Prince Andrew ‘refuses to appear on US documentary to discuss friendship with Jeffrey Epstein because his lawyers fear a repeat of car-crash BBC interview and think the FBI could use his comments against him’

  • Prince Andrew will not appear in a US documentary on the life of Jeffrey Epstein 
  • The documentary, titled Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, will examine paedophile’s life 
  • However, Prince Andrew’s lawyers fear a repeat of his disastrous BBC interview

Prince Andrew- Oldies but Goodie Blinds from CDAN


Blind Items Revealed #3

July 21, 2018

This foreign born former way closer to the throne than he is now celebrity can’t leave his home country right now for fear of being questioned about four Malaysian tween/barely teen girls he sexually assaulted/raped over a five day period six years ago while with a billionaire. Apparently the payments for what happened recently showed up in a federal investigation pertaining to something else happening with some businessmen from the country.

Prince Andrew/Malaysia

Jho low

SUNDAY, JUNE 04, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #5

March 14, 2017

This always has been and always will be screwed up A list royal of an older generation is being blackmailed by some “yacht owners” who have video of him having sex with multiple teens under the age of 15. It is not the first time he has been caught in an underage scandal. He was able to buy his way out last time.

Prince Andrew


Blind Items Revealed #3

August 10, 2019

The feds know exactly where the foreign born Hollywood connected, slept with lots of A list actresses while partying with A list actors, fugitive is. They just don’t want to tick off the country where he is staying by going in after him or asking for him. Plus, if he is ever brought to trial you will hear all about a bunch of A list actresses yachting with him and A list actors offering up women to him for parts and financing.

Jho Low/Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miranda Kerr, Kimora Lee Simmons, Elva Hsiao, Jamie Foxx, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and many more.

I’m really feeling the love today from God

With Mike Lindell’s contribution to help in this crisis, I’m completely overjoyed to tears. That means something, and our sins are being washed away by God.

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How grateful I am to have great friends online, like Sarri, Kitty, Vin, anons, Mary, I want to thank you for your support.  Know that I love you very much.

There are always going to be ungrateful people like Sussexes, know that there are more good people in this world than bad. We have to control our own destinies and hold those in power accountable.

I believe in my heart that President Trump is here to give back those powers to We the people. He may troll, but he is pointing out corruption and keeps these Bozos on their toes.

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Yes, I do believe in Q and Q+, let’s just say I know a thing or two. Without them, we would be screwed lost little sheep.

Join the great awakening and follow Q, see something, say something.

Meghan Markle’s sister blasts her and Prince Harry as ‘biggest hypocrites’ for abandoning families in COVID-19 pandemic

Samantha Markle, 55, backed President Trump who yesterday said the American public would not pay for their private arrangements.

She also branded the couple “cruel” for leaving Britain during the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and said the move was “disgusting”.

Samantha made the remarks during an interview with The Sun’s Executive Editor Dan Wootton on his talkRADIO Drivetime show yesterday [MONDAY] just hours before Harry and Meghan officially stepped back from their roles as senior royals.

Samantha said: “To make the taxpayer to pay for their security when the world is dying, it’s shocking grandiosity.

“I totally support President Trump, he is remarkable under these circumstances. To say he has blood on his hands is absolutely disgusting.

“The US people should not pay for their security.

“Harry and Meghan don’t seem to care about families or people around them. Their self-preservation is quite disgusting.

“They can throw stones all they want but they are the biggest hypocrites out there now.”

She added: “It’s a devastating pandemic, the idea of abandoning both families without so much of a phone call is just shocking.

“And now to abandon the British people and Royal family at such a critical time it is almost, it takes me back to the colosseum in Roman times, it just seems so horribly cruel.”

Good for you Sam, and she is right. The gruesome Twosome couldn’t be bothered to bring Archie to England but sneaked into the US on a major move to one of the most affected states in the union!

Harry and Meghan, you’re a disgrace! We don’t want you here!