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Ok, I’ve got a little nugget this morning in my inbox.  Apparently, MM is planning to use this trip as a business expense and “job search” for her upcoming taxes with the IRS.  She wants to include travel, LODGING, and all food, clothing, show tix and so on.  I guess she’s already authorized/penned an interview/article on her blog with a chef in London to make it all legit.  

Now.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, illegal about this, other than the very dodgy lodging aspect.  But, it does indicate pretty loudly that she’s a Capitalist at heart; a true American from a profit-margin point of view anyway.  And from a US business stance, I fully understand it.  It makes perfect sense if you are focused on your business and personal aspirations.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that Harry may not be the big fish she’s looking for?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Harry is a great way to promote herself but in the long view, if she is wanting to be a strong figure on the world and entertainment stage and be the leonine force that she believes she is and also associate with and garner very serious money, he is not the perfect avenue.  Her legitimate expectations if she leverages this association enough are far beyond anything resembling the restrictive and subservient role in the BRF.

This is a woman who’s goal, stated by herself, is to be POTUS, not the wife of one.

wait Yooper – she is claiming lodging – so she is not staying at Nott Cott?

she is claiming food – so Harry is not feeding her?

and she is claiming theater tickets – so Harry did not pay for her ??

This is freaking hysterical – she is something else – Harry is a *fool*.

Yes I See your point – the BRF is not big enough to contain Meaghan – the world is her oyster

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^She’d have to produce hotel/lodging receipts but even one night at an airport hotel is tax deductible.  And, other than the media, do we have any photographic evidence for the IRS that she’s in that cottage?  No, we don’t.  Receipts from hotels are easy enough to get without actually staying in one.  She could even claim a deduction for decorating that Christmas tree as “int’l interior design study”.  I kid you not.

She can claim every meal she eats if she gets the receipt.  She could be eating, say, at the restaurant that is featured on her blog and have her company pick up the check OR say that she was there to try the food and that’s deductible.  Harry wouldn’t have to put up a dime unless he gives her cash.  It’s quite the dance that most Americans in business use.  It’s very common and not unexpected but the email I received did have a good, long laugh at the whole premise.

This is one shrewd cookie.  I don’t blame her for it, but let’s make sure we look at what her ultimate goal truly is.

A woman in love, deeply in love, would not be thinking about the IRS to the point where they’re sending email receipts to their staff for record-keeping!  I mean, come on.

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I am back to this whole thing is a farce- you are right – woman in love spending few days with her BF is not sending receipts to her accountant for her tax records – geez – she is one money conscious  lady

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^Well, let’s look at the facts here with MM and her ambitions.  "Love" and money go hand in hand in her world. People marry in H’Wood for self-enhancement all the time.  It’s in their DNA.  Did she not, perhaps, have relationships with people who could further her career?  Even if that wasn’t her intent and let’s give her the benefit of the doubt (which I really don’t), her marriage furthered her career.  Of that, there is no doubt.   And as soon as her career took off?  She took off.

Watch and learn, Harry.  Egad men are stupid.

^^^You’re also correct, Fly, regarding her image of herself being eclipsed by the BRF and Harry.  I don’t know how she’ll take to that one.  And that’s what would happen.  Her ability to shine and sell herself would drop to zero.  It has to be all about the RF, not Meagain.  Not ever again.  That’s simply not how it works in that institution.

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^I agree, the overall picture should be evident to Meagain and the fact that she’s still using this relationship to further her career and that she’s apparently keeping this trip as a business one (on paper anyway) shows a very keen eye but it’s also revealing about what the big picture is for her.  She’s still in “what’s in it for me and how can I get this/that?” mode.  That doesn’t fit with the Firm’s Business Model. 

But, it’s easy to fool yourself and many have come in with great expectations only to have them dashed to the point of diminished capacity and physical ailments.  The BRF are not nice people when it comes to their own agenda.  Nobody else takes precedence and somebody born and raised in the US is not going to understand that fully because it’s still always in their minds that their goals come first.  It’s a polar opposite.


Daily Mail

Forget the eco sermon, Meghan

Loved-up Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be apart this Christmas, which is probably sensible — the last place you want to meet your new in-laws is at the inevitably fractious festive dinner.

Yet Meghan still has a lot to learn about keeping one’s mouth shut.

Brandishing her eco- credentials, she recently encouraged us all to stop driving to the supermarket to reduce carbon emissions.

Given that she had three royal protection officers to carry her luggage to the airport on Monday, and the couple have enjoyed three transatlantic flights in five weeks in order to see each other, the last thing we need in the Royal Family is another eco-hypocrite.

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Can please link me to slipper picture or the other pic they were talking about on nyc blog Thnx

I love to link you to that but it’s been taking down but here’s the next best thing. Landon’s dog with MM

thanks anon, keep them coming

Got them for you! thought they were taking off

Part 7


1. On September after his birthday, she told him that she was ready for a relationship, he asked her to go to London, she asked him to go to Toronto, at the end, he paid through avios her trip to London. BOOTYCALL! Until here nobody knew who was she and wouldn’t be adding 1+1, after all, she was a one night stand in June and he went to Africa;

2. Yes, the talk in the press was that. Richard Palmer mentioned in his article “colorful friendship” since June, remember? What nobody was expecting was for her to be in a civil union, they thought that it was just a night stander, for real!;

3. “I’m in” September after his birthday they didn’t leave KP and all was being bought by employees;

4. She left, he stayed. Skype and whatssap are kicking non stop. He decided to go to Toronto, and he did, for two days. They stayed locked up, they didn’t go out!;

5. When Harry arrived back in london a few papz saw him, but wasn’t sure because nobody knew that he flew out. They told the reporters that started to dig…..

Forgive me and here is part 7, don’t forget to comeback tonight for more from nycrealroyal

Part 6


1. But why she didn’t give explanation why she had to go? Oh well,… (PS. This is from a few days before Halloween);

2. When Harry returned from Africa after receiving only Adam as a ‘visitor’, she went to London, before his birthday. On this occasion she met Eugenie. Harry didn’t invite her to his birthday. She was there giving interviews about Suits;

3. Harry’s birthday happened, shooting party! YAY, its OK to kill pheasants and boars, but don’t kill rhinos or elephants, deal? Hypocrite!;

The invited: Eugenie and Jack. Arthur without his girlfriend. Cleo Von Adelsteim and Husband. Charles Gilkes (owner of Bunga Bunga) and wife. Only!;

4. The bracelet on his right wrist was a gift from his father. One more time, the bracelet on his right wrist was a present from his father;

5. The bracelet on his left wrist (white, green and brown beads) is from AFRICAN PARKS!!! Unfortunately, they don’t sell online.

Part 5


1. No, child, Harry wasn’t in Toronto!;

2. How does the media work in UK? Oh well, when one releases a ‘scoop’, the others will copy. When behind the scenes, threats and false accusations start to occur/happen , they will back each other;

3. What is happening? The one that leaked started to be pressured to inform her source, which she can refuse to protect him/her (were two in this case);

4. Harry sometimes behaves demanding stuff that he thinks he can, when he can’t. #spoiled;

5. When the story was about to break her so called informant warned her and she flew away, without giving much explanation. She asked it to be leaked, no, harry didn’t know.

Part 4


1. Harry wasn’t in Toronto for Halloween!!!!

2. Suits cost per day 300.000 only for filming it. It was cheaper to send a bodyguard to pic the damsel then delay the production because a fucking spooning bananas pic!!;

3. Nobody tried to trespass her house, garden or garage! Bullshit;

4. She called the cops, because she got scared (poor kid 😂😂😂😂😂);

5. The press “threw” Harry there, they backed each others arse. Specially because they didn’t know where he was. On the same article from the Toronto press, it was said that the neighbors didn’t see anyone there. That part was eventually deleted and highly paid for it to happen.

send all questions for this to nycrealroyal

Part 3


1. Nobody knew this woman, I never heard about her, but as soon as I showed interested I received a huge portfolio, with a lot of publicity stunt on it (I work with PR, we smell shit from far);

2. Suits got an average of 1.5 million viewers, sounds much, but it isn’t;

3. She already signed seasons 7 & 8, no increase on her payment, 70.000 per episode in which she appears. Patrick receives 150.000;

4. Elle UK interview was set by Krueger, got nothing to do with Harry;

5. She signed one movie, after Harry, and is negotiating a second one. Producers get ‘scared’ at high ascending starlet profiles, because they know there is a past somewhere and that can/might be not good for the production.

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Part 2


1. No she didn’t attend Sentebale’s concert, but Harry was seem by US Weekly and ABC that were there covering the concert leaving KP and crossing the street. Across the street there is a hotel, she was staying at that hotel, he didn’t leave until early in the morning. Why not pics? Its an area surrounding KP, full of protection. (I’m summing up);

2. They started to exchange texts, but she was LIVING with Vitiello;

3. Vitiello found out, but he is paying rent, exactly what you read Harry shags a girl that got her rent paid by another man…so cool, isn’t it? 😂😂😂😂😂

4. Vitiello left the house at the end of July;

5. She didn’t join Harry in Africa, and he, stayed there until September 8th.

Great job nyc, all questions are to be presented to nycrealroyal