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There is no license from a magistrate in the UK for a marriage . If the marriage is not in a church and is to take place in a registry office a license is required issued by the registry office for that marriage . . A church wedding requires a passport or other identification ., proof of residence within the parish , a bill for example . A decree absolute for a divorced person which is all dealt with by the vicar or priest in charge of the Church . As a Foriegn national MM may have been required to have a license from a local register office as well .

I would dispute the stories of the wedding being a “sham ” .JD The Archbishop of Canterbury is the principal leader of the Church of England and the symbolic head of the Worldwide Anglican Communion representing almost 100 million people . The Queen is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England , in effect representing God here on this earth .
The First Archbishop of Canterbury was Augustine of Canterbury 597 ., there has been an Archbishop of Canterbury for 1400 years .
To suggest a “sham ” marriage would be sanctioned by the Queen as Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Justin Welby as the leader of the Church of England and 100 million Anglicans is frankly not possible , jeopardising a 1400 year. old institution for MM is too much of a stretch .

The record of of a Royal marriage is not legally required to be shown to the general public ., however it is a legal requirement for the marriage certificates to be signed, and these records belong to both the state and the Church.They will eventually be (historically )available ) A sham marriage would simply not be allowed . It would cause a constitutional political , legal and ecumenical crisis and could mean all marriages conducted by Anglican priests wordwide to be null and void . . The birth certificate is essentially a private affair , any marriage between a senior member of the RF is in effect state owned and is governed by both church and state .
The RF can do a lot of things but not this .


Sara Carter – Climate Scandal

Hong Kong loves Trump!

The Scapegoating of a Prince Part 1 of 2 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

Prince Andrews involvement with alleged sex trafficker and convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein has received huge amounts of adverse press reportage .
It has in effect destroyed his job as a “career ” royal , and his personal reputation .
Prince Charles will now possibly bring forward his plans for a greatly reduced” Firm ” Andrews spectacular fall from grace has been very useful for a number of people , his apparant scapegoating means many of the bigger players in this nightmare scenario of sex trafficking and paedophilia can now , for the moment feel in a much safer place .
Questions must be asked though as to why a relatively insignificant player has been exposed in this way when for example, the Clinton’s involvement with Epstein is potentially far more significant than a minor British Royal . The now constant revelations that the global social and political elite take part in these vile practices possibly innures the general public to the devastating impact sexual abuse has on its victims . Do we suffer from compassion fatigue and are we being groomed to believe that paedophilia is just another sexual preference , and is part of the “human condition” .
Why, when Andrews own brother Prince Charles was involved with a number of people who just happened to be prolific paedophiles was the press, compared to Andrews savage outing silent ?
Are we being offered Andrew as the sacrificial lamb to silence the clamouring of a potentially angry dangerous , and more importantly questioning mob ?
Are we being appeased , misdirected and controlled yet again by an elite group of people for whom sex trafficking , paedophilia and other unspeakable horrors committed against children are just business and a currency used by these people who would seek to be our leaders and our betters ?
A Graphic of the Jeffrey Epstein Network



A Reminder of how deep this scandal really go’s.



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The Royal Connections
Interesting articles from Goodness and Harmony Website .

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The article below shows some extraordinary connections and is a must-read.

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Part 3
MK Ultra. The CIA, The Occult side to Abuse. Is the so-called Satanist connection real or a distraction?
Part three soon JD!
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