Merry Christmas

to you JD and all the anons who have made this site so much fun. Oh yes – Vin! Rock around that Christmas Tree! With Love from Love



Timeline anon

Heya JD, just to be clear I only asked DM when the timeline would be published. I have only seen the timelines on Tumblr. I rarely comment on DM, but wanted to see if my comment would even show up. Sometimes they won’t post my comments at all. It did go through, but quickly disappeared. I believe that the coercion theory will be too unbelievable for mainstream society. Too “tinhatter.” I think the media will go with the “two-timer” storyline.


It’s Vintage! I kicked her off the site to rest. LMAO

Do they know about it? I mean they do look through the blogs we all picked that up. Maybe they do know more than they are letting off.



MM tied her jacket wrong to keep her pillow from falling!

This jacket is supposed to be tied in the BACK, as you can see how the ribbon is bunched and made to look shorter tied in the front. Style icon Markle for ya 😂😂

LMAO A pillow pet came to mind just now. Goddammit i’m corrupted. Hopefully the media touches on this too. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


MM Black graduation robe; Real Northwestern robes

Anon told me the black robes are the four year degrees, and the purple is for grad students. Megs has a bachelor in communications which means she is qualified to do her own PR. The international relations is crap, wasn’t even a credited class more of a student exchange program. Word is she failed the test as do most. NU at the time didn’t have that available. MM uncle got her into Argentina by pulling some strings; the family was not useless to her.

Thank you anon, 🌸🌸😎

Reminder the link in tumblr is temporarily shut down, we are not shut down. You must some to

I have spoken to engineers at WordPress that host, they say it’s on tumblr end and since they are tough to get in touch with we have to wait it out until it gets fixed.  I apologize for the inconvenience but there are some things out of our control. to see the anons and answers