Boo-tease Routine

Yeah, we’ve seen this before with DINO. Attend a very low-key dsytime event, phone-in her act for her “participation trophy” and cut out early, grabbing all the way. Then, for her second act, emerging for her nighttime act, be “merry and bright”! Eyes all aglow, wishing to all “A good fright night!” She spends the afternoon after the day event getting injected here and there and everywhere, not a crease was wrinkling (well, not in her mirror, anyway).Whilst visions of paparazzi danced in her head, old Harried was filled with dread. If her strict, “nothing fun” diet for hubs is true, she might partake the tokes meant for two (silly rabbit, pillows can’t swallow).



I have to say he did not look good at all. He looks like he is on the verge of a stroke, or a breakdown. Or both. Something has to be done. I never thought I would even say this, but I am starting to worry. This is not how a happily married man should look. Something needs to be done, and fast.






Dear JD
I am a professional business woman who has as you know been fighting for the truth in this matter for two years now alongside you. I wish to publicly state you are the utmost professional alongside Vintage and I find the current wave of online attack on not only your person but your family and business is totally unacceptable. Your treatment is pure aggressive harassment which is a criminal offence. I have privately encouraged you to press charges I will now publicly recommend you press charges. You are and have been 100% ethical in all you have done. The people who should be worried are the ones attacking you.



I wanted to answer this one for her, she’s taking Nyquil 😂😂😂 But yeah, I thank you so much, JD definitely has reported the threats to the police. I have not had any severe ones yet, but what she has shown me was downright petty. Picking out a post just for the purpose of harassing us is petty and ridiculous. They read everything else on here, but that post is a problem. OK. lmao Thank you for having our back, and thank you for fighting with us. We are grateful.






Listen Up!

Sorry, but there will be profanity.

It was brought to me attention that there are people reading this website, and purposely picking out posts to attack us with. Her fans, thought a post i made, was racist. I AM 100% BLACK!!! They want to report the website over a fucking JOKE! Really? Since they want to read and report, that was from a popular tv show from the 90s called Martin. Which is a BLACK SHOW. Look it up on youtube. And also, why don’t you go and join your favorite idol’s fan clubs, and websites, and mind your fucking business.  because believe me she does not give a fucking shit about you. I don’t appreciate people coming here and threatening Deanne, and her website. If there is a problem, message one of us. No one will be coming here attacking us.

Oh and if you all wanna be assholes and report profiles, and threaten us, keep in mind you will be reported to law enforcement. They will find out who you are. Run and screenshot that.



hope first part got through. wish wordpress put a notice if ‘received’ a post

ok. this is part 2. rebecca minkoff who has accomplished much on her own is perfect example of female empowerment. guess what she, the board, and over 1000 members did not need nor warrant a certain someone to try to be spokesperson or face of it. female empowerment is continuing to grow mm is not needed or the trashy character she embodies. watch mm will use or rip this cause off or make own as her own. (no oringinalty, creativity in her being.) but i think and hope readers will pay attention. rebecca started the the female foundation collective. it has over a thousand talented and accomplished women and their smallish companies who joined together. look in to it. i am sure their is a link somewhere. they use a special symbol on all of their products that contains an emboldened ‘f’ so buyers know if the product is made by females. women have more power than we think via money. so please check it out. it is incredible. you will be amazed . i like one woman who creates shoes and handbags, both personal favorites of mine. everything is sourced throughout africa. i saw a pair of boots she was wearing and just had to have them. via jd and gang they too are empowering women (also men) to use their voice and express one’s thoughts and opinions. so lets have an incredible new year! now quietly i am stepping off my soapbox. L.A.


Yes! Let’s have a great new year, don’t get me started on boots you will be here all day🤣🤣🤣


And I will definitely check that out, Happy New Year love!



Mental Health Break tonight!

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