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I’ve moved Harry and Meghan to the Hollywood Category

I decided since they don’t act in a dignified manner, they belong in the whinger category of Hollywood.  You can still talk about them, but I don’t like anything they are about.  Send me Cambridge’s.


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Qanons are always welcome, and I can’t wait to start bringing channel eight here. The storm is here, and we are taking back our country! If you want your youtube channel promoted, send me anon with the link. Let’s get the word out! Trump 2020


thanks, JD 🌸😎🥰

I will be on later today I’m in moving

So right now I’m cleaning and doing laundry and trying to talk to you I don’t have my computer here just my cell phone and it’s making it impossible for me to answer enons right now. As the president would say it’s a disaster and it is. So hang in there I will get to all the requests.

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Website support, help us

Here are two links to donate to our site.  We realized the old teacups stopped working.  We want to thank you in advance for helping us keep the blog up. We’ve learned so much over the past year and have made every mistake in the book. If you like the content, throw a buck or two our way. Your donation will remain private, and we know all about…

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Website support, help us


Here are two links to donate to our site.  We realized the old teacups stopped working.  We want to thank you in advance for helping us keep the blog up. We’ve learned so much over the past year and have made every mistake in the book. If you like the content, throw a buck or two our way. Your donation will remain private, and we know all about harassment and doxing.


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The royal gig is being phased out, and we will throw a shot here and there. Vin and I don’t believe the woke left couple deserve any attention whatsoever; frankly, we are sick of them. 🤢

We Want To Hear From You!

Hey everyone, I Vin have officially returned! I know, the haters must be pleased. I still love you all tho. LMAO

The purpose of this post is to hear from you because JD and I are cleaning up the site a bit, she’s going to revamp it, and we want to add new subjects.


Historical presidents, past, present, and future politics, First ladies of Fashion, And of course music, current fashion and makeup, Hollywood, and anything you think of.


We are trying to do away with a lot of royal talks, and anything associated with them. It’s what we don’t want. It’s old and boring. Like JD said, I’ll be around on Sundays, time permitting, since I landed a new job. Send me anything you like, music requests, if you want to bitch about anything, send it in.

Any other subjects you’re interested in that I haven’t listed? Feel free to let us know.

JD & Vin

I will be in and out for the next week

As you may have noticed, I’ve been distracted lately and not my usual posting self. Well, finally the plumbing gets a makeover tomorrow, and we are moving into our fixer-upper this week! Cable has to come out and rob me for another $74 bucks.  I went all streaming to save money.


I’m up to date on all things political before I go to bed or wake up at 3 am when my husband is getting ready for work to see what’s going on.


Please, if you can send me anons with videos, articles, and opinions you find.  I will get to them.


One of the Patriots told me to do a deep dive into the Qpub on the royal family that there is information there. They claim the monarchy isn’t going to survive, and I want to read this information to pass along to all of you. As always, we ask that any information posted here that you do your research to make informed decisions.


Please don’t believe Mainstream media they lie, and some are on the take.  David Brock and George Soros are unelected people of interest and pushing through their moral vision for the world. If they are so good at it, why didn’t they run for office?  I include George Clooney in on that one.


One of the articles I read on red nation rising on WordPress is these morons are funding the redistribution of people around the world.  They are the ones funding groups to encourage mass migrations to Europe and the United States. They get the people moving, and that’s about it, these people are getting raped, murdered, and trafficked. I want them to be held accountable, and I believe there may be a tort here. Get Mad, call them out! It’s BS.


I encourage everyone to read Kitty links- the inconvenient truth or is the truth inconvenient. I also posted about climax hoax Dr, Willie Soon, a real climate scientist with data.  Don’t believe the sky is falling and if it were would Obama buy a waterfront house on Martha’s Vineyard? LOL


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I’m not ignoring the blog

I’ve been posting on tumblr, twitter, and thankfully the tumblr is being imported as we speak.

It’s a mix of politics and Harry Markle and his husband Meghan, and it’s just my opinion.

Send anons, youtube videos, articles you wish to discuss.

Welcome new squad members to

Thank you for following! We are talking about politics, Trump, Socialist party,  Russian witch hunt, Qanon, Henry Cavill new project Witcher, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I’ll talk about anything.

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President Trump South Lawn Departure

Everyone is welcome to send anon or post 24/7 in the forum. Free Speech is spoken here! I own this website, and WordPress hosts it.

You have the right to criticize your representatives!


You have permission not to follow the socialist narrative. You are not racist if you love your country!  You are not racist to ask uncomfortable questions!


If someone calls you a racist for wearing a MAGA Hat, they don’t have a valid argument, laugh at the morons!


Laugh at a person that says you should raise your child gender-neutral! A boy has a penis, and a girl has a vaginal. Let kids be kids!


I’m not sorry for speaking out against abortion! Late-stage and or decision to kill your child after they have been born is Murder!


This shouldn’t be politicalized. Let’s keep it rare!  Use condoms, birth control, foams there is no excuse for an abortion nowadays!


Burning the flag in protest should be criminal! I don’t believe that is 1st amendment free speech! Find another country you think is better! We’ll start a go fund your ass.


You can protest all you want peacefully, if not that jail time!


Antifa is a bunch of punk-ass b*tches! Cowards in masks!  Sorry for the bad language.

If anyone wants to add to this, be my guest!

I hope you like the new look and I got FaceBook straighten out.

Thank you, JD, God bless America! 🌸😎💋