Miami Herald ~ Part 2 ~ Cops worked to put serial abuser in prison ~Jeffrey Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein trial

Just because he paid his way out of the civil trial doesn’t mean he is getting out of the other investigations.  It’s obvious from the Miami Heald there is immense wrongdoing on the highest level.  The Squeaky wheel gets the oil. If we keep up on it, we can make sure he serves his time like any other criminal.

These types of people will keep on doing this, to him that was an annoyance, it didn’t hurt him one bit. The man is sick!

If anyone has information with links, blinds, leaks etc. To go to the tearoom forum and post them.

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This is not over for Jeffrey Epstein

JD, I have been following the Epstein case for the last decade, and I am sickened by what happened today. Once again people with money and power abuse vulnerable people and get away with it. Epstein’s statement is just something he had to say because the lawyer wanted his credibility intact and Epstein’s case against him to go away. The girls and lawyers have been paid off, and this case won’t proceed. It doesn’t change the fact that them men we heard about did, in fact, abuse women.
Well, it’s a sad day, but it doesn’t forgive him from what’s coming for him and all of those responsible for looking after our constitutional rights as citizens and human beings.  A scumbag was allowed to get a slap on the wrist for Slavery, pedophilia, transporting children from other countries for the sick an unlawful pleasure of the super wealthy.
I write this in tears, this not okay.  He will do it again if he isn’t already.  We have the forum back up, if like to leave comments about today.
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Epstein Caved ~ not over by a long shot

there are two things going on. First was the trial to begin now which won’t happen. Epstein caved and is paying off the women.

but the attempt to make his plea bargain null and void continues.

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Prince Andrew is not part of the lawsuit

PA is  NOT on the lawsuit. Only on victim’s statement. PA can be subpoenaed but would most likely pull a Polenski never enter u.s.a. soil or territory. The girl could prosecute him but highly unlikely especially after this. She was dismissed by the court in the lawsuit at one time. tumblr is rejecting certain words so here I am again. L.A.


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guess ate last night post. please do not post my email! thanks. pa has immunity only if in USA in an official capacity for the crown. if on personal visit pa has no immunity, however, if need be hm can request via national relationships. the request can be denied, but unlikely w hm request. this is what happened originally. and the meeting with Acosta/ perv’s people wrote own terms which included immunity for everyone despite no names issued which allows open to anyone and everyone. it was unconstitutional but done to cover even sicker things that went on and VIPs. i followed this from the get-go. I found beyond disturbing. the two Florida attorneys w original suit were against the system. one of the two passed on. he was a very nice, honest man. both remind me of Peter Jennings, one of the last true journalists and incredible, humble human being I still respect. my degree is based on constitution so i do understand it how perverse this case was/is. a lot of power, money on Epstein side. and yes Fergie would be accessory. she was on a different island w pa and girls. pa left to go to Epstein island Fergie claimed he never left but a private flight plan had his name on it. have no idea if the pilot would change book containing ppl he flew there. it is some law for aviation affair, not my area of concentration. do not know which that requires persons on private planes must be provided, listed by the pilot.  sorry so long. wanted the info out there. also, diplomatic immunity is touchy w royals, dignitaries and known to change or misinterpret.

two posts I made on meg baby, limelight unable to include new enty blind #4 confirmed suspicions on have baby elsewhere! fyi cannot believe pic w satin tied black coat she wore is in fact tied in the front. I actually considered it. like ‘tuxedo’ inspired coat I read by Stella McCartney. I did not since I look washed out in large amounts of black clothes plus saw she wore it before marriage w ph. hope your feeling well JD. always include in prayers. L.A.


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abuse of power

That is the issue here. The prosecutor signed a plea deal with Epstein without informing the victims who under the law had the right to be informed. There were all sorts of irregularities with the plea deal. And it smacks of abuse of power rich man gets away with exploiting troubled teen girls to satisfy his bizarre, distorted sexual desires. Abuse of power. The law must apply equally to all, and it clearly did not in this case.

While PA may have been involved in the sex with underage girls, he is not the object of this prosecution. And no charges have been filed against him. So I say go after the issue of abuse of power but why are we focusing on PA? He is not being charged it is not a subject of the suit. Epstein is and the prosecution team. One of who ins the current Labor Secretary. It is irrelevant if PA has diplomatic immunity or not he is not charged. What matters is the way the case was handled. That these young women get justice and that wealthy powerful men with perverse desires understand they cannot pursue perverse desires without being held to account by the law.

We will see what happens, these monster closed an FBI investigation, it is an abuse of power.  It will go international due to flight plans and passenger manifest. He was bringing underage children for the pleasure of men from other countries.

After Harvey Weinstein case they are reopening the Epstein case into Pedo Island.  That is separate from this trial going on now.  The guest list is long, and these victims were disposable.

There too many revealed blinds that talk about Prince Andrew sexual appetite for young children.  Enty has been spot on,  with all the monsters that prey on women and children. Yachting was a hush, hush now it’s gone mainstream.  These types of people seem to swim in the same circle. They will be treated fairly; it’s up to the people to decide from articles.

I’m going to collect them all and put them away in their category. The press is coming out with more and more articles. We’ll see what happens.  This is the beginning stages, I need to tweak some things.

This is a safe zone for victims and their families.

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Andrew was UK Business Ambassador

Andrew lost is diplomatic immunity when lost his job as UK business ambassador.
Okay, at the time of the incident was he still the Ambassador? If not he is a world of poo. That article has serious implications that would involve Interpol.  The message was ominous about this; it’s coming!
Jeffrey Epstein should have spent life in prison, I’ve read a lot about this from @gatorfisch @aeltrilleaf. Lila and I both reblog this case.  I do know many of you don’t believe it. I even said exactly what one of the lawyers said; I’m sorry about it.  They lied about their age, after reading that, SMH.  Their defense was they lied, on drugs when they sent recruits to teen hangouts; the police called it a pyramid scheme.  I’m sick over this.
I’m freaked out about this.
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