Miami Herald, acknowledge Radar Online’s role

JD note this at the end of the Miami Herald’s article: This article has been updated to acknowledge Radar Online’s role in securing the release of FBI documents on Jeffrey Epstein.

Radar Online was owned by Ron Burkle JD. So we thought Burkle was trying to help Epstein but is it possible he was trying to get him? If Epstein, as stated in the article, helped the FBI and the SEC go after investment people keep in mind Burkle got caught by the SEC and had to pay a huge fine and resign from the Clinton Foundation’s Board. Could Epstein have been involved in Burkle’s trouble and so Burkle is getting even?


Very good! Yeppers! Look at uncle Harvey!  Ron wanted to buy him out, but let is fall through. How’s that for friendship.  Waiting to pick it off section by section on the cheap. No honor.  Financial drama among scumbags.

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The Royal Dirt


Reality tv show & selling pictures and they can say they “don’t receive no money” and technically it’s true but they live on Princess Anne’s estate and enjoy all the perks of being a granddaughter of the Queen

In other news, Case moved from May 15 to May 25 because they are working on a settlement



and another case involving Andrew & Epstein



Virginia R. Giuffre vs. Ghislaine Maxwell is related to the same 2005 Epstein/Maxwell sex trafficking criminal case.   Scheduled for trial May 15th, in New York, it has been rescheduled to May 25th.  According to court filings that have been heavily redacted, attorneys for Virginia Giuffre postponed the May 15th jury trial pending settlement talks.  Judge Robert Sweet, a Carter appointee, is the presiding judge.  The New York Post and New York Daily News are on record objecting to the heavily redacted filings

The files are redacted in regards to Prince Andrew’s involvement

but hey go back to “what will Megsy wear to Pippa’s wedding” no need for the UK JOURNALISTS to report any news

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This was posted in May 2017, I think it deserves another look.