Former Pope Benedict, 93, is ‘seriously ill with shingles and his voice is barely audible’ after returning to the Vatican from a visit to see his dying brother in Germany

  • Emeritus Pope Benedict is seriously ill with shingles, according to his biographer
  • 93-year-old has become so weak that his voice is barely audible, author said 
  • Comes after he visited Germany in June to see his older brother before he died

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I really haven’t seen all of what Kitty wrote, but if anyone is likening Trump to a dictator or Hitler, they are delusional.


It’s common for the left to suggest that defending one’s nation from millions of foreign nationals seeking to enter and live on the backs of citizen taxpayers. So they can run riot in the streets and impose communism/socialism through demographic change, is akin to what Hitler did because they can not honestly engage in debate on the realities.


Hitler attacked the civil rights of German citizens; he attacked their rights to self-defense, confiscated their guns. He attacked religious beliefs, Christianity as well as Jews. He attacked individual liberty. He sent millions of Jews, Christians, including priests, ministers, and nuns, Gypsies, the disabled, gay people, anyone who criticized him, and was sent to his death camps.


Death camps inspired by the Soviet death camps, aka gulags. Hitler was lifted to power by labor unions, students, academics, labor unions, celebrities. Hitler and the nazis, allied with Mussolini, the fascist of Italy (socialist), and the Turkish Islamist leader of their government are a mirror image of the leftist alliance of today.


President Trump was elected on a platform of upholding the constitution and defending the civil rights of US citizens. He has called on foreign governments to be responsible for their people if they want to trade with us. The left wants to do to the US what they have done to Europe, flood it with untold tens of millions of fakeugees who have turned once-stable countries into criminal hellholes, where human trafficking, drug abuse, murder are now the norm.


Once peaceful, Sweden is now the rape capital of the World, and it isn’t Swedish men behind the rapes. I thought Chaplain’s The Dictator was a great film, and he was brave to take his stand, though others pointed out that Chaplain had been silent about his communist heroes Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin’s brutal slaughter of 60 million Russian and Ukrainian Christian men women and children, and the Soviet’s brutal oppression over Russian and Eastern Europeans.


The Three Stooges actually put their careers at risk making a short, that mocked Hitler, to raise awareness in the US, at a time when Hollywood supported appeasing Hitler and the socialist nazis, a full nine months before Chaplain’s The Dictator. As someone more than a little familiar with Chaplain, I know he was a communist sympathizer, who actively promoted communism to other actors, he was also like Harvey Weinstein, a molester of women, though Chaplain was attracted to teenaged girls, having seducing teenaged girls, marrying a 15-year-old at one point and another possibly younger. He fled the US when he was asked to answer questions about his ties to the communist party.


Hey Anon, Kitty is English and an outstanding researcher. You have to read what she’s got on George Soros.  We did a deep dive into Fentyl and REE in Afganistan. She also dived into Saul Alinsky and Hussain and AI. All great reads. 


The World has turned upside down and for those like me (former democrat) can’t for one minute understand the Democrat party.  It took one video to explain what was going on, and I was hooked. Then Q came into my life via anons inviting me to reblog their stuff.  That really explained to me what is really going on in this World and I was pissed! 


Yep, I’m a keyboard warrior for Trump! Everything you’ve written is true. The media is on board, and politicians are on the take as well. We have some screwy nazi billionaire dictating his dream for a Utopia that says you and I are the slaves. We need to fight that son of bitch! GITMO for all of them. 


Thanks for writing in and keep them coming! 

Coronavirus, China, Gates, etc.

The link below is to a long article, but I needed a break from this surreal Harry and Meghan saga.
It brings in many current topics from a Catholic perspective.

This week brings Lady C’s USA book release as well as more from Omid and Carolyn’s book (the Sussex fans are attacking her for not promoting the book or defending the Sussex pair and Omid), Meghan’s suppression or not friends’s names court hearing on Wed followed by Harry’s Travalyst zoom conference meeting thing on Thursday.

Thank you anon!

What Catholic politicians should be saying

This is what we should be hearing from the Catholic leaders.

It’s over an hour-long, and I’m surprised YouTube/google allowed this video to exist. They are so far up the UN, WHO ass wiping at any conversation that the people want. DO AS I SAY!

We need to get out of the UN ASAP! Kill Globalism, refuse to join.

New World Order Archives | Channeling Erik®

We are the debt slaves

Kitty links responds to the Abortion Bill

I wish people would comment more , do more about this abomination . Join Citizen Go and sign the petitions they start against what are incursions and a continuing war against family , and the very foundation of what a civilized society is based on .

The sacredness of life itself is being eroded to the point that no one will be safe . This lack of humanity will affect our most vulnerable at both ends of the age scale . Our elderly will be the next to be treated in this callous and foul way , in fact they already have been : the “Pandemic ” and house arrest under which our most vulnerable members of society were placed and the treatment they received during this time should alert us all as to how little life is valued in what is becoming a sick and morally compromised society .

The word “product of conception ” is a medical term used rather than the emotive “baby ” it distances the perpetrators of what should be considered a heinous crime from the full import of their actions .

If the general public could see what happens during a termination , and after a live birth I can only hope they would and should be so horrified they would be using their considerable powers to stop this
We need to take a long hard look at ourselves and question where we are going .
All life is sacred , if we fail to preserve that sacredness not one of us is safe

Q Drops! 4550 People Must See the Evil in Our Midst for Themselves-It’s the Only Way Forward

>>9801324 (lb)
I See whats happening, but I would like to see you guys doing something about it already.
So the real question Q is, Do YOU see what is happening??
Fear not.
You [we] are not helpless.
Enough must see.
It is the only way.
You are being presented with the gift of vision.
Ability to see [clearly] what they’ve hid from you for so long [illumination].
Their deception [dark actions] on full display.
People are waking up in mass.
People are no longer blind.
Do you think it’s a coincidence they banned and prevent you from attending Church _house of worship?
One must only look to see.
Have faith in Humanity.
Have faith in yourself.
Let light guide you.
Find peace through prayer.
Our faith is going to get us over this hump from the Deep State. I too was shaking with BLM, the cruelty and lack of moral fortitude shown by these people (ANTIFA) are quite upsetting.  Now the people have awakened and rejected these so-called protests. It’s time to come out of our shells and fight back with your voice and your vote. 

Anon submits links about Qanon’s Bishop Vigano Letter to Trump

Ok. Here goes, but first, take a deep breath as what I am going to post is considered to be cuckoo land, whereas what everyone thinks is Catholic isn’t really. You can give everyone the links and read more on this issue on the sites I will link to. It took me many years to sort through everything.

Hopefully, this will not surprise many of us here as you are aware of nefarious goings-on and deep state type activities. ( Judas, Luther, Henry VIII, etc…)

These also speak about Vigano’s article that came out shortly after this letter.

Taylor Marshall and his book are not theologically sound. It is important to have the TLM, but the whole of The Faith must also be maintained. The same goes for Sisco and Salza and their book. You can find critiques of these men and their books on the first link listed.

This should be plenty to keep you occupied for a long time.

Thank you, anon, for your hard work, I may not agree with everything, but you have the right to express yourself. I’m not catholic, more of a non-denominational Christian, but I see that the letter has a lot to do with Qanon’s message of Dark to light and evil wrongdoers.


Yes, the mainstream media is corrupt as hell. If I didn’t follow this on a day to day bases, I would be scared shitless. That’s the point to scare everyone into being sheep once again.  Do as your told and vote a certain way, and maybe you survive this nastiness, which is all Bull crap! I will not comply, and neither should you.


We need to fight the AI and the technocrats. Look at China; they love Google face recognition. Minority report is real, and it’s dangerous to our privacy. The Dems want this bad enough to trash entire country stability not only financially but to turn you into A sexual robots.


Kitty will do a deep dive into BLM and she has posted before about AI and you better read it because it’s here and they aren’t hiding it anymore.