Meghan’s fans attack Kate again


The Kate effect: Thrilled Australian designers reveal their $199 midi dress sold out almost instantly after being worn by the Duchess of Cambridge

  • Kate Middleton visited a children’s hospice wearing a lilac midi-dress on June 25
  • The $199 Faithfull the Brand frock sold out hours after the Duchess’ engagement
  • Designers Helle Them-Enger and Sarah-Jane Abrahams said they were ‘thrilled’
  • The duo had no idea Britain’s future queen, 38, was a fan until two weeks ago
  • Kate was recently crowned the world’s most influential royal style icon

Kate Middleton has revealed a ‘more relaxed side’ during lockdown which has ‘fast-tracked’ her position in The Firm to ‘leader in her own right’, body language expert claims

  • Body language expert analysed Kate Middleton’s, 38, lockdown appearanceseĀ Ā 
  • Judi James said royal has revealed a ‘more relaxed side’ on recent engagementsĀ 
  • Revealed she has ‘dropped more formal skills’ and ‘hidden strengths’ emerged
  • Explained her ‘active listening skills’ had ‘notched up’ and she ‘bridges gap’s withĀ facial expressions and gesticulations
  • Added mother-of-three has become the ‘star of the royal video and roadshow’Ā