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Jussie has no shame

OMG, the delusion is real! Jussie was signed with CAA who provided MM with Wedding guests.

It was proven that he hired the black men to rig this.

The Dem’s are thirsty and think they can get away with this??  The more and more I see these assaults the more I see acting, yes it’s acting.  They gather around a victim using their best WWE skills. Fake blood, a fake victim. We are watching a play. Of course, they couldn’t control everything and real people got hurt.


The Dem’s has been using Hollywood since day one. It’s all fake to make you feel guilty. They needed to get blacks back in with the Dem’s by any cost necessary.

Failure at all levels!

If George W. and Colin Powell vote for Sleepy Joe, I will vote for Trump.

I wonder where is Dick Cheney? Maybe he will vote for Biden too? LOL

Did Bush think he would be a better job? Loooool He already did … in Iraq. I am old enough to remember the time when Powell told the nation he had evidence of the weapon of mass destruction in Iraq. It was a lie. The Bush administration fucked the housing market up and led us right into an economic crisis.

Now Sleepy Joe and the rest of the Dem. Party needs to explain how they are going to defund the police. I have my popcorn ready … Go ahead, Pelosi!

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Spoke too soon, the house of representatives takes a knee!

It’s all bullshit to return D.C. back to the way it was.  They live for the swamp! They are desperate and why not use our black community with this line of crap!

Wake up! It’s a paid-for theatre to make you feel guilty! Corporations cashing in on black lives matter.

Bush, Powell, Romeny are RHINOS! Soros, Brock, Clinton are pumping millions into this chaos. Culture civil war!

Our only hope for the next four years is TRUMP! 40% of blacks are for Trump!

Nancy Pelosi and the crazies are lying and I hope you’ve read what posted, they never thought she would lose. They hate Trump and will do anything to destroy him. It’s surreal! I never thought I would live to see our politicians do this to another human being.

  • Russia, Russia, Russia
  • Steele Dossier
  • Bald-faced lies about Trump
  • Say Trump is a white supremacist
  • Fake whistler blowers
  • MSM is owned by 6 corporations
  • CIA is funding the media
  • black lives matter
  • George Floyd
  • They want war!

AG Bill Barr says ‘demonizing’ the police is ‘wrong’ and ‘dangerous’ amid growing far-left calls to ‘defund’ police and claims replacing forces with ‘vigilantism’ results in MORE deaths

  • Attorney General William Barr said: ‘I think defunding the police for the actions of certain officers is wrong’ 
  • The attorney general added that he thinks that it’s ‘dangerous to demonize police’ during Fox News interview 
  • Barr said if police were to be defunded ‘you would have increases in vigilantism and increases in chaos in the city’, which would ultimately result in more killings
  • His remarks come as Black Lives Matter activists pushing to defund police proposed plans to replace officers
  • The proposal would replace officers with social workers, mental health advocates and homeless charities 

Hang in there Twitter and Qanon fans

I ordered a new keyboard and mouse from Amazon. I can’t copy and paste at this time.

This is will be my fourth keyboard and fifth mouse in 4 years.  My cats just love my desk!

My husband had to buy me a new computer because it was old and wouldn’t screenshot anything.

Upon getting my new computer, my cat Rae took a flying leap from his cat condo and I caught it from the corner of my eye, fangs flying right at me! He managed to knock a diet coke over and dug his claws into my back. Keyboard lost!

I’ve been blogging so long that I’ve worn out mouse’s and now this last one was taken out by Diet Coke yet again. This time it was a 20lb part Maine coon cat named Brewster.

I know, maybe I should move the Diet Coke and coffee to a safer place.  Everything has to be in its place when I go into keyboard warrior mode.

Shit happens, what are you going to do? I would love to have a professional computer but the money isn’t there. We aren’t making anything here on this website.  They lowered the click rate to practically nothing, just enough to pay for plugins. I guess they don’t like what we are blogging about.  Meghan the lefty and Qanon the alleged terrorist and killer to the lefty narrative.

A while ago someone told me to blog about what I know, and this stuff is what I know. I love you guys! So hang in there!

JD 🥰


Piers Morgan – President Trump

Oh, Shut Up Piers! He is taken the President’s tweet out of context! Fool! 

What the President tweeted is true when the looting starts, the shooting starts. As a former black police officer found out. He’s dead pop tart! 

Kaepernick is a subpar player. The American Flag shouldn’t be tarnished in such a way.  This entire situation stinks to the high heavens! 

George Floyd was a criminal in his past. He knew the officer from working at the club. They didn’t show that he was resisting arrest in the cop car, now he could have gone in cardiac arrest but we’ll never know until the full video comes out. If he was passing a fake twenty why didn’t the cops go get it?  You don’t arrest someone without proof.  the officers were from different races why isn’t someone saying anything about that? 

If you haven’t noticed the corporations are trying to cash in on this tragedy. Just like the cash in on Biofuels and the rest of leftist bullshit. 

This is from email anon: 

This is my suggestion: 

  • How did they organize these protests/riots so quickly in the Blue States?
  • Antifa had flats of bricks and ammunition set up along protester’s path that quickly.
  • Why didn’t they work on George at the scene?
  • They bussed in Antifa
  • Only Blue States or democrat run cities were affected