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Daily Mail~ Sly Stone is awarded $5 million in back royalties

This was a normal practice to rip artists off and treat them like 💩.   Always stay on top of things, go to a lawyer or two if you have too! If a recording company is making it sound like they are sacrificing just for you to be careful, don’t do drugs!  They are hoping you won’t remember too much. Stay grounded! Ask the Crue, Frankie Vallie, and the list goes on.


Hi reporter people, because I feel you are checking in daily, to see if those people that shall not be named, is being talked about. Those people no longer interest me, and they are not a part of my daily life. Freedom of speech, remember that? You all still owe these women an apology, especially JD. You know who you are. As for me, I don’t want your apology, you can shove it up your ass.

Now, I’m gonna swerve from the bullshit, and listen to Sinatra.


KP twitter~ The Duke of Cambridge Awards Rocker Nicholas Mason ~ Pink Floyd