38 Years Ago Today…

38 years ago today, John Lennon was taken from us. It’s a shame that his killer still gets to breathe. And today, gun violence is worse than ever. School shootings, mall shootings, nightclub shootings. it is all senseless. As a fan of The Beatles, and John, i choose to remember him as someone that just wanted peace in this world. Like we all do. He was not perfect by all means, but he was still a human being that did not deserve to be taken from us in such a vile and senseless way, including the recent victims. No one deserves this. My heart goes out to everyone that has been affected by this type of violence. It has to …

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Bring me your anon questions or statements! The forum is open and ready!

Felix, vintage and I would like to thank you for being patient while we worked out some bugs and we are proud to say we are open for business.  It will be another day until we have the Tea Room open for private messaging. Our love will always be tumblr. Please take the time to fill in social media accounts so you can click a button and bring back the comment you want to your account.  We also added embed to post video, pictures. Please do sign up for an account today.

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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan This is how important I think this is.  Lesson Plan can apply to any situation where you preach fear of one another, then comes the hate. We as people have to be mindful of people in power to control the powerless to effect change. It’s up to you to say, no I will not do that. Stand up for what is right. Lesson Plan is a controversial study done to students in the 60’s how easy it was to turn the people toward the Nazi party. The way I see it, the same can be applied through the politics of today and situations on Social media. Some agencies do this with brands/branding.  Billionaires throw money at groups to …

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