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I think this is what you’re looking for JD.

Can’t say I don’t think it’s all deeply immoral
Kitty ❤

This definition is precisely what I’m looking for, and we don’t want the LGBTQ to get enraged as they have fought hard to move away from being labeled ‘pedophile.’


Let me share some personal information, my cousin who I was close too, told me how he started his gay lifestyle was when he was in high school with my other gay cousin. He introduced him to the gay lifestyle nightlife in Fort Myers.  Many older men were more than happy to teach him.  He told me he wouldn’t have crossed the line if someone didn’t show him the way.  I will say we expected him to come out not the other cousin, which was shocking to the family.  The girl he was serious with end up in therapy after he told her. 


I’m curious about what caused others to embrace the lifestyle, come anon and tell me. 


Kitty thank you for looking this up for me. I had no idea where to look. It’s a taboo subject. 😘


Lord Mountbatten- Kitty links 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤


No holds Barred and To the Point.

As Always Intelligence Agencies Are Involved.

The allegations against Mountbatten have been circulating in the alt news for years


Mountbatten introduced Savile to the Royal Family.

The Prince and the Pedophile: What’s Charles Connection With Sir Jimmy Savile OBE?


Rightful Heirs: Royal Babylon and the Power of the Monarchy

Revelations as to the Power of the Monarchy

The Queen is not a stranger to scandal.

More connections JD.

It would seem there is a common thread running through all this ……….. Connections Connections Connections . How can we possibly ignore this? Paedophilia seems to be endemic and systemic. Children are being treated as the sexual playthings of the global elite.
Time to stop worshipping, placing these people on a pedestal and see them as they are.



Kitty Links! 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤


Kitty! Thank you so much for more informative links! We’ve all blindly followed the royal family for a lifetime. We have allowed them to make excuses and allowed them to sweep it all under the rug.


The Queen’s promise to put country first and to be a loyal servant is hard to swallow with everything coming out about her family. She knew this was happening and chose to do nothing.  Never complain, never explain in full force.  They are going to need more than a heartfelt apology.


This scandal is only the beginning can you imagine when it all comes out, and maybe they are postponing the inedible. Honestly, I don’t see Prince Charles taking the Crowne.


The chess game they are supposedly playing, I think they lost and are holding on by a thread.  I’m looking forward to the tell-all book that Meghan Markle is writing.


The only way to save this is Prince Charles abdicating making way for Prince William to take over. That is, of course, the people’s wishes.


Think about it without them, tourist sites open to all and using Buckingham Palace when the government needs it. This move could save billions and actually make money for the Brits.  I know shut up American, but the Windsor line is tainted, what choices do you have?

WS- reports that Omar brother is a gay- Wait- didn’t she marry him? caution offensive to LGBTQ

I was looking around for the David Steinberg information on Omar, lol.

This story keeps getting better all the time.  Ilhan isn’t even an Omar, WTH!! Right!  She came to our country with another family and took on the Omar name. I can’t make this stuff up! And guess what? She never divorced her brother! 😹😹😹


Homosexuality carries the death penalty in many Islamic countries.

LauraLoomer.Us Has The Story:

Because the mainstream media has finally caught on to the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) married her brother in an alleged immigration fraud and student loan fraud scheme, they’ll likely follow up by reporting that her brother is a homosexual in order to prove that the marriage was arranged, solely for the purpose of skirting immigration laws and getting student loans at North Dakota State University.

As a reminder, LauraLoomer.Us reported that story five months ago, and all of the other Johnny come lately stories about Omar over a year ago.

During her campaign, Omar was accused of marrying her brother for the purposes of committing immigration fraud when it was revealed that she was legally married to two people at the same time, and new documents from North DakotaState University (NDSU) and archives social media posts from her brother that show he is an openly homosexual man strongly suggest Omar committed student loan fraud through her fraudulent marriage with Elmi (believed to be her biological brother).

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Nur Said Elmi In 2009

Ilhan Omar’s Marriage License Application With Ahmed Aden In 2002

At the time of her marriage to Elmi, Omar was said to be attending North Dakota State University with Elmi.

According to Christopher Wilson, Chief of Staff at the Office of the President at NDSU, Elmi attended NDSU as a student of art from the fall of 2010- Spring of 2012. In an email, Wilson said that Omar graduated in 2011, which would mean that Elmi stayed in North Dakota for a full year after Omar, who was then his legal on paper wife, graduated.

Please click on the box at the top to read the full story.


Where is the liberal outrage?

Puerto Rico’s Center for Investigative Journalism earlier this month published nearly 900 pages of private messages between Rosselló and several other government officials.

In one message Rosselló called one New York female politician of Puerto Rican descent a “w—e” and described another as a “daughter of a b—h.” One chat also made vulgar references to Latin pop star Ricky Martin’s homosexuality.

Embed from Getty Images

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Holds Immigration Town Hall In Queens


Embed from Getty Images

OLD SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – JULY 17: Rappers Residente (R) Bad Bunny (L) and Ricky Martin (back) joined thousands of demonstrators protesting against Ricardo Rossello, the Governor of Puerto Rico July 17, 2019, in front of the Capitol Building in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. They are calling on Rossello to step down after a group chat was exposed that included misogynistic and homophobic comments. (Photo by Jose Jimenez/Getty Images)


Tell me again about the Democrats being sincere about racism, pro LGTBQ?  Please! A bunch of losers with fake narratives.


Thank you, squad Member!  God bless America! Trump 2020! Victory! 🌸😎💋

Anon submitted: Wake up folks!

There are so many things wrong with this, and Michelle Obama didn’t introduce MM to Harry. I think it’s ridiculous to take a Tostitos commercial and claim it part of a conspiracy theory, and I don’t get the numbers stuff.

The Ivory commercial was a class project she fibbed, making it about herself like the narcissist she is.

Simply put Meghan Markle is a fame hoe, she is a plastic surgery junkie, with an alleged chin implant. Did you know she yachted? She would have been thrown overboard if she was trans. Meghan is an opportunistic social climber far left democrat pushing the Hollywood narrative as I have posted on the blog many times.  What about Ron Burkle? She went to the white house with him. At one time MM was a total a Hockey Groupie.

Mr. P calls people who attack him as Nasty and Nutty Nanny got called the same is she a satan worshipper? No, I don’t think so.

There has to be some reasoning. Now, I do believe in the child abuse that is clear with Jeffrey Epstein and some others from the wiki leaks. They are disgusting, vile people out there. I have to demand proof, and I want to hear from people if they give this any credibility at all.  Maybe I haven’t read enough about Q, but I do keep hearing the name.

This video was well produced, I wonder who paid for that?

Thank you anon, I do appreciate you bringing this to me. 🌸😎

Celebrating Black History Month


Marsha P Johnson, was a trans woman who fought her ass off for the rights of the LGBT community in the late 60s and throughout the 70s. She was the original Drag Queen, which i believe RuPaul gathered inspiration from. She was also part of the Stonewall Inn riots of 1969. She was also a Gay Liberation activist, and an AIDS activist. Of course she had many struggles, mental, and emotional. Unfortunately, she was killed in 1992. So, I felt i should add her to our Black History Month celebrations, because her life was valuable. ans she deserves recognition. May she rest in eternal peace.


A photo of Marsha P. Johnson.png



“Possible Hate Crime”

The star from one of my favorite shows was attacked last night, and the Chicago police is treating it as a possible hate crime. The N word, and the word faggot was shouted at him right before he was attacked. So how is it a possible fucking hate crime?? Thank god he is ok, but this makes me so mad, when you KNOW the evidence is there and it is still not treated as it is A HATE CRIME.