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Aetrileaf – Forbes – Mexico with the largest lithium mine in the world: Chinese seek to exploit it

Mexico, with the largest lithium mine in the world; Chinese seek to exploit it

Mexico tops the list of the largest lithium deposit in the world , according to the ranking made by Mining Technology.

The report indicates that the mine of this element located in Sonora is the largest element deposit with proven and probable reserves of 243.8 million tons.

“Sonora will be an open pit operation that is proposed to be developed in two stages, and the first will have a production capacity of 17,500 tons of lithium carbonate per year . The second stage will double the production capacity to 35,000, ”said this report called “ The 10 largest lithium mines in the world ” .

In the list, which ranks the 10 largest lithium mines on the planet, according to proven and probable reserves, Sonora exceeds Humboldt County, Nevada (179.4 tons per year) and Port Hedland in Australia (151.94 tons per year).

“We are in an energy transition worldwide and in the federal government we are working on that. Lithium is going to become the new oil, because it is the base of the accumulators (for electric cars. The lithium will be strategic, ”said today the head of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Victor Manuel Toledo.

US Military to sponsor rare metals plant to offset dependence on China: report

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US military to sponsor rare metals plant to offset dependence on China: report

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Initiative marks first time US Army takes up commercial-scale rare earths processing after Manhattan project

The US military will fund a processing center for the so-called rare earths – rare metals used in high-tech and advanced weapons projects, Reuters reported Wednesday, citing classified US documents it obtained.

According to the agency, the Army will bankroll at least one project, with a range of top US mining companies expected to deliver their business plans by December 16.

The military will reportedly provide for two-thirds of the costs, Reuters says, adding this will be the first time the US Army got into commercial-scale rare earths project since World War II’s Manhattan project.

The move followed President Trump’s call for the military to secure an independent supply of rare earths in a bid to offset China’s dominance in this market.

China is currently world’s top exporter of rare earths, accounting for 80% of US imports, and it threatened to cut the exports as part of the the trade war between Beijing and Washington.

In spring 2018, a US government report cited a lack of domestic alternatives “creates a strategic vulnerability for both its economy and military.”

While the elements are hard to produce, there are at least two major deposits in the US – in west Texas and in Wyoming.

The trade talks between the US and China, initiated amid tariffs being slapped on each other by both sides, are said to be nearing an end, although there seems to be little clarity on when a deal of some sort could be reached.

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