Australian politicians launch brutal attack on the Chinese Communist Party for ‘failing to contain the coronavirus’

  • Senior MPs said China must reap economic consequences due to coronavirus
  • One MP blamed the communist country for COVID-19 which killed thousands 
  • Calls for Australia to reassess its relationship with China after the pandemic 
  • MPs called for investigation into virus and how it left China and infected world 
  • Australia currently has 5,550 positive coronavirus cases with a total of 30 dead  

Good Morning Everyone! Big day today!

We have the impeachment hearing and IG Report being released today.  I also have Patrick Howley report he did on CPS and Pelosi’s involvement that really shocking.

It’s all connected! Our President is draining the swamp, dig, dig, dig for information on these cowards in charge. It’s a power trip mixed with pedophiles, royals, Hollyweird,  politicians, tech, businessmen down to local law enforcement.

You are not above the law! We are coming for you!

US Constitution on a Flag

Sky News AUS- Many are using international climate summit to preen moral values

Wake up! You being taken for a ride for greed! That’s right, money! They want to tax you death and pocketed the rest. It’s a scam of epic proportions!

We have la Nino and el Nino that’s it! Now, the earth is in a cooling zone, as many can attest to in the northeast. Watch my video on Dr. Willie Soon, a lead climatologist tells you that this is fake, a fraud and that carbon emission would only help earthlings.

Yes, we should be good stewards to our planet, but it’s not in any crisis mode. Look at Obama’s Solange project, he took taxpayers dollars to fund them, and they went bankrupt.  It’s a very polluting process to make solar energy panels, as I have shown through the kitty links.

I do suspect China for doing all of this.

How California fared under liberal politicians