Let freedom ring campaign

Next time Harry and Meghan have an engagement and you can go bring a bell and ring it. You have rights, we all have rights! I may not like what you say or vice versa but people have given up their lives for us to live in a free society.

The killer part is we didn’t troll anyone, we didn’t move around the internet to harass anyone, you have always had the choice to ignore us, scroll away because it was your choice.  Let it stay your choice.  Ring the bell!

#freeofspeech #ringthebell

This will be my last comment towards you. I’m risking a lot sharing this information and do not appreciate being called a liar or a sugar (what does that mean anyway? I didn’t say anything about food). You wanted to know what Meghan’s endgame is, so I told you. Her goal is a wedding, this was decided a long time ago. (part 1/2) – PR anon


Yes, I want to sue!

where or how did they obtain your photo w hubby? he can start civil suit for privacy breach, use of likeness without consent, intrusion. four types. if you gave quote to media and it was published were you told in advance? public servants are accountable to public and higher standard. afaik that is what comments that constructive are mostly about. the banana message was inappropriate imo for the recipients. no one made her do it and ph b.j. comment on video at public rep queen demo no respect
Thank you anon, I don’t believe my husband should be involved, and he said to me, “can you just walk away from this? ” I’m sending peter every troll that thinks that’s true to Peter Sheridan.  When I told him Enty the entertainment lawyer, CDAN.  They didn’t post it.
I stand by the decision to say that yes, she is a representative she can be criticized.  It’s our right and none of it was hate.
Thank you anon

From Tomorrow On, Nothing Will Be Spoken Of Those People. Nothing.

Since that reporter had led us to believe that he was fighting MM Trolls, and fucked us over, we will no longer be speaking of that girl and her husband. That subject is closed. They used JD’s pics, posted my name, and twisted my comments without permission. He made it seem like he was willing to listen. And I told him about her REAL TROLLS, who threaten and deliver death threats to us. He did not give a shit about that, and we were screwed. Any comments that i made all of you know there was no intent of harm, all in good fun. I have spoken to a few friends of mine and we can go after them legally. Invasion of privacy. So this is the last night we will be discussing that chick. it is up to you if you want to stay with us, if not we understand. JD and I thank you for the ride, and no we wont take this quietly.




Stay tuned for a statement to come out

Stay tuned for a statement to come out

The writing is on the wall for Kensington Palace to chastise the public for comments against the Royal spouses.  It is wrong to pit them against one another.

Richard Palmer spoke out against the abuse and his paper published  Meghan Markle will overshadow Lady Gabriella. Although not Richard’s fault it is the fault of his paper.  The Same goes for all outlets.  How can we shut this down, less posting of Meghan Markle,  we are all sick to death of having her crammed down everyone’s throat.  It’s only caused a backlash against her, but can she live without seeing her name in print?

People read this and they believe that Meghan is the Duchess of difficult.  It confirms what we have been saying along that she indeed is.  Emily Nash is right, if you say something nice, don’t attack another commenter. I’ve seen reporters abused to the point of having acid thrown in their face. This 💩got to stop! Stay off the Royal websites, don’t comment and they are going to block people which we have been informed this is already starting.

None this should have happened to begin with if the Duchess of Sussex was upfront and honest about her past.  Now the bump and it’s okay to have a surrogate it’s a gift another woman could do for parents who can’t conceive on their own.  If Meghan Markle is such a feminist she would celebrate life and not hide under prosthetic devices.






Yeah. A statement on how there is no discord in the royal households, and how we are bad people because we see something wrong and point it out, we see she is possibly faking this and that’s probably going to prove everyone wrong too. Remember its their lives! lmao


If Meghan is actually pregnant, I have a challenge. Let’s see if she will make a deal with a magazine of some sort, and pull a Beyonce. Remember when Beyonce posed while pregnant with her twins? Let’s see Meghan do that. A lot of mothers have done it, and it is a beautiful thing. IF SHE CAN DO THAT, THEN WE WILL STAND CORRECTED.

Image result for beyonce pregnant twinsImage result for beyonce pregnant twinsImage result for beyonce pregnant twins     Can she do this?




The timeline on the pregnancy doesn’t make sense

Picture Anon

I don’t think your picture came thru darling. You can try again if you have time.




Moonbump Do Do Do 🎶

JD, you answered my ask as if I don’t realize she’s clearly wearing moon bumps! She picks and chooses which size to be per her PR mood that day. It’s to hide her alleged small bump that would gain more backlash, plus bigger bump means “more is better” in her mind. “You want a bump? I’ll give you a bump!” Pad her behind, cradle the bump, flick the coat open. Go to Chuc’s, no moon bump. She appears small for 7 (?) months. Her face is fuller. It’s a weird situation. And scary. Enhancing is the new thing, smoke, and mirrors.


I can never be too sure, and I need to prove my case one anon at a time.  I’m not too sure if you read about the Hormone relaxin, it helps the joints to relax, softer appearance, ankles swell it’s automatically produced when pregnant.

Rumors she was taking fertility meds on the Aus tour, why if she was allegedly already pregnant?  Fiji visits her appearance changed overnight like she had an allergic reaction to something and had blisters on the top of her feet.  That could be a reaction to medication, and it’s happened to me before. If she were allergic to Clomid, then she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant.  I’ve taken that stuff.

Skin Condition Marked By Red And Painful Nodules

Easily Angered Or Annoyed



Please also note that MM hasn’t stopped getting botox, or cheek filler.  She is also using Brazilian Blowout products that contain formaldehyde.

All of these products you should not use at all if you are pregnant.

Tipsters say the child is still a go, meaning it’s still in play.  A child is her gravy train we all know she is here for a while not forever.

Thank you anon 🌸😎


DM posts pic of Mama D holding papers with her middle finger in “fu” display. Mama’s coming to teach yoga in that Frog yoga room. That’s going to be $$$ making house, no downtime for this family. Plus, it’s close to SH, killer collab, it’s something mega wants, this smells of future plans to dominate the countryside.



UGH. Of effing course. I think I came up with a hashtag a while back, #thanksharry!!!! lmao