Formula 1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone to be a dad again at 89


Piers Morgan – Super Bowl

PIERS MORGAN: J-Lo and Shakira’s semi-naked, pole-writhing, crotch-grabbing halftime show was outrageously hot and sexy – but had nothing to do with feminist empowerment and was totally inappropriate for a Super Bowl watched by millions of kids


‘No comment’ from Serena Williams

Meghan Markle’s close friend Serena Williams says she has ‘absolutely no comment’ on Megxit during tense exchange at the Australian Open


Even though Serena said nothing about Megxit, it seems like her husband had to say something a week ago:



Anon said: Serena Williams is a liar

Serena said that Meghan left Archie at home and now she’s saying the opposite. Quite obvious that Meghan’s PR team asked Serena to take it back because of the negative comments back then.

Serena Williams thanks Meghan Markle for watching her US Open match even though it meant leaving Archie – and says she ‘doesn’t know’ if she could’ve done it when her baby daughter was that age

Serena Williams reveals Meghan Markle travelled to New York WITH Archie to watch her in the US Open – as she praises the Duchess for being the ‘strongest person I know’

😲 They made her walk back her original statement?

Thank you anon, good work! 🌸😎🥰