D-Day remembrance HM the Queen and President Trump



D-Day~ A day to remember the cost of freedom against Tyranny it’s happening again to Europe and the US

Those many years ago the British and American Forces stormed the beaches of Europe to push back the Enemy, the Nazi, fascism!

On June 6, 1944, listen to General Eisenhower speech

We are there again today to fight back against the Globalist agenda, together we can fight for our freedoms with our voice and drown out those that want you to fit into a certain mold, take your freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to live your life the way you want.

You shall not be shamed for your race, creed, or color. They will not pit against one another!

We will fight back against floods of people invading our countries to no fault of their own, these poor people don’t know that the Globalist want to wreck our economies, underserve our citizens that worked hard their entire lives for these vital services. We will be ripe for the picking. Millions are flooding Europe and the United State.

We pray for our cousins across the pond and promise to stand with them again as we did on that fateful day!  The war is being done on social media as well,  the rules of the EU are slowly taking away your freedoms. Stand up to them with your voice.  Don’t be afraid to speak out publically, protest legally!


I think it’s important to notice

Obama vs. Trump

Obama on Brexit “Barack Obama has warned that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in any trade deal with the US if the country chose to leave the EU, as he made an emotional plea to Britons to vote for staying in. /from 2016/
In other words, the EU first, the U.K. “back of the queue” Do you think HM missed that part? I don’t think so.

Everyone heard what Trump told T. May? So, now you can imagine what he told HM, “Who cares what Brussel wants? If you decide to get out, just do it. Even if there is no deal with the EU, we are here for you. You will get a great deal. The U.K. goes first.”
I am sure HM and Trump had a great time.

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BREXIT reminds me of our revolution, taxation without representation, I think we can have the understanding that Brussel is pushing the globalists agenda and God Bless President Trump for winning, and hopefully we can defeat these bastards!

It’s a Win-Win for both our countries!  United we Stand, divided we fall!  thank you anon! Show your freedom with your voice, never let them take that away from you! 🌸😎

Fox News Laura Ingraham talks about Doxing by the daily beast of a forklift driver ~Pelosi video

Tucker Carlson reports that they all but ruined this guy and the man didn’t even do the video, just a reblog! Outrageous!  To make matters worse, Facebook helped the democrat party out with the man’s details!  I hope he sues the daylights out of them because I know how it feels to be persecuted for my opinion and my follower’s opinions!

Freedom of speech is being threatened if you don’t fit into the extreme left’s narrative!

Doxing is wrong! Freedom of speech is worth the humiliation! Fight back, world!

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Steele will be questioned by Durham. This is BIG

Dossier author Christopher Steele will be questioned by US investigators

Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier under new scrutiny after release of Mueller report
Calls to investigate the origins of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe are getting louder; analysis from John Yoo and Harry Litman, former deputy assistant attorneys general.

Former British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the anti-Trump dossier of salacious and unverified claims about the president’s ties to Russia, has agreed to be questioned by investigators from the United States, according to a report in Britain.

The Times (UK) cited sources close to Steele on Tuesday in reporting that the 54-year-old is set to be interviewed in London within weeks. The development comes as attention has returned to the dossier authored by Steele — especially since its more sensational claims were not substantiated by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, whose report found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election.

The paper did not specifically say who Steele would be interviewed by.

But there are several ongoing investigations in the U.S. related to the origins of the Russia probe, and federal investigators are probing how the Democrat-funded anti-Trump dossier written by Steele was used to secure surveillance warrants for a former Trump campaign adviser in 2016.

Dispute breaks out over whether former CIA Director John Brennan or former FBI Director James Comey pushed the unverified Steele dossier during the presidential transition; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports.

Congressional committees have unsuccessfully sought testimony from Steele, who drafted the dossier while working for political opposition firm Fusion GPS, co-founded by Glenn Simpson.

Attorney General Bill Barr also recently announced that he appointed John Durham, the U.S. Attorney in Connecticut, to review the FBI’s Russia probe. Barr has testified that “spying” occurred against the Trump campaign during the 2016 campaign and has voiced interest in getting to the bottom of what happened.

Further, the Justice Department’s inspector general, as Fox News has reported, has focused on how the dossier was used by the FBI as part of a long-running internal review of alleged surveillance abuses during the 2016 campaign.

Last week, Barr said he has not received answers from the intelligence community that are “at all satisfactory” in the early stages of his review into the origins of the Russia investigation.

“Like many other people who are familiar with intelligence activities, I had a lot of questions about what was going on,” Barr told CBS News. “And I assumed I’d get answers when I went in, and I have not gotten answers that are at all satisfactory.”

Republicans in Congress have long focused on the dossier, claiming that it formed the origins of what became Mueller’s Russia investigation. They and the president have noted in particular the dossier’s funding by the DNC and Clinton campaign.

Separately, congressional Republicans have questioned whether British officials supported intelligence-gathering activities targeted at Trump associates or coordinated in any way with Steele.

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WOW, great news before I hit the hay! Will these dodo birds believe it once it’s been officially completed, strike that.  It’s happening expediently, I’m wondering if Trump did his magical negotiating trick before going to the UK?

I wonder, is Christopher going to spill the tea?

Anyway, I’m grateful for you for bringing this happy news and Trump is having a wonderful visit with our cousins across the pond. Don’t forget you can bring links all in one post here.

Thank you for the sweet dreams anon! 🌸😎

How many 🤬 fronts does the democrats have to have to finish Obama’s wall anyway?

This is straight up politics, and I’m sick to death of it, I pray the other judges to take this judge’s reasoning into account. We do need that wall to keep the undesirable elements out of our country. We have no idea what some of these people are up to.

Once they are processed, they fly into the wind never to be heard from again, and this is not fair to legitimate migrants that follows the rule of law.  Even though I believe in the purpose of ACLU, it wrongful of them to instruct people on how to break the law as I have posted before. Groups are posting their videos for the South American people to see, no wonder why they keep marching north.

IMO they don’t have political asylum grounds, and no country can handle the influx of several nations flocking North. It’s wrong, and these groups should be stopped, or maybe Trump is right dropped them off at nutty Nannie House in California.


President Trump and Prime Minister May news conference, Fantastically positive!!

Good feelings all the way around! I like Prime Minister May after this, and I believe we can do great things together! Brexit is coming! We watched history in the making, how proud I am to be American with English heritage. God Bless the US and the UK.

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Please help Lee Sibley get the word out, please reblog often~ Petition to sack Mayor Kahn

I’m choked up about this, and Lee Sibley has touched my heart!  Let’s help this young man get the word out, tell Mayor Kahn it’s not okay to treat a visiting President this way.