Stop the fearmongers

Don Lemon is a racist he manages to turn everything around to lump a group of people together and call them neo-Nazis, white wing extremism!

I’m sick of CNN, and I woke up to him being on air, what in the hell is he talking about? Just because you’re conservative doesn’t make you a racist!


For Trump “to not be able to know that right-wing extremism is on the rise is very ignorant,” said Lemon, who suggested the president was being politically expedient with his comments.

“He knows that he says he is not racist but the racists think he’s racist and they support him and he doesn’t want to lose that support, ” Lemon continued.”

It’s not always about America has to do this or that and lead, leave countries alone to make their decisions.

These radicals are small groups of people, and that doesn’t make anyone with lighter skin color a racist. Maybe Don Lemon should go for racial sensitivity training it does work both ways if you want equality for all stop White shaming!

The sins of the past shouldn’t be thrown to the ancestors of now, and they didn’t do anything wrong.

If you are slamming the light-skinned, you are a racist!  If we all come together on the internet what color are we? No color, making us color blind, we can share ideas and come together as a community.

My friends this is where we should drive the message, we will not be afraid of one another because of race, religion, the color of your pigmented skin.  We will stand up to fear mongers.

We will together drain that 🤬 swamp and find who the posers are. We see your agenda now, and we see the money behind this. The George’s & Ron save your money babe.

Globalism is dead, and we will kick and scream until the message is clear. Leave the countries alone to make their own decisions!  Leave traditions in place. There is no room for any ISM in our societies.


DM~ Harry & MM choice in communications was once Clinton Aide

Ms. Latham worked for Phillip Gould Associates, who also is affiliated with Meghan Markle’s Cookbook.

After a career in advertising, and with the success of his wife Gail Rebuck (later CEO of Random House UK), whom he had met at Sussex, Gould founded his own polling and strategy company, Philip Gould Associates, in 1985. Appointed by Mandelson, Gould recruited the Shadow Communications Agency, a team of communication volunteers, who created Labour’s unsuccessful 1987 election campaign. This led to his position of influence within the Labour Party under Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair.[7]

Gould was the author of a leaked memo which, in 2000, described the New Labour brand as being contaminated.[8]


On 7 June 2004 he was created a life peer taking the title Baron Gould of Brookwood, of Brookwood in the County of Surrey.[9][10]

In 2007, he assumed a non-executive director role at Freud Communications,[11] which is the firm of Blair’s former diary secretary, Kate Garvey.[citation needed]

Publisher of Meghan’s book is Penguin Random House UK, is this a mere coincidence?  More and more I believe this was strategically planned. There is absolutely no question that this is a left-wing agenda.

Ms. Latham is a hit and run, money doesn’t matter to her, then it’s the leftist agenda at work here.  I think it stinks!


LOL Meghan lives in a fantasy world. She fantasized at one time about entering the diplomatic service probably because of the guy she conned into the secret marriage. The fantasy remains with her. She has an IQ of -50. She is good at sprouting out buzz words and going with what she reads in Time and the Economist but has no real understanding of anything in depth. She thinks when she dumps Harry she will get some UN ambassador job and merch her way to fame and glory as some Angie or Amal wannabe — not happening.

Just because you’re interested in politics doesn’t ever mean you would be a good politician!  Fantasy of being a mover and a shaker may be swirling in her head, but once those numbers go south so will she.

I trust in the British press to find out about who is responsible for the attack on our reporters.  We all know who it is, we need the media to report the proof, and then Markle and her PR Troll machine should be shut down.

I’m hoping for a sincere apology, which we will look forward to MM trying her best acting skills with tears on command. The perpetual victim.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD

Oh, sh#t

Mar. 15, 2019 – 3:06 – The Justice Department ‘negotiated’ an agreement with Hillary Clinton’s legal team to block FBI access to emails on her private server regarding the Clinton Foundation, according to testimony from former FBI special agent Peter Strzok. (Much more to come)—— Wow! In this point, you cannot say Obama knew nothing? And they wanted to say Trump was corrupt? He was but not on the same level as Clinton.

Now Hillary’s former adviser will be advising MM? Lol if MM wants the US tour, the #metoo movement, Clooney the climate chance and open border hypocrite, and Hillary herself should pay for all the expenses.


I agree with anon, and I even said the other day in a post it’s pretty clear to me how involved the Hollywood industry is conducting the BRF for their gain.

Why does an American industry need to stick their noses where it doesn’t belong? Prince Andrew, I’m afraid, the agenda is clear they are going after sexual abusers, however, I also said that’s why we have the justice system.  Witch hunts were outlawed a very long time ago and the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a court of law and sentenced by the jury of their peers is what is needed.

The Micheal Jackson accusations coming after his death by Oprah Winfrey and HBO shows the agenda for the METoo movement and Time’s up. The biggest hypocrite is putting people on trial in the court of public opinion therefore poisoning the jury pool.  No man or woman will ever get a fair trial.  They have 22 million dollars to do with as they please.  I pray the DOJ looks into this practice and shuts it down.

Hillary and the Clinton Foundation represented by Sunshine Sachs, okay and people said I’m a conspiracy theorists, HA!  What do you think now?  IMO they all knew!

I expect some blowback from this.  It’s time for them to feel some pain for a change, drain the swamp!

Thank you anon,  🌸😎

Wow!!! Don Lemon eats humble, admits Trump is right, the system is rigged

Don Lemon: Trump was right. The system is rigged
CNN’s Don Lemon says the explosive details surrounding an alleged college admissions scam contribute to the belief some have that the system is rigged against them. ——— I cannot believe it. Fake News CNN is admitting that Trump was right? Don Lemon /Trump’s hater/ finally faced reality? The HWood elite hypocrisy is in all its glory. Do what I say, not what I do … Yeah Don, better later than never. The system is indeed rigged.

OMG! Okay, someone is eating some humble pie today.

I’m giving all the facts here, and anyone wants to add on with more links you are welcome too. You decide is the system rigged?

I spoke out the other day it’s been happening for decades!  Alum will always have priority and especially because they are life long contributors to the University.  Athletes will always be a priority as well as alums will sponsor them.

Let me point out our society has grown to more than black and white, we have every color represented in the USA.  I believe Don, you should be using the term PoC not black.  We don’t have class division we have a financial division in this country.  IMO, the system is rigged against you.  I don’t give a shit what color you are, money!  Get it right Don!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD

You’re allowed to talk politics now, we can’t help anymore


US tour?

“The University of Southern California, Yale University and several other elite colleges are being sued by two Stanford University students who claim they were denied a fair opportunity for admission and have had their degrees devalued due to the college cheating scheme revealed by federal officials Tuesday” The US tour my a$$! One scandal after another … The rich and powerful are going down like nobody’s ever seen before. MM is better to sit quietly with her mouth shut.


You mean Hollywood elite is going down as you’ve never seen.  Not that I want to see this but if wrongdoing is happening and others more worthy had the chance at an opportunity to excel with a diploma of their dream university and were cheated so be it.

Our president has to expand on the wall the Democrats started in the first place to stop drug trafficking and the human trafficker’s. Did you know why they separate the children? To see if they are related to the so-called parent, DNA testing has to be done.  Children are being sold to pedo’s to get their jolly’s.  Along with human slavery, the times for indentured servitude ended with emancipation proclamation Build the wall. Lock these bastards up!

We won’t be bullied into paying for a US tour for a MEGlomanic.  Let the#metoo movement or Times up pay for it.  They have 22 million at their deposal.  There are more important things to do then two hypocrites preaching their rhetoric to the American people stirring the shit pot.

I like to think I’m fair, but Hillary Clinton is the one at fault she neglected on purpose to come out and congratulate the victor and be a good sport.   She should have said, “please support your new president.” Instead, rallies were organized and paid for by rich billionaires dividing this country further.

I’m an independent voter, and I did miss this election, but I got to tell you I ‘d rather have Trump than that poor loser any day.  I will vote for him in this coming election; I like that we can afford necessities now and go to a normal supermarket and gas prices are half of what it was. That is what voters will think when they make their choice.  Am I better off? ask yourself that

In closing, maybe Hollywood should make movies and stop their bullshit in politics. They are hypocrites just like the dynamic duo. I want the old Harry back!  MM said if Trump wins she moving to a different country, bye Girl!  This has always been about politics. That’s my opinion.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎JD

I can be the thorn but…

Together we can be the spear that ends Tierney!



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Lonely Planet endorses Philadelphia, PA as best place to visit

Freedom of Assembly EU law

We gather to share information and to have peaceful discussions here and across the web, IMO that is freedom of assembly. You are protected here with your opinion. Let freedom ring!  Tell them enough!!  If you don’t like, don’t look at it.  The ACLU is our friend.


Freedom of assembly is the right to peacefully gather together for any purpose without interference.

This fundamental human right is recognised by several documents, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the American Convention on Human Rights, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, and by most national constitutions around the world.

In democratic societies, free assembly is one of the instruments by which people can bring about social change. Perhaps the first picture that comes to your mind upon hearing the term “freedom of assembly” is some mass demonstration in the biggest square of your city, or a huge march down the biggest avenue of your capital led by a well-known civil rights activist or opposition leader. But assemblies can take a great variety of shapes.

You may exercise your freedom of assembly not only by participating in demonstrations, marches or rallies, but also by showing up, for example, at meetings held in a public park, sit-ins, walk-outs, public theatre performances or vigils.

State’s obligations

In democratic societies, the organisers of assemblies may choose the time and place they deem to be most appropriate for expressing their views and conveying their message. There are certain impositions democratic states may legitimately put on such public events without impairing the essence of freedom of assembly. For example, it may be legitimate to ban a purposely loud demonstration in the middle of the night in a subdivision, for this may disproportionately disturb the lives of many. But it would not be legitimate to refuse a notice for a loud demonstration in front of the Parliament building during a session. It may be also legitimate to refuse a request to close all the important roads of a given city for a whole day for the purpose of a mass march, for this would prevent thousands of people from getting their children to and from school, from ambulances reaching hospitals in time, and so on. However, some proportionate inconvenience has to be tolerated by the inhabitants.

States have negative and positive obligations regarding peaceful demonstrations. The negative obligation is that the state and the police can not interfere and ban any peaceful demonstration. The positive obligation is to help and protect peaceful demonstrations, by coordinating traffic, keeping public order and protecting protesters from those wishing to disturb the demonstration.

There are demonstrations that happen that go unnoticed by the police, either because they come about spontaneously or because the demonstration was banned. It should be emphasised, however, that a lack of notice in and of itself does not give the state a free pass to use force against peaceful demonstrators. If a demonstration is considered to be unlawful – because of a lack of notice – that does not mean that the police are automatically entitled to intervene. If a demonstration is peaceful, there is no justification to interfere.

A benefit to society

States may not limit freedom of assembly just because the organisers want to express ideas that are not popular, or because those in power think that the ideas at hand would go against the interests of society in the long run. Of course, when public safety is endangered, states may legitimately break up a demonstration. When, for example, a demonstration that started peacefully becomes violent, such as when people set cars on fire or break into shops, the police may legitimately use force to break up the crowd, thereby protecting the property and physical well being of other citizens. But the force the state employs in such cases should never exceed the minimal force needed to restore normalcy.

Society benefits from letting free assemblies take place in crucial ways. Freedom of assembly is an important means through which the public can express their views to their leaders and to other members of society. It promotes public discourse and diversity, and it is also a proper tool to achieve changes in society.

Because holding a march requires relatively fewer resources compared to other ways of efficiently communicating a message, it is frequently used by the powerless who cannot otherwise make their voice heard. Demonstrations may inconvenience us, such as when we are trying to get to work and the fastest route to our workplace is closed down due to the event. This can be truly annoying. But because we are living together in a society, we should remember how important it is that all of us have a say in what we do and how we do it. When people are denied this right to speak up, they are denied their dignity.


They came to us

Your first amendment rights are being violated

Yes, it was shocking to read these half-truths they were missing the evidence to go with it. One thing I will always fight for is your freedom of speech.  It’s the most beautiful thing that many have died to protect our right to free speech.  What is happening in the UK is a travesty. I write this with tears, and I feel that strongly about this.

When you stifle the press or the people that means you are dying inside.  For any governmental or Royal power to inflict suppression of speech is criminal IMO.  They should be removed from power. To have a Newspaper do this is an oxymoron.

When I say ring your bell, your liberty bell is your voice, let it be heard without fear of repercussions.  If I’m the one to be the whipping post, then bring it, and I bet the ACLU will be right beside me.

Thank you for the outpouring of love and support I’ve received🌸😎👊🏼

As a result of the jurisprudence of the Warren Court in the mid-to-late 20th century, the Court has moved towards a baseline default rule under which freedom of speech is generally presumed to be protected, unless a specific exception applies. Therefore, apart from certain narrow exceptions, the government normally cannot regulate the content of speech. In 1971, in Cohen v. California, Justice John Marshall Harlan II, citing Whitney v. California, emphasized that the First Amendment operates to protect the inviolability of “a marketplace of ideas, while Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall cogently explained in 1972 that:

[A]bove all else, the First Amendment means that government has no power to restrict expression because of its message, its ideas, its subject matter, or its content. [Citations.] To permit the continued building of our politics and culture, and to assure self-fulfillment for each individual, our people are guaranteed the right to express any thought, free from government censorship. The essence of this forbidden censorship is content control. Any restriction on expressive activity because of its content would completely undercut the ‘profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited,

robust, and wide-open.’ [Citation.][15]

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