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OMG, The Dems are signing up illegal Aliens! Be Scared! Fight back! Vote!

Q Anon- 3791- Watch the News: Ted Cruz was also spied on (Illegal Surveillance)

Worth remembering.
The day the public learned [4] FISAs?
Dec 9, 2019.
[Anons: August 31, 2018]
The day the public learned illegal SURV (targeting) of Page (2)?
January 23, 2020.
Important markers to remember.
Watch the news.

Q Anon- 3790- Rubber Bullets Sting but Do Not Last



When did the public first learn re: FISA warrants re: +3 [non Page]?
If FISA warrants deemed to be illegal [ALL SURV LEAPFROG HOPS] what happens to MUELLER’s case(s)?
How do you invalidate a claim?
Conspiracy to commit….
Rubber bullets sting but do not last.