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37 indictments were fake news? These were actual trials by real people of any party. The AG has not disclosed the entire report. I’d hold off on declaring the media is all fake that would include Fox News as well.

They claimed the president committed treason for two years from unnamed sources and drove that message home for hours every day.  The costs are claimed to be over 25 million, and Rudy Guliani is claiming $40 million.  That’s way too many millions too much for me.  No indictment for President Trump.

Then we have the left side it didn’t cost a thing, oh yes it did! Someone is paying attorney’s fees!  That’s resources taken away from real criminals, oops, yep they dug for some. Would they have been on anyone’s radar if they didn’t support Trump?  I’m not an expert, so I’m sure that has a name, anyone? Overzealous prosecution? Unauthorized colonoscopy?

As you may know, I wasn’t a Trump or Hill supporter, and the more crap spewed about Trump, I didn’t like him any better. What I had to admit, I’m not scared anymore, and I can get a gallon of gas for $2.68, I can go to a regular grocery store.  These little things people take for granted they mean the world to me. My husband has job security, my friends are owner/operators truckers EX Veterans and they can make a living now.  To me, that is Making America Great Again.

Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would ever want to work for the president of the USA, Manfort his wrongdoing had zero to do with Russia. Unbelievable!

The financial penalties leveled against Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign chairman, stand out among nearly three-dozen indictments stemming from the probe. (Manafort’s convictions, for bank and tax fraud and other charges, were not connected to Manafort’s work on Trump’s campaign.)

As part of a plea agreement, Manafort forfeited to the government his real estate property in New York, funds in three bank accounts, and his life insurance policy. Court documents do not specify the estimated value of each asset. (Some news outlets reported that the combined value of the real estate properties could be an estimated$22 million.)

Yes, there still will be indictments on both sides and now the Republicans want to do a probe on who started all of this! Wow, keeps getting better all the time.  I’m going to have a ball with Anons to watch Washington stab one another in the back.  This probe is a travesty for public taxpayers. The elected need to their jobs not to worry if they are going down. Example: Clinton, 70 million to find out he got a blow job from a willing intern.

It won’t stop until these most left librels get one of theirs in office, I can see this. They are so pissed off that Hillary lost and she never did the right thing by saying immediately to support the president of USA.

Why isn’t everyone investigated like this?  There needs to be regulation with PR agencies and do you know why there isn’t any? Politicians need to fight dirty.

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Everyone should have learned by now

“Now – I have learned that the media lies and can’t be trusted that the media is bought and paid for by pr firms and celebrities.”—— The liberal media lied for more than years.

The Russian collusion narrative was pushed down the public throat on a daily basis. They tried to sell their crazy conspiracy theories as unquestionable proof that Trump was a Russian agent, Hillary didn’t lose the election because it was evil Russian that put him in the Oval Office … The crazy narrative collapsed.

Some of those so-called “experts” blame “bad information.” Others question Mueller (maybe Mueller worked for Trump all this time? lol Yeah, maybe …) They are still in denial. David Brooks (a never Trump Rep.) wrote an excellent article in the liberal New Times. “Don’t try to defend your conspiracy theories anymore. You got it wrong. Apologize and move on. The case is closed.”



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WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 27: U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Fabiana Rosales (L), the wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, in the Oval Office of the White House March 27, 2019 in Washington, DC. Trump and Rosales met to discuss recent developments in Venezuela.(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

They have a lot to answer for when you are told the president is traitor and should be impeached on a daily basis by the NEWS which should be trusted members of a society, of course, people are going to believe it. Therefore without a sincere apology and some firing, there ought to be a disclaimer on their cable channel like I have on mine, I can’t guarantee that anything being said here is true.  This is a speculation site, enter at your own risk.  BRAND  THEM as a GOSSIP SITE!

One for Freedom Mr. President, globalist ZERO! Blacklist them all! Real news only, that ought to clear out the press room.

Thank you anon, JD


We are back to accepting MM and Harry Articles and anons

Sorry for the inconvenience but we think it’s time, we are sick of Meghan Markle, but we see that she is beating up Kate and William now. We can’t sit idly by and allow her to do that.

We do care for the Monarchy; they’re everyone’s Royal Family.  You have to make a stand, the other royals are acting like Royals and why should they be punished for the misdeeds of the ungrateful.

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Britain’s Prince Charles (C) next to the Vice-President of the Council of State of Cuba Ramiro Valdes (3-L) raises the scissors before cutting the ribbon during the cornerstone laying ceremony of a photovoltaic park at Mariel Special Economic Development Zone in Artemisa province, Cuba on March 26, 2019. – Britain’s Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, are on the first royal visit to communist-run Cuba at a time when ally Washington is seeking to ramp up sanctions against the island. (Photo by YAMIL LAGE / AFP) (Photo credit should read YAMIL LAGE/AFP/Getty Images)

Oh shit, well that sucks, lol

HAVANA – Prince Charles and his wife Camilla begin the first official trip to Cuba by the British royal family on Sunday, in a pomp-filled display of disagreement with the Trump administration’s strategy of economically isolating the communist island.

The heir to the British throne is expected to land in Havana around 5 p.m. and lay a wreath at the memorial to colonial independence hero Jose Marti, near massive portraits of socialist revolutionary icons including guerrilla fighter Che Guevara. The next two days include visits to historic sites, a solar park, organic farm and biomedical research center, and a meeting with entrepreneurs, cultural gala and dinner with President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

It does not include visits with political dissidents or other critics of Cuba’s single-party system, a decision prompting criticism from Cuban exiles.

Republican Sen. Rick Scott of Florida last month asked Charles to cancel his trip based on Cuba’s support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the island’s “decades-long history of persecuting and imprisoning its defectors and repressing its people.”

Fellow Florida Sen. Marco Rubio also has long advocated for isolating Cuba and Venezuela, and the senators have found a receptive audience in the Trump administration, which has been tightening financial sanctions on both countries in the hopes of toppling their governments.

U.S. President Donald Trump has seen European and Latin American support for his Venezuela policy, but less backing on Cuba, whose government has already withstood a 60-year U.S. embargo without showing any signs of losing its grip on power.

Sir Alan Duncan, the British minister of state for Europe and the Americas, wrote Scott last month that “like a number of other countries, we believe that the best way to promote human rights and encourage a Cuba that fully respects fundamental freedoms is through practical diplomacy, such as with this visit.”

I disagree with Sir Duncan, these people won’t promote human rights, you’re handing them more money to oppress. The Cuban government will tell you one thing and do another. Ask the people of Venezuela? Communism worked out so well for the Russians. Well, anywho we are open for the dumpster fire and the puppet. 


Tell me more about free speech on MSNBC

Glenn Greenwald claims he was banned from MSNBC for not joining Russia collusion narrative
Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of “The Intercept,” claims he was banned from appearing on MSNBC for questioning the Russia collusion narrative and ripped the network for championing “the whole scam” throughout its coverage of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“Let me just say, [MSNBC] should have their top host on primetime go before the cameras and hang their heads in shame and apologize for lying to people for three straight years, exploiting their fears to great profit,” Greenwald told.

He continued: “These are people who were on the verge of losing their jobs. That whole network was about to collapse. This whole scam saved them. And not only did they constantly feed people for three straight years total disinformation; they did it on purpose.”

On Twitter, Greenwald slammed MSNBC, saying the “lack of contrition, humility or even acknowledgment of error from MSNBC stars is stunning.”

“Rachel Maddow is inventing still more deranged conspiracy theories tonight to keep her scam going,” he added.

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They aren’t going to stop even after they read the full report, and it’s probably the reason President Trump wants the full report released.  Since they are still driving this hard, they will never accept the full report because of the hatred they have for the President of the United States.

This report was posted before, but I think all people should watch and listen to the way a newscaster Mr. Koppel from the old school used to report the news.  News must be neutral to allow the listener to make up their mind.  MSNBC and CNN shouldn’t be allowed to be called News. Shouldn’t news have standards and practices?  Maybe they should post a disclaimer, Globalist propaganda watch at your own risk.

President Trump is signing into law that everyone has the right to free speech; those who squash will not receive federal funding like universities. We all do have the right to criticize our representatives in a free society.

People should reject these cable station as fictitious enemies of the state, sounds radical, I know, but they are trying to break our country with fear mongering. They are no better than McCarthy.

The lied about the wall, the southern border already has a wall that the Democrats fought hard to get, but it’s not okay to expand on it because President Trump wants to expand it to stop the Pedo Rings, drug cartels and human traffickers from exploiting poor Mexican citizens into a life of servitude.

See I always thought that this was what the Democrats were all about, the people. This is the reason why I was a staunch Democrat my entire life, but not anymore.  I reject the whole party as globalist with an agenda.

They don’t want the Swamp drained to expose their dirty dealings and to cover up the injustices going on with their donations from Sexual offenders and Human Right violators.

The liberal newscasters (if you can call them that) have poisoned the people of color into thinking their president is Hitler and a white surpremiscist.  Talk about people that need sensitivity training!

Country First! MAGA

Hillary Lost, get over it!

Let’s keep this going, make awareness, become informed.

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Tell me what’s going on in your country? BREXIT got you down, and lets talk about it.

Shame on Clapper and Brennan.

Shame on them! There were not ordinary “experts” on CNN or any other news channel they were two high profile officials in the Obama administration. You don’t have to support Trump. You just need to be a decent person and admit your mistake. We all make mistakes and we all can be wrong. Just admit it and move on. Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame “bad information” which came out of a thin air.


Exactly! It’s the American way and Slick Willy did it and I voted for the man twice! I’m truly an independent now, I’m the dangerous voter, but these guys gambled and lost badly. The American people will never forget this and will end up in history books as the worst laid PR in history!

The people will not and never should be toyed with in this manner, they are smart savvy and the Democrats are done!  Unless they bring back John F Kennedy they can forget about it!  The candidates are the biggest selection of morons I’ve ever seen.  If you donated to one of their campaigns I’d want my money back.

Two years for bad information? That’s all they got? They led the American people and the world to think that our President of the United States of America was a white supremacist, corrupt and a traitor.  WTF! their heads should be served on a platter over top green jello all bobbing around, saying, “I’m sorry, world.” 

OOPS! Momma must have dropped them on their heads

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It’s now fun to watch

“Look at the so-called competition in cable news — and start with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Her audience has been sold one conspiracy theory, night after night after night. A lie, night after night after night. For 22 months. She has profited from these lies to her audience on a spectacular level.” Oh, now they started calling each other out after everything collapsed. Whose conspiracy theory was the most believable one? lol


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They want our vote now?? Why should we trust them? We can’t, this is clearly a McCarthy style ambush on a sitting president who won the election and the poor LOSERS won’t accept they lost!  If anyone needs investigating is Joe Biden. 

What do the Democrats have? A guy who eats dirt, one who lied and said she is a Native American and a socialist. Okay, Sure Jan.

They can all answer why they railroaded a sitting president? Who started this shit? and why aren’t any of them stuck with anal probes?  Now, they want to go to work with their tails between their legs.  Yeah, that’s the ticket the economy!

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Bad information my a$$

Brennan doesn’t even need a full report. He knows he was wrong. Instead of saying it loud and clear, he blames bad information. What a joke. ——
Obama Ex-CIA Director John Brennan admits he may have had ‘bad information’ regarding President Trump and Russia.

Bad information.

That’s what former CIA Director John Brennan is blaming for his near-constant attacks on President Trump after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged collusion between Trump and Russia ended up clearing the president.

Brennan, whose role in the Obama administration helped land him a job as an MSNBC contributor and lent his perspective on national security major gravitas, once warned that the Mueller probe showed “our Nation’s future is at stake.” But on Monday, a day after Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller’s findings, showing there was no evidence Trump or anyone close to him colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election, Brennan admitted he may have gotten it wrong.

“I don’t know if I received bad information, but I think I suspected there was more than there actually was,” Brennan told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”



Nancy Pelosi look like she was going to cry!  Don Lemon looked like he had cried and worried he may not have a job soon. Like, all Democrats that regularly attacked the president over these past two years without a shred of evidence.  Now they must run on the economy, WHAT?

3% unemployment and fuel below $3.00 a gallon, only one veto in two years!

Let’s finish draining that swamp, Mr. President time to vote these fools out. You made a believer out of me.

Thank you, Anon, 🌸😎

DM ~ Pentagon authorises 1 billion for Trump’s Wall

Don’t forget that the Democrats started the wall under Obama.  Let’s support keeping out human slavery and illegal drugs.

A reminder that children may not be related to the adult crossing the border, that’s why they are being separated to check DNA. Not everyone is a sex crime offender, but we must protect the innocent.

Does anyone have a better solution?

My friends on tumblr have concrete proof of human trafficking to molest and to rape children. They are held like dogs for pedos.  Let’s send a clear message; you will be caught and go to jail.  This practice must end!

Drain the swamp Mr. President!

Mueller Report~ Let’s Compare and you decide

That’s interesting, and the Democrats should be running on real issues, not witch hunts, aka probes

Of course, Trump has no problem releasing it, and I disagree that the Attorney General intentionally lied in the report. An Attorney is sworn in to uphold the law, especially the AG.

Make it about the issues and not continually attacking President Trump. If they want to keep poking at Russia, Joe Biden got a lot of explaining to do along with his son Hunter!

We will have to wait and see what they release, but it looks like they want this out with transparency so we can all get on with life.  The Democrats can scramble to look for something to run on. IMO the candidates in the running look like quacks.  They couldn’t debate a sixth grader.

OOPS! Democrats gotta let it go

Don Lemon, you indeed are responsible for fake news