Anon submits: GolfGalSue~ Jeffrey Epstein Scandal of secrecy

Epstein, whose enormous and unexplained wealth attracted a circle of friends that included Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, actor Kevin Spacey and Britain’s Prince Andrew, travels from mansion to mansion while poor men accused of lesser crimes rot in prison.

It’s worth the read! and this author is interested in this case


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Youtube: And we know

Thank you for the links they will be most helpful, and I’ll even make this sticky on the front page. That way, people can decide for themselves if they want to believe or not, I always give people a chance. You must understand that I must give you a hard time. I must be skeptical about this topic.  Since I’ve heard so much about Qanon, I’m curious myself.  People click on the boxes they will take you to the sites to find the information.

I want to know why the friggin numbers and who has time to write in code but I do think there is some plausibility in it after reading the Podesta emails and I was sickening by them.

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Daily Mail~ US Flags line the Mall

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is to accompany Donald Trump for two of three days during his state visit to the UK, in order to defuse any political blow-ups with conversations about golf.

This is really funny, and maybe they can chit chat about Jeffrey Epstein and Lolita Island. Perhaps, they will get around to talks about Congress releasing the names in the sealed file??  Give us Assange, and maybe Mr. P might be able to help a bit.

I do appreciate the fanfare, but the last time there is talk they tried to kill the President previously during his visit there. Was it a Sanctioned hit by an ally?

The men met 20 years ago at the president’s Mar-a-Lago estate and golf course in Palm Springs, Florida, and are already well acquainted sharing a mutual friend in disgraced millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was jailed on child prostitution charges in 2008.   

😝😝😝It’s a billionaire for Epstein, child slavery too and passing the kiddies to friends to get their jollies, I want to say this was planned in advance and I’m sure listening devices will be employed.


While the men make polite conversation, hundreds of thousands of activists are preparing to paralyse London with mass demonstrations.

Fears for Trump’s safety have meant he will not be involved in a carriage procession down the Mall or the official welcome on Horse Guards Parade – which will instead take place in Buckingham Palace’s garden.

I may love the Royals, but my country will always come first! As I stated earlier we suspected a sanctioned hit last time our President was there.  Whether you like, love or hate our President, he is our duly elected executive of our country.  If they attempt to hurt one hair on his head, that will mean war.

I think security will be waterproof like a ducks bottom! I pray for both countries to come to some realization that our President will be re-elected no matter how much the Integrity Initiative tried to mess with the US on behalf of Hillary Clinton.  Which is illegal to spy on American citizens.

Harvard professor loses house dean role after joining Harvey Weinstein defense

There is a video with Lara Ingram interviewing Alan Dershowitz claiming everyone has the right to a defense, and that’s true. What I’d like to point out is Alan also defends dirtbag Jeffrey Epstein, and we have proof of this esteem lawyer on Jeffrey’s plane numerous times.

It looks like #metoo has thrown their hat in the ring, but Enty the Entertainment lawyer said the fix is in! So is this just drama before the trail? I don’t trust metoo at all.

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Anon Submitted: Man who oversaw Ontario’s new sex curriculum



What country was getting DIRECT uploads from ALL the cameras on #Epstein Island? See blue star for the one intelligence agency in the world with their finger on the “pulse” of every corrupt politician. That’s right, those whirring hidden cameras were uploading directly to Mo-saud HQ. Are your politicians doing stupid unreasonable things? Here’s why. THIS is why the #RoyalFamily is being so careful, every single thing #PrinceAndrew did while on Epstein’s plane and on that island was RECORDED. There were three sets of evidence gathering, the House in St. Charles (recently burned down) and the Playboy mansion (recently turned over to Cooper who is rumored to be cleaning house.) But don’t despair, the CIA and MI6 have been happy to play along. Do you think you have a vote? We see how well #BREXIT has gone. THIS is why it hasn’t gone. Whatever Theresa May diddled (or her husband) the pressure is on to maintain the EU and open societies, your vote be damned.

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Anon submitted: Epstein ~ Ray Chandler ~ Rumor~ Speculation

Epstein Island security camera bank…everything that happenes there is FILMED and uploaded directly to world blackmail headquarters. The comments on this instagram post are from people who got the intel drop and then separated out and enhanced the photos…it is sick beyond belief what they are doing…at the table…bank 10….see the head hanging over the edge of the table?