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Go Fund Me, We need to hire someone to enter in all the plugins and get the site interactive

Hello, I’m jerseydeanne, I’ve been blogging about Prince Harry for last 18 months on tumblr nonstop.  I need your help to start my website on WordPress; it’s getting be a lot more expensive then I expected. I need an expert to help configure the website for me.  of course, that cost money.
Right now it’s running, but I need to hire someone to put the plugs in and make the site more interactive for my followers and readers.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, it would mean so much to many across the world to able to chat, go on fact-finding missions or talk about their love for British Royal Family and, their loyalty to HM the Queen.  God save the Queen!

Thank you please help


Tumblrs , tweeters

Please click on the underscored WordPress to see the rest of the post, I appreciate your patience as tries to grow.   Don’t forget to visit Skippy and Felix. 

I know we have some bugs to iron out as we make the integration, we will still have accounts on tumblr and twitter, and when we can figure out Instagram, we will be there too.

Thank you, Jd, Felix and skippy

Middletons Anon

Super off topic but seeing the Middleton’s at the royal wedding made me wonder what they are like in real life. What’s Carole like in real life? She seems so tough in candid shots. Why is Michael never with her in social events except for society weddings? What’s Pippa like? Should I ask Skippy too? Love your blog!


They are a normal upper-middle-class family who brought their kids up with manners and were given the best education possible thanks to a relative. They are hard working turned an idea into an empire.  Carole devoted to her children in all ways; I think Michael is not the spotlight kind of guy, somebody has to do business while the other helps with grandkids. 

I heard Pippa is a sweetheart.

It’s up to you if you liked to get Skippy’s opinion. 

Thank you anon for the ask


Roseberrycupcakes submission

The Purpose of Harry’s Sufferings

Harry’s going through an extremely tough chapter in his life right now. In a way, I wish Harry really were under Ms. Markle’s spells, because I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through a loveless wedding to the very person who betrayed your trust. Based on my understandings, I wondered why Harry’s sufferings are lasting much longer than it needs to be; if Harry’s really aware of Ms. Markle’s nature, all this seems to be going too far. Then, I realized that his sufferings are bigger than just “punishments.”

As evident from the victims’ testimonies, narcissistic romance scams are not that rare; but more victims would rather suffer in silence than speak out; this is because confessing that they were victims of narcissistic romance scams seems not only like an admission of their poor judgment but also that of their failure in love. Add that to the fact that most narcissists isolate their victims from their family and friends, and you get victims who suffer in crippling loneliness. Even if they garner enough courage to reach out, they have difficulty discussing their emotions. How do you tell those around you who hated your narcissist that a part of you dearly miss them? How do you explain that a part of you hates yourself too for thinking of them when you spot a mug they used to drink from? How do you justify your heartbreak over losing a person that never really existed? You can’t expect them to understand; so the victims choose to put on a smiling face while they cry on the inside.

This line of behaviors have dangerous complications. I noticed an anon mentioning “Sue Aside,” clearly a wordplay on suicide, in multiple submissions over many months. This is also the anon to whom I wrote my post #54 (archived at While I strongly disagree with an insinuation that Harry did something so shameful that he should ever consider such an option, I agree that the emptiness narcissists leave behind can be very depressing.

By surviving this chapter in life, Harry will help these silent victims of narcissists. They can say, “Prince Harry survived so much more! If he can withstand this on a public scale, I can surely endure this bit in my private life!” Harry may not realize it, but this is a tremendous feat. He has the power to save lives just by choosing to survive. Surviving doesn’t mean much; it just requires breathing fresh air and eating good food each day. He doesn’t have to be “best” today. He doesn’t even have to be HIS best today. He doesn’t have to get out of his bed if he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to for now. Harry survives by existing. Just by existing one more day, Harry’s defeating those trying to destroy him. Each day Harry lives is a victorious day, because Harry is proving to those silent victims that they can survive too.

Harry’s doing a good job. Just because negative voices seem louder doesn’t mean they’re from God. God knows it all: He knows the goodness He’s placed in Harry’s heart and the evil brewing in his enemies’ hearts. So I hope that during this time, Harry finds solace in understanding that people and words are like objects in the ocean: trash floats; treasures sink.

-Roseberrycupcakes (RCC), archived at

Anon~ pissed off

Don’t go there, JD, it’s Black American, Africans DO NOT like the African American phrase. You’d be lucky to be forgiven and not given a talking to when you use it among Africans. Let’s make Africa’s voice be heard.


JD said Take it up with NAACP !!!  Honey, it is official African American, do you have a link to that, was it changed?  I’m lucky to be forgiven, why?  I live in the states, and that is the official PC saying.  No, Africa is a vast continent made up of different countries and cultures.  If you live and were born in America, according to NAACP you are African American.  These discussions are about England and the United States.  I will not go into with you.  You make Africa’s voice be heard somewhere else.

Rose Analogy (

With my username, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that roses are my favorite flowers. On my way home, I came across beautiful rose bushes. It’s been a long time since I took time to stop and smell the roses (literally in this case), and such rare moment of tranquility inspired me to write this post.

Roses, red roses in particular, have been ubiquitous symbol of love and passion. While they’ve been accused of being cliches, roses are still the standard gift many men are expected to give on special occasions like the Valentine’s Day; and if you’ve ever had to purchase a bouquet of roses, you would be familiar with how expensive they can be. Young and old men alike with little money to spare end up having trouble buying such expensive flowers for their lovers.

Roses from florists are very well cared for. The stems are freshly cut, the petals are flawless, and the prickly thorns have been removed. Sprigs of baby’s breath surround these beautiful flowers, and even those who can’t afford them are tempted to stop and appreciate their beauty.

Roses growing in bushes, however, are vastly different. In fact, if you took enough time to study them, you would be hard pressed to find one without a fault. Some petals are marred with brown edges; some petals have bloomed too quickly and are starting to fall off; some petals are not blooming fast enough; and all of the roses have sharp thorns.

These observations led me to wonder what a day as a rose bush must be like:

When a beautiful ray of sunlight touches your petals and wakes you up, you’re excited that this is a new day to cheer people up with your beauty. You hear the sound of the footsteps as people begin their day. Men in suits are checking their watches as they run. Children are squealing in delight as they hop down the street, careful to avoid cracks as they do so. Women take sips of coffee from their travel mugs, while their high heels make those annoying clicking sounds each time they hit the pavement.

Instead of being received by a sharp intake of breath from an excited lady upon your introduction like your pampered cousins, your existence is hardly noticed by these busy passersby. There’s no special vase for you; no glances of admiration for you; no one to thank another person for your presence. The situation hardly gets better as the day passes. In the afternoon, children touch your petals in awe then brutally tear them apart; some burst in tears when your thorns poke their dainty fingers; some are dragged away by their mothers, because “flowers outside are dirty.” When the night comes, drunken men stumbling their way back home throw empty beer bottles at you; but you don’t mind; at least they didn’t puke on the ground below like last night. You sigh and glance up at the moon; she sends her silvery moonlight to gently pat your petals and help you fall asleep.

I know I painted quite a depressing imagery above, but I wanted to make a point:

Roses used in bouquets are cared for, because they must be purchased in order for their values to be justified. The highlight of these roses’ lives is the moment they’re given away. Then, in the days that follow, these roses will wilt then die no matter how well they’re taken care of. After all, these roses were cut; they’re rootless; despite being perennials in nature, they won’t be able to bloom again.

Rose bushes don’t know the faith of their groomed counterparts. They don’t know that roses in vases will die in a matter of days while they will bloom year after year. They don’t know that the fact that they weren’t gifted to one person means that they were a gift to everyone. They don’t know that their scent travels far beyond small room their cousins are placed in.

Even harmless rose bushes face hardships and disappointment just by existing; as humans, we can expect to experience so much more. Unlike roses, however, we can choose to stay rooted or cut our stems off to receive recognition elsewhere. Staying “rooted” is not a mere reference to geographical location; it’s a symbolism of a steadfast heart. If you choose to plant yourself on the side of righteousness, you WILL have to endure far more than you THINK you can handle. But good thing about choosing to be a rose planted by the sidewalks is that you can inspire anyone; you’re not just a gift to A woman; you’re a gift to us ALL.

-Roseberrycupcakes (RCC), archived @

(p.s. I will reply in a later post to the anon who asked me for my medical opinion on current situation. Don’t expect too much, though.)