said: “How could we have known” Really Hillary?

Hillary Clinton Defends Ties to Harvey Weinstein: ‘How Could We Have Known?’

Hillary Clinton defended her past association with disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein in an interview released Tuesday, suggesting she would not have taken the thousands in donations to her 2016 campaign if she had “known what we know now.”

“How could we have known? He raised money for me, for the Obamas, for Democrats in general,” Clinton told The Hollywood Reporter when asked if she had any regrets about her association with Weinstein. “And that at the time was something that everybody thought made sense. And of course, if all of us had known what we know now, it would have affected our behavior.”

Weinstein donated the maximum amount possible for an individual contributor to Clinton in both the 2016 Democratic primary and the general election, which Clinton said in 2017 that she would donate to charity after allegations of sexual misconduct broke against the Hollywood producer. FEC records show that Weinstein has raised over $2.3 million for Democratic causes in his career.

Actress Lena Dunham and journalist Tina Brown have both said they informed Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign of Weinstein’s sexual misconduct and warned them not to associate with him or accept his donations.

“I just want you to let you know that Harvey’s a rapist and this is going to come out at some point,” Dunham recalled telling deputy director of communications Kristina Schake.

Clinton apparently ignored the warnings, having dinner with Weinstein just weeks after her electoral defeat.

Investigative journalist Ronan Farrow revealed in October that his work to expose Weinstein made Clinton and her staff “nervous,” and that she canceled an in-person interview after she found out he was working to expose Weinstein.

“Harvey Weinstein was one of Hillary Clinton’s big Hollywood bundlers, he brought in a lot of money for her, they were friends, and it was a personal moment of gut punch to me, like so many of these plot twists in this book, where people that I thought would report that kind of reporting, actually were very leery of it,” Farrow said.

Thank you anon, 🥰

Narcissistic Personality Disorder or NPD

Diagnostic criteria (DSM-5)

A grandiose sense of self-importance (eg, the individual exaggerates achievements and talents and expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements) A preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.May 16, 2018

or does she have this one

Malignant narcissism includes a sadistic element creating, in essence, a sadistic psychopath. … Kernberg first proposed malignant narcissism as a psychiatric diagnosis in 1984, but so far it has not been accepted in any of the medical manuals, such as the ICD-10 or the DSM5.

Common symptoms of NPD include:

  • grandiose fantasies and behavior, such as a preoccupation with thoughts of personal success, power, and attractiveness or sex appeal
  • little or no empathy for other people’s emotions or feelings
  • a significant need for attention, admiration, and recognition
  • an inflated sense of self-importance, such as a tendency to exaggerate personal talent or achievements
  • a belief in personal specialness and superiority
  • a sense of entitlement
  • a tendency to take advantage of others or exploit people for personal gain
  • arrogant or conceited behavior and attitudes
  • a tendency to envy others and believe others envy them

Can you see this happening in Meghan Markle’s case or her families?  

It goes on to another level of a sadistic tendency that I sure hope isn’t happening. 

  • disdain for authority and social norms, shown by continued illegal or lawbreaking behavior
  • a pattern of deceit, including exploitation and manipulation of other people
  • reckless, impulsive, or risky behavior that shows disregard for personal safety or the safety of other people
  • little or no remorse for harmful or illegal actions
  • a generally hostile, irritable, aggressive, restless, or agitated mood
  • a pattern of irresponsible, arrogant, or disrespectful behavior
  • difficulty planning ahead

Pathological lying can be much more subtle than in Ted Bundy’s case. The term “gas lighting” is often used when someone denies another person’s reality to purposely manipulate them into feeling insane. This is another tactic frequently used in both malignant narcissists and general narcissists with NPD.

The warning signs of involvement with someone who may be afflicted are as follows:

  1. Success At Any Cost. A close inspection of past relationships may show a failure to treat people kindly for the promise of a grandiose, yet superficial success. Beware of flaunted expenses, especially if there are a lack of people to share in the enjoyment.
  2. Narcissists may be hypersexual, often in relation to power and control. Incest is frequently reported as well as a lack of regard for partner and boundaries.
  3. Incessant Blaming. Lack of personal responsibility is a key sign.  Often a narcissist will play ‘the victim’ even when he/she has hurt someone else.
  4. Violence. Since their ego is so fragile to begin with, any criticism received feels like an attack.  They fight back much harder than what is doled out.  Someone who uses violence frequently, demonstrates lack of impulse control and may also have multiple addictions.
  5. Manipulation. Pitting people against one another for the ultimate goal of loyalty is often used by narcissists. In this case, loyalty often means isolation.

Sound familiar?


Miami’s Pillowcase Rapist from the 80’s, CAUGHT



Suspected ‘Pillowcase Rapist’ who terrorized South Florida women in early 1980s arrested

Sorry that I can’t give an insert on this article but Florida breathes a sigh of relief that this dog was taken off the streets.  Here is part of the steoy.

Authorities have arrested a man they believe is the notorious Pillowcase Rapist, who was blamed for attacking over 40 women in South Florida during the early 1980s.

Law enforcement sources identified the suspect as 60-year-old Robert Eugene Koehler, a registered sex offender from Palm Bay. He was arrested on Saturday and is being held at a jail in Brevard County to await transfer to Miami-Dade.

The Pillowcase Rapist terrorized women from South Miami to Deerfield Beach between May 1981 and February 1986. Using a pillowcase, towel or shirt to hide his identity, the rapist broke into townhomes and apartments and attacked at least 44 women.

What makes a serial rapist?

serial rapist is someone who commits multiple rapes, whether with multiple victims or a single victim repeatedly over a period of time. Some serial rapists target children.


This was written in the 1990s