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Hi JD. Just read your latest message. The new format sounds great, so pleased you’re dropping The Dumb Bartons, they are becoming so boring and predictable, and we’re paying for this torture!


It’s the same old crap, just a different day. It makes me sick to my stomach. A Couple of zingers and that’s it! Dumb and dumber are not taking over the blog.  We have more important stuff to do. 

If you don’t feed the beast, it dies (metaphorically) of course. 🤣I’m also sick to death of Harry and his mental health Bullshit, and Mental health doesn’t mean it’s okay to be a brat and badly behaved, he needs a long time on the naughty step ., preferably on an island(not the UK please God ) far far away lol!


Nobody wants to listen to me and ignore them. Don’t pay attention to the sugars. The worst press is no press, read kitty links PR post.

I hope it’s okay to send the Rotten Royals? Part 2 links. This one has all the Savile connections, which lead on to our politicians, American politicians and inevitably Epstein.


YES, Please, anything like that bring it on!  This kind of information should be made public. Stop believing in fairytales. They’re really nightmares as we continue down the rat holes.

My links after that are about cyber currency, sex trafficking, AI, Hollywood, and lead to …Epstein! This is a good one. Epstein is everywhere his connections are extraordinary even to 9/11, I’m doing more research on that one. All part of the bigger picture, which is very dark, probably more so than anyone can imagine.


I’m starting to understand, and I am open to letting these atrocities in, I didn’t want to before.

My idea suggestion. How about a list of “good reads ” to give people something to think “out of the box”?


That’s a beautiful idea! I love sharing and social media is about sharing. 

I’m so excited for you, the internet needs a site like yours. I’m sure you’re going to go from strength to strength.


New beginnings are so exciting! I’m researching equipment I’ll need.  I encourage people to send audio or video of their opinions and ideas. WordPress comes with those capabilities.  The happiness engineers are excellent here on WordPress. 

On the bright side, I’ve been decorating or directing my husband 😊; my house is finally getting there! The world is going crazy, my house looks great, so who cares about Brexit !!!!


I can relate to that, YAY us!! I was up until 5 am cleaning the new place and imagining how my she shed is going to look.  I’m taking over the 7′ x 24′ enclosed lanai. Girl’s only, a sitting area to have a cuppa, mini studio for the blog. You’ll be greeted by my two bronze foo dogs, Tommy Bahama ceiling fan. The Ah room. I went with stark white semigloss on the walls in our open-concept LR, DR, Kitchen they went beautifully with the vinyl flooring it looks like driftwood.  New Plumbing is going in right now.  The husbands, LOL we are ready to kill one another, double sink or single? It’s going to be a cute cottage once it’s done.

Hope your weekend has been a good one, love Kitty ❤❤❤


Thank you, Kitty, my dear friend, 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤


More on the Anthropogenic Global Warming Scam- Kitty links! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

Global Warming is Undermined by New Discoveries

Only a few links here JD but very significant. Thought you may like this one!
This research will never be spoken of or published in the mainstream or available in the news because it debunks the doctrine that we are doomed!
I used the word doctrine deliberately because AGW has become a religion with its converts having a quasi-religious experience every time it is mentioned.

Is the climate change movement a ‘cult’?

Here is an idea for solving the problem of AGW.
Magnus Söderland Behavioural Scientist and Marketing Strategist from Stockholm University believes to save the planet we must put aside our taboos regarding cannibalism and open our minds to eating human flesh (in this case corpses) .
As a behavioral scientist, he feels we can be “tricked ” into accepting the unacceptable.
Remember Richard Thaler ‘s “Nudge “

Another disturbing example of the insanity of the scientific community pushing us towards a dystopian future.

Predictive Programming?
Interesting documentary.

Kitty ❤❤❤


Kitty Links! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

Another great post that debunks Global Warming/Climate change!

We need to be good stewards to our planet but the idiocy is running rampant. The New Woke agenda has become laughable with hypocrisy against US vs. Them.

News flash morons we put on trouser the same way you do.  What is this all for? To scare the britches off you? Scam you for faux carbon credits? It’s always about money.

Kitty proves once again that the new cult of climate lunacy is fake AF.

Thank you, Kitty, it is always a pleasure to dive into rabbit holes with you! 🌸😎😘💋

Social Credit Score .” Nudging “people into State Control ?

Social Credit Score USA


Paul Joseph Watson.


One of David Cameron’s first actions after being elected as Prime Minister was to bring in Thaler and Sundsteins Nudge Theory to help create his Libertarian Paternalistic “Big Society”


If we look at the working model of China’s social scoring, we can see that this is being used to control people’s ability to travel, to buy and sell goods. This will ultimately lead us to a situation where there will be a disenfranchised underclass completely at the mercy of the state, aided and abetted by the social media giants. What you do and say, your opinions, thoughts, actions, and anything you do on social media could ultimately have a disastrous and permanent effect on your life. It is, in effect a form of social cleansing.
Big Brother and Brave New World and all done with our consent!

Hope you like this one, JD!
Thought of Revelation- 13 .16: 17 it’s a good fit.

Kitty ❤❤❤

Kitty Links!!

Freaky man! I had no idea how deep the NWO was planning to go!  I’ve always told my kids to watch what you put on social media your employer could use it against you, but damn! 


We have 401k in America, they started off being voluntary and now mandatory with zero choices where you want your money invested.  We pay hefty Social Security payments from our paychecks. Now they are considered an entitlement.  We should all be grateful for the government to take our money. 🙄


Wallstreet takes 401k money to invest, and I can tell you my mother lost everything under Bush.  Obama bailed them out, nobody helping my 75-year-old mother that still has to work to pay her property taxes with double knee replacements.


The monsters will quickly take over the young Me, XY and Z generations, what a sad place that will be. These youngsters are looking forward to the free generation, but as we all know, nothing in life is free.


Thank you, Kitty, fantastic research! 🌸😎😘

The Rotten Royals ? Part 1 Kitty Links 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤 A must read, packed with receipts

Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

A little background information regarding secrecy and the Royal Family.
Pay special attention to the paragraph about the Queen and heating for her properties.
This was initially reported by the Independent Newspaper.

The Elite in Britain Are A Very Sick and Twisted Bunch Indeed.

More background information regarding the British Establishment

The elite in Britain are a very sick and twisted bunch indeed

Murdered Bodies on Royal Estates/Prince Philip and Jimmy Savile/Records Sealed for 100 years
Excellent links within this link.

Chris Patten/Paedophiles & Paedophile-Infested Establishment Institutions/St Benedict’s School

Westminster Paedophile Ring – Roddam Twiss / son of Sir Frank Twiss

Again , this site has excellent links to newspaper articles and other sources
This article has so much information JD it has to be in two or even three parts.
There are connections all the way to Epstein which I will be putting in the third part of this post

Athenaeum Club
Reading here it can be seen that everyone is connected in some way.
One of the most important connections is the procurer? / paedophile / necrophiliac Jimmy Savile .

Richard Farnell and Cyril Smith

COMMANDER CHARLES ARTHUR HOWESON – colleague of Prince Philip and Prince Charles – charged with buggery

Carlton Club Members – Westminster Paedophile Ring (Part 1)

Again, the Jimmy Savile connection.

Carlton Club Members – Westminster Paedophile Ring (Part 2)

White’s Gentlemen’s Club
These people do love their clubs. The connections here will be explained in part two.

Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles’ very close friendship with sex abuse bishop Peter Ball

“My Love and Encouragement, Bishop”! The Queen.

Very interesting set of articles JD.

The Royal Family Connection to prolific and predatory paedophiles . Look at the Queen’s reaction to Peter Ball. I found it very interesting and disturbing.

This is just one of many which I’ll send in the second part of this article.

Kitty ❤❤❤


Kitty Links! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

Thank you, Kitty! looking forward to the other parts! Where there is smoke there is a fire


Climate Change . An Inconvenient Truth or the Truth is Inconvenient

This is the trailer for what is regarded by some as being the definitive documentary on Climate Change.
Released in September 2006 in the UK, the documentary (based on his book of the same name) an Inconvenient Truth won ex-Vice President Al Gore the Nobel Peace, with the documentary itself receiving an Oscar.


The entire premise of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) or man-made Climate Change was based on Michael Mann’s controversial Hockey Stick Graph.


During the hysteria of Climate Change, my very young children were to be forced to watch this documentary. I was told it was mandatory and there would be” consequences ” if I removed them. Of course, I did not allow them to attend the viewing of this documentary.
Nothing happened. I knew immediately this was an agenda someone was making money from and my children needed to be” on board ” with the agenda.


Below are some of the thousands of rebuttals of what is regarded as not only” unsettled science” but as a cynical tax scam and opportunity for the followers of this new religion to make huge amounts of money at the expense of not only you and me but entire continents.

Climate Fraud Exposed: CO2 doesn’t rise up, trap and retain heat

Always ask the question:” and what’s in it for you”?


And, as always, it seems money and power is the motive for what may just be the biggest scam ever!


A very interesting website run by scientists. Lots of information and a must-read.

‘Climate Emergency’: Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars While Planning Mass Third World Migration

An example of how so-called ” Climate Change ” will be involved in the implementation of the UN Agenda 30.
Everything’s Connected!

Because they Can.

Excellent Article on why climate change is so important to the so-called Global Elite.
There are deeply rooted sociological and cultural reasons for this behaviour that are reflective of our increasingly secular society.
With references to the Roman Empire and Christianity, this article explains the idea of what is considered to be virtuous and how we as a society regard ourselves.
Everything is connected and it seems nothing changes!

Starting the Conversation JD!
Kitty ❤❤❤


Kitty Links!! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤



Thank you, Kitty, I love this and I think it does deserve discussion and stop acting like the sky is falling in 12 years! It’s crazy! No personal vehicles in Ireland?  No cows they fart, no trains, buses or airplanes?? It’s insanity and it’s about time this BS narrative gets blown to bits!

It’s a giant scam for Money that doesn’t benefit the public one bit.

Climate Change- Fact or Fiction- Let’s have the conversation

All reports do seem like they want the population to stop growing and die, holy wars, division, do away with the middle classes. Go back to being poor and super-rich. Sounds Evil and dastardly, doesn’t it? They are the true racist which if you are researching day and night like I do the elite don’t want POC either.

You get Roe vs Wade but individual states have the rights to determine when you can get an abortion.

Places like NY and Virginia saying you have the right to kill your baby in the third trimester is unconscionable. Like Kitty’s been saying everything is connected with the global elite down to their walnut sauce.

Follow the research people and start speaking out against this.

JD 🌸😎😘 I appreciate everyone’s prayers, now we have to pray for the east coast and my old home town of Myrtle Beach, SC. We never know where the storm is going to land. Charlie comes to mind, follow


Just seen this, JD.

We were right in the middle of the only hurricane in GB in 1987, I don’t think I have ever been so scared, so I understand a little how you must be feeling.

I’ll be thinking of you and everyone in Florida, and I’m praying for you as I write this.

Much love, Kitty ❤


Thank you, Kitty, that means so much to me. The morning forecasts look good for SW Florida, but the East will get tumbled. My anxiety level has gone down. Let’s pray dry air attacks this nastiness. I’m not ready for this.


Kitty, you know first hand how bad it can get. Dorian is going so slow that it’s hard to forecast. The European model and the American model are almost in agreement. Will it enter a bit more south and then turn north once making landfall?  Again, it can change as the day goes on.


My biggest worry on the west coast is sustained winds for hours. I remind people it’s the storm surge that kills people, so when the hurricane moves on the rivers will continue to break the banks.

Paedophile and Pederast Kitty link! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤


I think this is what you’re looking for JD.

Can’t say I don’t think it’s all deeply immoral
Kitty ❤

This definition is precisely what I’m looking for, and we don’t want the LGBTQ to get enraged as they have fought hard to move away from being labeled ‘pedophile.’


Let me share some personal information, my cousin who I was close too, told me how he started his gay lifestyle was when he was in high school with my other gay cousin. He introduced him to the gay lifestyle nightlife in Fort Myers.  Many older men were more than happy to teach him.  He told me he wouldn’t have crossed the line if someone didn’t show him the way.  I will say we expected him to come out not the other cousin, which was shocking to the family.  The girl he was serious with end up in therapy after he told her. 


I’m curious about what caused others to embrace the lifestyle, come anon and tell me. 


Kitty thank you for looking this up for me. I had no idea where to look. It’s a taboo subject. 😘

Lord Mountbatten- Kitty links 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤


No holds Barred and To the Point.

As Always Intelligence Agencies Are Involved.

The allegations against Mountbatten have been circulating in the alt news for years


Mountbatten introduced Savile to the Royal Family.

The Prince and the Pedophile: What’s Charles Connection With Sir Jimmy Savile OBE?


Rightful Heirs: Royal Babylon and the Power of the Monarchy

Revelations as to the Power of the Monarchy

The Queen is not a stranger to scandal.

More connections JD.

It would seem there is a common thread running through all this ……….. Connections Connections Connections . How can we possibly ignore this? Paedophilia seems to be endemic and systemic. Children are being treated as the sexual playthings of the global elite.
Time to stop worshipping, placing these people on a pedestal and see them as they are.



Kitty Links! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤


Kitty! Thank you so much for more informative links! We’ve all blindly followed the royal family for a lifetime. We have allowed them to make excuses and allowed them to sweep it all under the rug.


The Queen’s promise to put country first and to be a loyal servant is hard to swallow with everything coming out about her family. She knew this was happening and chose to do nothing.  Never complain, never explain in full force.  They are going to need more than a heartfelt apology.


This scandal is only the beginning can you imagine when it all comes out, and maybe they are postponing the inedible. Honestly, I don’t see Prince Charles taking the Crowne.


The chess game they are supposedly playing, I think they lost and are holding on by a thread.  I’m looking forward to the tell-all book that Meghan Markle is writing.


The only way to save this is Prince Charles abdicating making way for Prince William to take over. That is, of course, the people’s wishes.


Think about it without them, tourist sites open to all and using Buckingham Palace when the government needs it. This move could save billions and actually make money for the Brits.  I know shut up American, but the Windsor line is tainted, what choices do you have?

Shills Trolls , Shareblue and George Soros .

Now featuring in Urban Dictionary had to smile at the irony

OMG! I missed you, This is hysterical! 😝😝😝


They were able to accommodate such a heavy presence of paid shills, and master their art of deception so fantastically that the average social media user likely couldn’t tell that they were arguing with or reading posts from hired guns, that weren’t firing bullets but firing deception in a war for your mind.

It’s seemingly brilliant, hire a few thousand people, place clean profile pictures onto each of them, and send them off to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, forums, and imageboards; to intentionally deceive the masses.

David Brock – In what was first used by CTR to attack Bernie, to help Hillary Clinton reach the Democratic Nomination, the outfit led by David Brock learned a lot about how to manipulate the masses.

In fact there were a multitude of globalist financiers behind the push for the information age takedown.
David Brock’s company, Media Matters for America, was founded with help from the Center for American Progress. Initial donors included Leo Hindery, Susie Tompkins Buell, and James Hormel.

Surely enough this caught the attention of the likes of George Soros, who later via his own progressive business, reached into the pockets of David Brock, by adding him and Media Matters as an asset for deception.

Soros had literal years of stirring controversy into the political arena all across the globe, with tried and true tactics that are confirmed to work, as well as a literal blank check to finance the shilling game all together.

Through Democracy Alliance, another Soros connected group, David Brock and Media Matters were able to reach out to tech billionaires and the wealthy progressive elites to also donate to their cause.


Investigative reporters at Zero Hedge would find substantial evidence that Shareblue, and in particular True Blue CEO and ex-Clinton staffer Peter Daou, worked alongside the Chinese government, the City of London, Mexico, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Clinton Foundation and other Middle Eastern Groups to subvert American politics and promote censorship.

Chinese Tycoon Ke Xiping and the Chinese government bought influence in Shareblue and concealed the purchase as a mining deal. Employees of Shareblue also have strong ties to the PeaceWorks Foundation, which is run by Mexican billionaire Daniel Lubetzky.


Click on the link above to read, very eye-opening. Go get them We the people!  Wow at all cost to bring this president down?? Holy crap, that’s a coupe! These people belong in jail forever and the wealth goes to governments affected by their meddling.  I don’t know, what do you think?

The leftist LARP! Live-Action Role Playing

These individuals are experts in the art of leading the sheeple to a particular narrative. This action can be used in-game playing, politics, corporate dealings with social media to cause a buzz.  These types of organizations are expensive to run, but when hatred drives you and you make more money than God or think you are one what do they care. It’s like stepping on an anthill. Time to be fire ants! 

MoveOn: People-Powered Progress

Notice who they are targeting, your kids, are we doomed? fight back with your vote for Trump 2020

Follow the money and more importantly, the information. , as always!

Information is the most valuable currency there is.

The world can be yours to control and influence through information and the dissemination of that information.

Follow the links and see that the usual suspects are there. Everything is connected, even in this case, to Epstein.


Lots of links JD. Kitty ❤❤❤

David Brock

Soros-Funded David Brock Connected to Tech Giants’ Censoring of Conservatives

REPORT: NBC Executive takes over left-wing news site

Kitty links~ 🐱‍👓🐱‍👓🐱‍👓🐱‍👓

Wow, Kitty this fantastic work!  People, there is a lot of information here to read. Notice the elite billionaires, including the Clinton’s, are driven by hatred. Money is no object as you can see. 


I don’t know what to tell you to do, but as kitty says the one with the most information wins.  I think, with your help we can prevail, to preserve our right to be free people. Democracy works don’t let anyone take that away from you. 


Thank you kitty, God bless America and Great Britain 🌸😎🐱‍👓💋


PS: enjoy the rest of your holiday