Prince Andrew ‘refuses to appear on US documentary to discuss friendship with Jeffrey Epstein because his lawyers fear a repeat of car-crash BBC interview and think the FBI could use his comments against him’

  • Prince Andrew will not appear in a US documentary on the life of Jeffrey Epstein 
  • The documentary, titled Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, will examine paedophile’s life 
  • However, Prince Andrew’s lawyers fear a repeat of his disastrous BBC interview

Patriot Hour – Are The Children Being Rescued?Choice To Know [PRAY]

Goose Bumps ladies and gentlemen!

Come to the lord and be bathed in the holy spirit.

It will bring you tears of joy as your sins are washed away by Jesus Christ our lord and savior 🥰

It’s okay to love God again. He has been by your side the entire time. Reach out to him.

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