Anonymous said:Honest question – why do you think people are more focused on MM than PA/Jeffrey Epstein?

Honest question – why do you think people are more focused on MM than PA/Jeffrey Epstein? That’s a true scandal, yet people in the blogs like him because he hates MM. It doesn’t make sense.
YEP! Trust me I’m not going to forget it either!  Children were abused, enslaved for the delights of rich men, that doesn’t sit well with me no matter who you are!
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Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

To answer the Anon who asked, “What does Jeffrey Epstein have to do with the RF?”, the answer is: a lot.

Prince Andrew has been associated with Epstein for years, and has taken flights on Epstein’s plane and has been to Epstein’s private island (known as “Orgy Island”). There have been pedo rumors swirling around Prince Andrew for years, as well as rumors that the Queen has protected Prince Andrew.

Do not forget that Queen Elizabeth knighted pedo Jimmy Savile in 1990. There was knowledge for decades at the BBC of the sexual abuse of young children perpetrated on its premises by Jimmy Savile.

The satanic pedo ring goes back decades and is world wide.



YUP!!!! All of this!



Anonymous said: Now, the plot is thickening. What does Epstein have to do with the RF? Is it in regards to Prince Andrew? The royal family is in a bad place right now, it seems. They may not survive the next few years.

I think you’re on to something.  Did Harry fall on the sword as some have said? Are Markle and associates extorting money, title, and unreasonable powers to violate the people’s rights?  All of these questions we are looking into.

You can me call rat nose, cave dweller, cunt, tell me to kill myself, old, I’m not going to back down. Markle, you should have paid me off when you had the chance. Since tipster say you’re broke I guess you can’t get the money up, and I’ll just go with abuse of power.

By the way, Vintage is black to the jackhole that said I’m lying.

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Pray people we need this vote to happen~ Jeffrey Epstein

The House has passed the bill to reopen the Jeffrey Epstein case. The Senate is expected to do the same thing this week. If the bill is passed in the US Senate, the case will be fully reopened. One more step and Congress will take a charge of the case.

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Anonymous said: Stay strong JD, Vintage and other bloggers affected by this skank. The RF may face a very difficult time and very soon. It’s all depends on the Congress. The Epstein case will go all the way if the bill goes through Senate. The House already passed it. (Lily)

Let Freedom Ring! YES!!  Prayers people for the victims of slavery. May they get their rights back! I want to know who voted against this? They should pack up their shit and go home right now.  See this we are discussing our representatives

LA anon! Epstein , Weinstein vs Diva Duchess

JD, hard to believe some of the posts by lipstick ppl. they were living together! it is pr washing, soothing story. IMO based on what she said, sugars.
More importantly real question how is it Weinstein lawsuits are being upheld all legal adults while Epstein gets off for multiple underage, sex trafficking? Society’s priorities are screwed up. mm, is not important. is brf doing, but underage girls used and discarded is never acceptable, unconscionable. L.A. off to find something to lift my spirit. tgif

LA! sorry I wasn’t here to take your post, cleaning and the hubby is sick and miserable!  The whole point is we have them saying that Markle is their source and the boss of the TIG, which isn’t that MARKLE?

We knew it was Markle but this is the first time we have someone declaring the information is from Markle. Like MM going to say yep! I’m a land yachter!  PR’s stay vague, that’s why I’m not convinced it’s PR.

Harvey is going to fry and Epstein gets a pat on the back.  Un-friggin-believable.  Epstein had slaves!! What the 🤬 went wrong?  because they were PROs, they didn’t start out that way! They had less value. 🤬 disgusting!

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Jeffrey Epstein trial

Just because he paid his way out of the civil trial doesn’t mean he is getting out of the other investigations.  It’s obvious from the Miami Heald there is immense wrongdoing on the highest level.  The Squeaky wheel gets the oil. If we keep up on it, we can make sure he serves his time like any other criminal.

These types of people will keep on doing this, to him that was an annoyance, it didn’t hurt him one bit. The man is sick!

If anyone has information with links, blinds, leaks etc. To go to the tearoom forum and post them.

Thank you, JD, Vin, Joseph, and Felix🌸🌸😎

This is not over for Jeffrey Epstein

JD, I have been following the Epstein case for the last decade, and I am sickened by what happened today. Once again people with money and power abuse vulnerable people and get away with it. Epstein’s statement is just something he had to say because the lawyer wanted his credibility intact and Epstein’s case against him to go away. The girls and lawyers have been paid off, and this case won’t proceed. It doesn’t change the fact that them men we heard about did, in fact, abuse women.
Well, it’s a sad day, but it doesn’t forgive him from what’s coming for him and all of those responsible for looking after our constitutional rights as citizens and human beings.  A scumbag was allowed to get a slap on the wrist for Slavery, pedophilia, transporting children from other countries for the sick an unlawful pleasure of the super wealthy.
I write this in tears, this not okay.  He will do it again if he isn’t already.  We have the forum back up, if like to leave comments about today.
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