SNL – CNN Equality Town Hall Cold Open


Dan Bongino Show- Ep. 1075 Deciphering the Latest Fake Scandal

Sorry, I’m a bit behind for personal reasons.  I should have posted this show first. Follow Dan and don’t forget to like.

Dan says this was a professional hit on the President.  I agree, and he also said that the Dems aren’t going after Biden. He doesn’t need any help.

No Quid Pro Quo

OMG, the whistleblower hired Hillary’s lawyer! Holy Shit

I got it! Can you play some comedy?

I’m sick to death with all this politically correct bullshit! Can you play anything that’s far from PC, we all need a good laugh. Interweb people lighten the hell up! Thank You! Elvis has left the building!

Well damn, I got you! lol

How about some Denis Leary? He is my favorite, and this one happens to be my ultimate favorite. I crack up everytime i watch it