Hollywood Reporter ~ Trump Star on the walk of fame vandalized


Mid Term Apocalypse

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You can’t get away from it, even all YouTube they make you listen to the entire message of vomitus BS. The mud-slinging is out of control!

Hot races for Governor and Senate, this is a right to work state, it doesn’t mean what it says, they have the right to cut your wages in order for you to keep your job.

Rick Scott handled the hurricanes with precision, no disaster will ever come out perfect, the guy did a great job!  I’m an independent voter I’ll be taken everything into consideration.

Let me tell you why I don’t like about Democrats, the Kavanagh ordeal, they lied and accused a man of rape, for political gain. That is never okay. I won’t forget the poor sportsmanship after Trump win, even if don’t like him there is always the next election. Hillary was unable to make a speech after losing as she promised, I blame her, I’m glad she lost now. People are hating one another, not cool.

This is what Americans look at, can they provide for their families? Fuel prices reasonable? That’s yes in my state, $2.50 a gallon when we were under Obama it was over $5.00. There wasn’t an entertainment budget, now we do. Don’t forget everyone situation is different.

I was able to try to live the American dream by creating my business because I can’t go to a regular job because of illness, maybe I’ll be able to become independent. My husband gave me some seed money along with others who donated what they could. I’m going to try.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

– John F. Kennedy

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Platell’s people- one of my favorite writers at the daily mail !

Markle debacle rocks the royals 

Prince Harry is said to be protective, Prince Charles understanding — and the Queen just rolls her eyes as if to say ‘here we go again’. We’re talking about Meghan and the endless lurid headlines about her troublesome father and dysfunctional family.

It’s barely 100 days since her wedding to Harry and already Her Maj senses trouble.

 What a difference compared with Wills and Kate. He married a young woman from a stable background and found the security he longed for after his mother’s death.

The Middleton clan, meanwhile, has behaved impeccably.

Not so the Markles, and the resulting tension is spreading through the Royal Household. Let’s hope Harry and Megs find a way to deal with it — Diana always said it was her youngest she was most worried about.

Lesson Plan – how easy it is to get a group of people to hate

Lesson Plan can apply to any situation where you preach fear of one another, then comes the hate. We as people have to be mindful of people in power to control the powerless to effect change. It’s up to you to say, no I will not do that. Stand up for what is right. Lesson Plan is a controversial study done to students in the 60’s how easy it was to turn the people toward the Nazi party.

The way I see it, the same can be applied through the politics of today and situations on Social media. Some agencies do this with brands/branding.  Billionaires throw money at groups to organize protests to effect change to favor them, in the long run, it’s greed and addiction to power. It’s never about the common people plight.

There is a charge to watch the doc, but I watched on HBO years ago it was moving.

If you like to talk about this, it’s available in the forum.

Obama Deal with Iran, dirty pool , where is my plane full of cash and gold?

Obama Deal with Iran

Report: Iran got $1.4 billion in cash, gold before nuclear deal took effect


Iran has received roughly $10 billion in shipments of cash and gold since 2013 thanks to the sanctions relief that was included in the nuclear deal struck last year.

Those payments included a previously-unreported payment of $1.4 billion that was shipped to Iran in the period between when the agreement was finalized and when it took effect, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Critics have questioned the wisdom of giving Iran such enormous sums of liquid funds, arguing that Tehran, a state sponsor of terrorism and financial backer of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, could easily funnel the money earned from sanctions relief into unsavory causes.

But the Obama administration has repeatedly defended the controversial elements of the nuclear deal it championed as necessary to the prevention of a nuclear Iran.

The agreement, finalized in July 2015, permitted Iran to collect more than $100 billion in financial relief from the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and others. Because the Middle Eastern nation is barred from accessing revenue from the sale of its oil through traditional banks, Iran has secured much of its $10 billion through currency or gold bars.

The complicated process occurs when the U.S. signs a waiver for countries where Iranian oil is sold that allows them to wire the profits to a second country in the Middle East, such as Oman. There, the oil money is converted into gold or hard cash.

The White House mandated that the currency shipped to Iran can never be U.S. dollars, the Journal reported.

News of the cash and gold payments comes just a few months after the Journal exposed the exchange of $400 million for the release of four American hostages, which occurred in January.

While the Obama administration argued the payment, which arrived in Tehran on wood pallets stacked with euros and Swiss francs, was part of an unrelated effort to settle a decades-old debt, critics characterized the exchange and its timing as a ransom payment.

Post Trump-Kim Summit hard issues

An historic Summit for peace and denuclearization in Korean Peninsula was held between the US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on 12 June , 2018 in Singapore. The event has impressed the global community. It is a common knowledge that some months past in 2018 , war clouds involving the US and North Korea were hovering over the sky in the Korean Peninsula. But something positive began on 27 April , 2018 when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met somewhere near borders of the two countries, which pushed up peace process between the two countries with active involvement of US President Trump. Some discussions took place through South Korea. Summit was fixed for 12 June , 2018 at Singapore. It happened to be cancelled by President Trump. But after some efforts from Korean side , the Summit was revived for the same date of 12 June , 2018 at Singapore.
Relevant to the aforesaid historic Summit , it is appropriate to know this Vedic astrology writer’s alert predictions of 11 October , 2017 for the United States in article – “ Astrological probable alerts for the United States in 2018” – published in monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine from the US at wisdom-magazine.com/Article.aspx/4647/ on 1 December , 2017. The related text in the article may be read as follows :-
“ (6). Overall Trends During Year 2018. The salutary part is that , during the year , helpful planetary impacts are poised in key and powerful position while those planetary impacts seeking to unhelp or create obstacles are relegated to comparatively less powerful positions , suggesting that , by and large , the year has well-sailing tendencies even though obstacles or opposing trends could continue to be side by side in some way. RATHER , AT TIMES THINGS MAY BE TRENDING TO SHOW UP IMPRESSIVELY COVERING SUCH ASPECTS AS ECONOMY AND GENERAL RATE OF SUCCESS OR ACHIEVEMENTS”. A careful reading of the para suggests that aforesaid is particularly related to first half of the year.
“ (3). May- June 2018. These months look to be presenting some necessities increased manoevering of strategic nature in national and international scene. Some friendly countries could show tendencies of less cooperative nature or present demand for increased protection or help. OBVIOUSLY , SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES CALL FOR A WELL- CONSIDERED STRATEGY AND MORE SKILL FOR TAKING DECISION SO AS TO AVOID RISK OF ANY WASTAGE OR SOMETHING WHICH OUGHT TO HAVE NOT BEEN UNDERTAKEN”.
Separately , while predicting about Singapore in article – “ Some astrological predictions for Singapore covering coming year 2018” – in October 2017 , the following were indicated :-
“ These circumstances in trading , commerce and economy may move the country forward to an extent , could be in the forefront ……… The scenario of happenings described upto now is likely to develop during the year , more so during March to July , 2018”.

Forget about the lawyer. According to NY Times, its more noise than anything else. In 24 hours, the decision on Syria is going to be announced. It could be a big military operation. No one knows yet thou.

Check with the lawyer, bullshit, Stormy Daniels bullshit, but Syria is on the table for chemical weapons used, that’s huge, saying prayers for our guys and military around the world it will be a coalition.  

Thank you anon 

Picasso Unbound: The Artist’s Secret Romance

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