I prayed for you


I was doing a lot of thinking over the weekend, and maybe we should pray for one another. Don’t change to fit a mold.


The crazy billionaires that want to ruin our lives with complicated NEW “Wokeness” that was made up to turn us away from God to become something we were never intended to be, It’s the fight of our lives, the battle for decent human existence.


I know many don’t want to listen and carry on as it’s too complicated for their brains to comprehend, Lalala I can’t hear you. When watching TV, you can listen to this propaganda in the scrips, “not very woke of me,” she chose dolls instead of gender-neutral toys (whatever that means), Blacklist, FBI – chastising the way the FBI investigates Muslims. Hollywood is using the George Soros/Hillary Clinton woke speak, groupthink. It’s insanity! Don’t buy into this bullshit narrative.


When you exclude it causes resentment when you preach against the word of God it will cause a holy war and maybe that’s what George wants. His Open society muck is just that, crap! George spend your money babe, all of it! We will defeat all of you, I’ll pray for you.


As we make our rally cry to kool-aid drinkers in peaceful manners, make sure you tell them I’ll pray for you.


The Birds on A Wire~ Kitty Links – For you’re listening pleasure- Now pour a cuppa! 💋

Something rather lovely before some “dark “links JD


Live Performance

Something very short and sweet JD. There are miracles and wonders everywhere, all we need to do is to” be still ” within ourselves and find and partake in the small but beautiful gifts we are given every day
Everything is connected, even the birds we see on a wire are part of this mystery.
Life is amazing!
Kitty ❤❤❤

Kitty! I love this! Grab a cuppa and relax. I’ll add one, I saw Andreas at the Academy of Music in Philly. I used to be cultured, lol

Let’s take 15 before the ugly gets posted!

I love Kitty links💋💋💋

When Frampton Came Alive?

Man. I wish I existed enough to experience this. What a show this was. What an excellent player. I read he was exiting the stage due to health issues. Basically the same boat as Clapton. But when Clapton says he’s retiring his ass is right back on stage shortly after LMAO But seriously, I would like to know about your concert experiences, because i have zero and i have to live thru all of you. Sadly.