Fibonacci sequence. The Fingerprint of God ? 🐱‍👓Kitty links~ focus on nature’s beauty

Hi JD! I was going to send you links and information about something else.

I saw the article on immigration, the death of a father and child, it made me both angry and unbearably sad.

In all the madness, the desperation and hatred around the world there is still beauty and truths to be found, and much to be grateful for. Life is amazing, even in the midst of all this tragedy. The articles and videos below will hopefully help to bring a sense of wonder and awe into our often very stress-filled lives.

Simply put the Fibonacci Sequence is a mathematical equation found in nature, in architecture, in the human body, our faces, our DNA and even in far galaxies including our own.

It is what connects us at the deepest level to each other and to nature. It transcends race, colour or creed
We try to reproduce it in our buildings, our music, we see it every day when we look into the face of our loved ones, and of total strangers. It is in the flowers and trees we love, and the food we eat, it is why we look for and strive for beauty.
It is a reminder, every day of what and who we are and why we fight for the truth .

See How Artists Discover Simplicity as an Art Form in Works Which Reflect the Golden Ratio

Some beautiful examples here.


Very sweet video.


Deeper explanation with lovely images.
As a lover of beauty, I hope you find this beautiful! 💖💖💖



I love your links and it’s the correct answer, something so simple is yet so complicated. All life is beautiful, no matter what color you are.  It’s all a mathematical equation, natures efficiency found across the universe from DNA to a galaxy.

Embed from Getty Images

The majestic spiral galaxy NGC 4414 as photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope. (Photo by NASA)

Embed from Getty Images

400704 01: This image shows NGC 4622 and its outer pair of winding arms full of new stars, shown in blue. The galaxy NGC 4622 appears to be rotating in the opposite direction to what was expected. Pictures from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope helped astronomers determine that the galaxy may be spinning clockwise by showing which side of the galaxy is closer to Earth. This Hubble telescope photo of the oddball galaxy is presented by the Hubble Heritage team. (Photo Courtesy of NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team/Getty Images)

Thank you kitty for inspiring post! Keep sending in your links! 🌸😎💋




In a Time of Universal Deceit Telling The Truth is A Revolutionary Act George Orwell🐱‍👓

Hi JD. I thought you might appreciate the title!
Something different here :
This is Plato’s Cave Allegory.
Plato was telling us to wake up 2000 years ago.
Will anything ever change?

The video and allegory illustrate perfectly how our freedom is entirely up to us; it always was and is. All we have to do is take a risk and that first step.

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave: Life Lessons on How to Think for Yourself.

Trying to wake us up?

This is a short fun video with a big message !! It tells us how to think outside the box and not be afraid.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself ”
Franklin D Roosevelt.

First Inaugural Address, March 4th, 1933
How true, and as relevant now as it was then.

Kitty Links!!!🐱‍👓🐱‍👓

Perfect timing! We the people, think about it and Franklin’s message on fear. The message from the globalists is a preconceived PR campaign to drive the message home about racism, genderism, shaming, anti-religion, anti-Trump, anti-Brexit, anti-free speech. Control the narrative, control the sheep!

After Hillary lost and was a poor loser crying in her soup, these messages came through loud and clear. How did they get organized so fast?  Has anyone wondered about that?

When was I supposed to start hating men,  and people of color? I hadn’t before they were simply my friends.

Fear is contagious. It’s like cancer it will grow and grow until we all decide that’s enough of that crap! Just like this post was about, don’t fear the light and some may make fun of you, but at least you will be enlightened, We the people hold power, not some Dot!

Thank you, Kitty! another wonderful with powerful receipts 🌸😎🐱‍👓💋

Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓 Obamadramas and The Clowney’s

What to say about this little” Lovefest ” This article did make me smile JD and JKR 😁The Clowney’s and the Obamadrama’s, always good for a laugh!

This :

BFF ‘s and apparently quite the bromance going on here 😁

It started here :


He’s my best friend. Leave him alone .!


Wow, where have I heard that before?



I’m not an elected representative of the people of America (or anywhere) but who cares, see my sincere concerned face?
Note the CFR involved here. There is a clue. The CFR is another think tank.

Let me add to your post

Some good characters there, Rockefeller says not to privatize the VA, Trump did this because you are turned away at hospitals because the VA refused to pay them, Some waited 6 months for an appointment and by that time it was too late.  Take a look at what we up against. These people influence your life.

Doing boy stuff together. Racy texts! WOW !!

Sharing tips on hair care 😁


What’s 15 million dollars between friends?

UGH, The Daily Beast the ass kisser to the far left!  What a whirlwind bromance these two are having. Obama was against Gay marriage during campaigning.

The Obama’s have signed a deal with Netflix.
They will be able to continue with the causes dear to their heart on a wider public platform.
In other words more virtue signalling , and getting paid for it.
Maybe BFF George is advising Barack on all things Hollywood now, which is just what friends do.

JD: I do wonder what they will think and do when everyone finds out that the spying on trump happened under his watch?

A 300 feet exclusion zone around the Clooney property.
Lots of security, lots of Obamadrama. How to stay in the public eye!


I agree with you, they could have kept hush-hush but chose not to, I must assume the same as you staying in the public eye.

Kitty, my pleasure as always, anyone can make a post with links and I will make them look like this. Don’t be afraid to give your opinions for or against this how democracy works. We need to fight for this every day and cherish this freedom!

PS: weird blind I posted about a liquor company started by maybe let’s say GC, and they are poisoning the bottles and so far I think the death count is over 10.

Disney Secrets, Deviant Images and the Sexualisation of our Children

This is a follow on to your Disney article, JD.


Sexual innuendos in Disney movies

The above articles are just a small selection of examples of hidden images and sexual innuendo in Disney movies.
Many of these images are of a sexual nature and are deeply inappropriate for their target audience .
These articles first appeared in many alternative news outlets quite a few years ago , and are now found in the mainstream as well .
Below is an explanation from former Disney animator Tom Sito.

Many have chosen to not believe his explanation.

The articles below from Vigilant Citizen illustrate perfectly how visual images can be used to send a message.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Céline Dion’s “Genderless” Clothing Line

In this case, none of the images used could be said to be remotely normal, and are certainly not being used to sell clothing. So what exactly is the message here?

The following images and article is deeply disturbing.
We must question whether’ art ‘ justifies the use of children in this way.
The children in all the images (below ) are in fact being portrayed in a sexual way.
The idea is to normalise paedophilia ?

This subject is deeply disturbing, and something we may wish to turn away from but for the sake of our children it must be brought into the light .

Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓

I know this is an uncomfortable subject, it’s not pretty, but this running rampant in today’s society.  We need to talk about this and make it known we see you!  We must get the word out about the abuse it really does exist.

Click on one of the boxes to read all about it, this is so important, this could be your child, grandchild, neighbor this abuse is real.

With my situation, it was my neighbor; it was happening right under my nose! They look normal but don’t trust anyone with your kids.

Kitty, I appreciate the research you did and encourage people to bring links and discuss this critical issue. Thank you, 🌸😎

Kitty Links~Common Purpose .

Hey JD, as soon as I read this ; (Obama in Germany April 6th, 2019 ) I could see what the narrative Obama was pushing. It suddenly all made sense. The link below will give you most of the info you need to put the pieces together and will explain exactly what CP is and how it affects our life.
CP has links to many of the so-called think tanks around the world. From these huge organizations to local councils, local government, schools, hospitals etc in fact our entire infrastructure has CP “graduates ”
The article below

Common Purpose Is A Political Charity Using Behavioral Modification

The “charity ” is Common Purpose.
Just like Gordon Brown and his New World Order speech, Obama has often used the words Common Purpose in his speeches, as has Gordon Brown.

This is just one of them

This article lists Common Purpose “graduates ” who include Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg, and of course David Cameron.
After reading these articles it is easier to understand how things work behind the scenes.

Lots of info! Kitty 💖


That is some really scary cult-like, pyramid schemes, mind control and how didn’t anyone stop these fools earlier they have infiltrated the highest offices and after yesterday links with Credit Suisse Bank, this is insanity!

Obama is part of the New World Order, that hypocrite! I wonder who is the big money guy donating to this bat shit crazy theme?

Please send links if anyone knows of any links, I want to know who these money people are.

Thank you, Kitty, for the links, 🌸😎🐱‍👓

Kitty links! Stay informed with valuable information ~ The connections with Obama!

Here is the connection JD I knew there had to be one… There are always connections. It’s the old boy (elite ) network.

The above is Eric Varvel’s history.


U.S. federal election laws prohibit contributions from foreign nationals. SMDH 

More connections.

I try not to make comments or come to conclusions here. I do, of course, have my own opinions These links and information are for anyone to do their own research.

I think most people take the bits that they are comfortable with or that suits their own view of the world. It doesn’t matter, what matters is keeping the dialogue going, have that conversation, shake up your friends, relatives, speak to someone in that supermarket queue, ( I talk to anyone ) it’s amazing how these conversations go! I’m always surprised by people’s thirst for knowledge and how much they already know and want to know.

Even if we don’t get a conclusive answer, it doesn’t matter; it’s always about the question. Keep on questioning!

Embed from Getty Images

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 12: Greg Craig (L), former White House counsel under former U.S. President Barack Obama, arrives at U.S. District Court for his arraignment April 12, 2019 in Washington, DC. The charges against Craig stem from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and include lying to the Justice Department and concealing information connected to work Craig did in 2012 for the Ukrainian government. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

As I was looking for a picture of Obama this fell into my lap! This is very interesting this one goes back to 2012 for the Ukrainian Government!  Why is this not slathered all over?  We know there were dirty dealings with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Biden declared that there weren’t any scandals in his administration, HA. It’s worth investigating.

Embed from Getty Images

BERLIN, GERMANY – APRIL 06: Former U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to young leaders from across Europe in a Town Hall-styled session on April 06, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. Obama spoke to several hundred young people from European government, civil society, and the private sector about the nitty-gritty of achieving positive change in government and society. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

I would like to know the narrative he is pushing??


This is awesome! Thank you kitty, you did a wonderful job researching. I do agree with you that people can research and come to their own conclusions.  We are here to take opinions and discuss with lively debate.  That’s how democracy works and we are all hoping to preserve this way of life.

This smells to the high heavens, and what will be the excuse? Nothing, they are private citizens now, but the favors go back a long way!


Time for Kitty Links! 🐱‍👓 Learning through links


Interesting viewpoints on this website regarding this subject .!

Me Mas de Poiriers is owned by Eric Varvel and his wife Shauna .

Eric is CEO of Credit Suisse investment bank and was a supporter of and possible donator ? fundraiser for Mitt Romneys Presidential campaign .


As always it’s about networks and connections even when you’re renting a holiday home . 😎😁

Thank you for the informative links, Kitty! 🌸😎🐱‍👓


The Kitty Links! George Soros

Really interesting and informative article.

George Soros is part of the “Global Elite ”


Rather interesting Churchill speech.

Richard Couvenhove Kalergi Pan Europa. Why globalization and multiculturalism is happening.

Below is a must read the article by Prof Peter Phillips


In this article are references to how the world is really run, why this is happening and the institutions and secretive cabals behind the scenes who really control our world.

Below are just some of the secretive groups believed to be behind the people who have a greater influence on how our world is run than our elected representatives, not just in the US and the UK but worldwide.

Video on Trilateral Commission.

Council of Foreign Relations

website. Look at its member’s list. Always about connections, connections.

Club of Rome.

Again connections.
None of these people are elected to represent their countries and yet have a huge influence on policy.

Lucis Trust.
Worth some deep research.




The Bilderberg group . Subject to much speculation , it’s purpose is not really clear . Very secretive .
Presidents and Prime Ministers are said to have attended just before they are elected to office.

Quelle surprise! This is how it works!
Also, reference the Panama Papers.

Agenda 21 Agenda 30. UN resolutions for the future of our planet.

The word sustainability is key to this agenda.

You may need to sit down after reading or researching this information!



Wow, Kitty, the links are chilling and something must be done to stop these fascist assholes from achieving world domination. Who the hell do they think they are? This is something to fight against, protest loudly! Use your voice and tell these bastards we decide what’s best for us.

Thank you, Kitty, for the links and we can research and try to find more on these panty wastes.

Kitty anon submitted: Links about Big Pharma and Medical Mary Jane

Thank you, JD! This is a story that will just go on. Of course, Big Pharma will want to patent and regulate the price of cannabis products. Pharma produces opioids of course, and they bring in huge amounts of money, so this will be very interesting how it all unfolds


In 2016 opioids killed 26, 000 Americans.
I don’t have the stats for here in the UK, but opioid addiction and medical overprescribing is becoming
enough of a concern for the UK government to intervene and issue new guidelines for prescribing all opioids

When Hemp was essential to the American Economy.

Why America Demonized Hemp


God and Cannabis ?



The above article is interesting. Kaneh Bosem is thought to be cannabis as found in the Holy Anointing oil recipe given to Moses by God. This is disputed by some theologians However cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years.


Kitty, I’m so grateful for your links, we must educate people about the excellent uses for marijuana.  Actually, re-educate and stop being ignorant that this is a bad plant! It has many beneficial qualities, not only as a medicine for pain relief and killing cancer cells, but you can make rope, clothes, mops, etc.

Back in the day, your pharmacist would make up cannabis tinctures for people to take for pain.  You can’t OD on it, non-habit forming. The worst thing that can happen you break out with Kimba ya my lord.  I’ve never met a violent pot user, mostly mellow and peaceful.  Side effects, munchies, but when you’re sick from chemo and pain, yes pain will make you vomit! That’s my problem right now.

I’m grateful that boomers are saying chillax on weed and make this great again.  Like the link says Big Pharma want their slice of the pie. I was given a scrip in Jersey for THC pills, and man are they expensive, six years ago they were 500 a bottle, and they must be refrigerated. They claim the process is expensive.

You can do it yourself, I’m no expert and homegrown is just dandy for me. The expense is crazy and wouldn’t know one from another but I will have to decide, Pain management (with its special stigma) or Medical Mary Jane.  The latter is a happier decision as pain management already labels you and when you’re handed your pee cup, it’s the most humiliating thing in the world.

I know it works, a friend gave me puff off her vape pen with something called girl scout cookie, The severe spasms stopped dead, and I was looking like a seizure patient after replacement disc surgery.  For the first time in months, I was able to get a restful sleep.

Touche! to medical mary jane!

Thank you, Kitty! 🌸😎👍🏼💋