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A Couple Things..

My blog is deleted. And I’m not bringing it back. All this meghan bullshit, people are trolling and playing mad games. At this point I give no fucks if there’s a baby or not. People threatening JD, saying she’s been paid NO ONE HAS BEEN FUCKING PAID FOR SHIT. None of us has been paid shit, she runs this website out of the goodness of her heart. Too many trolls, so many games. Do you really think this chick is worth it? I bet you she is playing everyone, but we have these assholes that threat and start drama, and the ones that run to bloggers starting more drama. I’m officially done after this, I want nothing else to do with those people, and I’m sure JD feels the same. Enough is enough. Grow the fuck up.

Our regulars: we appreciate you so much. And we will be here as long as you would have us.

Much Love,

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where is the alligator alley pelican story. I would love to read it

where can I find the story?


Maybe, I told it privately; I’ll start the adventures of Jeanne and Dee Dee series that is my nickname and my family still calls me that.

Let me give you the back stories of how I met Jeanne; it was in the late 1970s.  My life has been fun, tragic and I had to grow up quickly, I was the wild child and a good looking teenager — opening doors with a smile with flowing dark blonde hair and hazel green eyes.

As a teen, you have those restaurant hotel jobs, I worked at Bonanza, and it closed, I went to a job center, and they matched me up to a temporary acting job. Wow, how much fun will that be? It was for a new club called Country Music USA.   We had to dress these skimpy blue satin, white fringe and red belts, and matching cheer panty outfits and the company trainer named Dee, droves us all over Lee and Collier County, and we hit Supermarket parking lots and said, ” Hi there! Do You like Country Music? ” big smiles,  “We have a new club opening on US 41! and We’re gonna have country stars like Ernest Tubb, Roy Acuff!” We handed out free tickets to the people and chatted up the club.

As much fun as that was it was coming to an end, Dee liked me so much that she was trying to get the owners to take me on for the next club opening. They were hoping to open chains of these.

At the time I was living with an abusive boyfriend, he hit me, and I called Dee that was staying at Hotel until the opening. She was awesome and set me up in the hotel room and introduced me to the General Manager of the Fort Myers club and I got hired to serve cocktails!  Yeah, that’s great, but I never did this before, oh shit!  I winged it, and I was trying so hard, they liked me even though I put orange slices on Margarita’s.  This new Life was great, and I was on my own, but it was hard.

Everyone was good looking there, and I was head over heels with a manager, actor, model named Mario originally from NY.  It fizzled out quickly, and I went to work at a Chinese joint with another manager from the country club, we had a ball.  I had to work happy hour, and the place was packed. I met some cool and wealthy people there that thought I was adorable and they made an introduction for me to a  communication manager and photographer.

CW was his name and did test shots for me, but I wasn’t comfortable in my skin at the time, well, I was never comfortable.  I thought it was a disaster when he asked me to run through a flock of seagulls, and the video turned awesome compared to my still pictures, I was terrified the birds were going to shit all over me, but it got me hired for more gigs anyway paying $150 an hour.  I was a kid; I didn’t care. I wasn’t taking life serious at all.  In hindsight, I should have, but  I was young and dumb and chose the wrong path. I got more gigs with him, and even Jeanne’s son was in one of the shoots we did on how to make a nurse float for Lee Memorial Hospital.  It helped pay the rent, but I was poor but happy.

Somehow and I can’t remember why they wanted me back at Country Music USA, where I met this tall brunette with legs a mile high(Jeanne, Katherine Crosby, who shot JR), we didn’t hit off right away there was this guy we will call him B, I’ll leave it there for now.  Long story short, we hit it off famously, and I mean that. We walked into bars, clubs, and free drinks and champagne were being lined up.  This newfound attention was great for the ego, and bad on the liver, lol!  We ended up becoming roommates, and I watched Jeanne’s kids, while she went to work, it worked. She was the stability I needed at the time. Jeanne even helped me enroll in college!

We had ongoing adventures with nonstop laughter, some of it is a blur, but this story I will never forget.  We really liked our friend/manager Dick, the club was closed,  as the owner neglected to pay the talent, duh, right!  We decided, Road Trip!!  (these trips were always spontaneous with us) to rent a car and drive across Alligator Alley at night to go party at Dick’s penthouse in Ft Lauderdale on A-1A waterway!


We got all dolled up, and Jeanne was an amazing driver that could apply makeup and drive a stick at the same time.  Off we go giggling and Woo Woo, Ft Lauderdale or bust!  Picture a horror movie scene, pitch black, swamps with no shoulders on the road, rattlesnakes sounds all around you, and you are up against nature as you are the hunted and you can’t get far in Candie’s stilettos.

It’s the 1970’s Urban Cowboy was out, and the soundtrack was on the top hits for at the time.


I was really good at this 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

We might have been 20 miles into spooky Alligator Alley when all of a sudden out of nowhere this 🤬ing Pelican commits suicide and flies directly into the windshield!  Talk about wanted pee your pants! Assume the crash position!  Fucking colossal ass beak hits the windscreen his beak goes sideways, the wings engulfed the glass window, JHC, what the hell! Brakes slammed! Swerving right left! I thought the jersey devil just hit the rental car!



We came to a complete stop and checked ourselves, you okay? Yep,  WTF was that?!  Are you getting out of the car to check, said Dee Dee? Ahh, I think we both got out real fast and checked. We didn’t see a carcass anywhere, and the windshield didn’t crack. Off we went and hauled ass out of there.

I have never experienced wealth on this scale in my life in Fort Lauderdale, seeing Ferraris, Jags, Roles Royce’s everywhere! We flagged a driver in a Jag, and he was gorgeous. We partied the night away in a bunch of clubs, like Yesterdays, Septembers, Pete and Lenny’s we never paid for a single thing! September’s was a club with Gloria Estefan type bands.

That gorgeous guy took me to a highrise condo, and the owner had semi-automatic weapons all over his bed!  It was scary shit back then.

Side note, I left Jeanne’s temporarily to stay with my gram’s in Pompano Beach, and my dad came down from NJ.  So I went to the club September’s one night and ran into these two adonis’s with dark curly hair from Columbia they were students, 😉😉. Sure they were, it was snowing that night at their sleek apartment.  Perfect gentlemen!

Dick’s penthouse was a bachelor pad, he had turned it into a tiki bar lounge in his living room, the views were spectacular!

The late ’70s was the era of cocaine cowboys and the coke money that built Miami into what it is today.

The wet foot, dry foot political refugee time and they rounded up all the Cubans coming ashore and put them in a containment area.  They did background checks, but still, the harden criminals passed on to become coke kings and murders started happening in Miami and the surrounding areas.

My dear Uncle was an owner/operator of a party boat, and one day a shrimp boat was being busted by Coast Guard, and the crew was tossing bails of Marijuana overboard.  Captain Bill managed to pick up the floating bails and the mates on board were taking pictures sitting on them before they turned it into the coast guard.  Many bails floated ashore, and we called shrimp boat pot cause it stunk to the high heaven’s.

I know, I’m all over the place, it was a much simpler time, but they were also hard times during the gas crisis and OPEC.  Pushing your car into a gas station because you ran out of gas on your allotted day was the norm.  We had it each other to walk over to the TV and change the channel.  We are so spoiled today, and the me generation doesn’t know how good they have it.

There’s a whole lot more Dee Dee life stories and misadventures. Jeanne’s has some good life stories too.  We both been struck with ill health some weird rare cancers. We still managed to keep in touch even before the internet. We have this bond that can’t be broken.

I’m sorry this is late getting back to you but, it took me awhile. There is a whole lot of memories, and I’ve been trying to process them to write this.  It’s not as easy as it seems.  There is a lot that can’t go public.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎


Since JD will be busy with moving into her new home, I wanted to extend the invitation to you all, to tell us what you would like to see, besides the power couple of disaster. That subject will no longer be on the front page. They have been banished to the forum. Officially switching gears and we would love your ideas! We have Sarri on board, please welcome her to the family, don’t worry there will be no initiation. LMAO

I will be here, posting my usual subjects, mainly music, so what more would you like to see?


This is Not A Competition

Anons writing in, sounding almost upset that JD’s blog isn’t good anymore. Why? Because she is on the way out of posting anything Meghan related? Because she is tired of posting everything Meghan related? Yes, there are other blogs, and they are very good blogs, for them to visit. Please don’t come here with that attitude. We all choose to do what we want with out platforms. We have been preaching for MONTHS that we do not want to make that girl a main discussion here. So yeah, if you don’t like it here, please visit somewhere else and don’t bother with us. Over 5 million visits. You won’t be missed. We are tired of the attitudes.


Hey People!

Since JD will have a few busy days, I will try to be around as much as I can to answer anything you have and keep things running. All I have to say is things are a mess on the blogs. 😂😂😂😂😂


Oh and I’m posting random crap later on also.



What is your first language? I’m having trouble trying to identify your syntax. It’s fascinating to me as a linguist hobbyist! Have a lovely evening!


Are you talking to me? lol

I am American, so English. I tend to speak like i’m talking to someone in person, and I add a lot of slang. New Jersey/South Carolina is my origin.


I probably ruined that answer for you. I’m sorry 😂😂😂

I’m Working On A Thing!

These people labeled JD and I and a few other people as trolls. After they were told about the real ones that come here and threaten and ridicule and shame, over their precious alien leader. And so I am putting together a project, of every threatening message, every message intended to shame us, ALL OF THEM. I am making phone calls ans what not this week. I want to work on this today, so I have legit proof of these threats. IP addresses and all. Oh, and don’t try to use a VPN if you visit here with intent to threat, because they will trace that too. I KNOW PEOPLE. JD, Felix my love, we miss you, if you can both, if you have them saved, send me everything you have.


hey press… you want to shame us, put us out there as trolls, when we mean absolutely no harm and we speak the truth that your alien boss is spending lots of money trying to hide, you’re about to get the REAL people that intend to harm. Buckle up bitches!



Please send all comments here, and we are so touched we are in tears literally. Ring your bell and leave a comment.  We can’t keep up, but we will try, be patient


Love, JD, Vin, and all the bloggers that tried to get the word out

Meghan Markle, don’t explain, don’t complain