Alleged Pedo Randy Andy goes to Bangkok!

Why in the hell is this man still allowed to travel and all places Bangkok!  Thailand is the pedo capital of child lovers all over the world.  BRF doesn’t give a crap what you think! They are going to keep the douche bag and the yachter no matter how hard you protest against them.  There is going to come a time to vote them out and it’s looking that way as the BRF continues down this path.  If you read Kitty links, Prince Charles is all in on the New world order. 


Jenny Hatch- PDF file -eyes wide open -fiona barnett first edition August 2019


Those interested in doing the deep dive in exposing the truth about CIA MK Ultra, pedogate, these are the documents you will need. Please make sure you give credit to this Jenny Hatch and Fiona Barnett for all their hard work putting this together. It couldn’t have been easy.

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The Storm is upon us tweets- Bezo invited Ghislaine Maxwell to a party!

DM- BBC investigative reporters found Online Slave Markets use tech giants to sell Maids, slavery

The ladies and I are trying to make awareness of how prevalent this has become. It’s very disturbing that in modern times, slavery still exists. I wish more people would come out against this and make aware that this practice is alive and thriving.  It’s not just Africans; it’s everywhere.

DM: counterpoint to Epstein suicide: or arkancided

‘In 50 years I’ve not seen such injuries in a suicidal hanging’: Jeffrey Epstein’s body bore signs of homicide by strangulation NOT suicide, claims pathologist who has examined 20,000 bodies but examiner who ruled it a suicide stands by her findings

I liked to know about the DNA on the rope too! Patriots say murder, Killary? Arkancided