Anon said: Serena Williams is a liar

Serena said that Meghan left Archie at home and now she’s saying the opposite. Quite obvious that Meghan’s PR team asked Serena to take it back because of the negative comments back then.

Serena Williams thanks Meghan Markle for watching her US Open match even though it meant leaving Archie – and says she ‘doesn’t know’ if she could’ve done it when her baby daughter was that age

Serena Williams reveals Meghan Markle travelled to New York WITH Archie to watch her in the US Open – as she praises the Duchess for being the ‘strongest person I know’

😲 They made her walk back her original statement?

Thank you anon, good work! 🌸😎🥰


Meghan Markle hooked up with Brett Ratner while he was dating Serena

A little flashback comes to me in my much earlier research, and CDAN claimed that the bride to be hooked up with disgraced producer Brett Ratner and Harvey Weinstein for fun and blow for free but charged a particular producer turned government official for sex.


I wonder how Serena feels about that since MM is eyeing up her husband and some claim gave him a cooch shot at Tennis.

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Look, Harry, I got Serena’s man AGAIN!

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If only I could have his money

The excellent shot is on the Daily Mail, but IMO she’s not one for boundaries. She hooked up with Harvey willingly and hung out with his wife, Georgina Chapman!

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Even though Harvey ‘s a creep, there are plenty of women who are just as creepy to land a role in a movie. Why isn’t #MeToo or Times Up going, after all, men and women??  If we are going to be equal then do your jobs!

Meghan seemed young and happy in the above picture in 2014 and now dried up and over pricked.


Meghan’s not there for the Tennis

Blind Item #9

There is a celebrity drug dealer in NYC who caters only to the elite. He has also killed off a few over the years. Apparently, he was told to be prepared to bring his best coke tonight for a very VIP guest. She has a lot of partying to make up on.

Barbarella64 tweets~ Great finds! NXIVM ~ George M Nasif and the Rothchilds documents

George M. Nasif and The Rothschild documents

Everyone needs to follow this guy on Word Press!  This post is jammed packed for of screenshots for all to see. Don’t allow these bastards to get away with this! Start reblogging and let’s get the word out together.

Leslie Wexner has protected JE and loves the very young mistress that was procured for him.

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Meghan and Harry ~ Red socks vs Yankees

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 29: In this handout image provided by The Invictus Games Foundation, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex pose with Invictus Games Competitors and players following the first pitch at the Boston Red Sox against the New York Yankees match at the London Stadium on June 29, 2019 in London, England. The historic two-game “You Just Can’t Beat The Person Who Never Gives Up” series marks the sport’s first games ever played in Europe and The Invictus Games Foundation has been selected as the official charity of Mitel and MLB London Series 2019. (Photo by Handout/Chris Jackson/Invictus Games Foundation via Getty Images)

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Maroon 5 Super Bowl Controversy…

I don’t like the NFL. If they want to use the halftime show as a protest then they should. It shows that people are coming together, from all races and creeds. I’m still looking into what happened but i think they should.