Anon submitted: Daily Mail Prince Charles

You reap what you sow Charlie .. you should’ve got a hold of the Duchess of Excess a lot earlier.. she is out of control and on a mission to make it all about her. He let Meghan and Harry do what they want, so it’s also his own fault.

You know what? I blame Charles, those nasty DM articles with Jepson praising Meghan Markle and dumping on Prince William.

Charles wants the attention as he is overseas, I get that.  That’s how it’s supposed to work, but not in Meghan and Harry’s world!

They are the WOKE, the big middle finger to the establishment. It’s like two 12 years old that found dad’s gun, what could happen?

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BBC- William ‘worried’ about Harry after interview

William should be, not only was this preplanned to arrive after Kate and Will successful tour, the Sussex’s threw dirt on everyone with the help of Meghan Markle.


Yes, Harry is under extreme stress from being around Narcissist day and night. You can tell Markle is influencing him in the most unroyal fashion.  You tell strangers and not your family who will now think this attack was directed at them.


Will, it was directed to every British subject and anyone who dared to call out the hypocrisy of the celeb lifestyle. How they have the nerve to think they aren’t supported when Meghan is charging charities for her appearance, allegedly.

The Sussex foundation that’s registered in the US for profit!  They are using this for PR???


The Cambridge’s did nothing wrong to deserve this, and I do hope they get Harry the help he needs, like a divorce before it’s too late.

Anon submitted: Daily Mail Prince Harry refuses to deny rift with Prince William

‘William and I are on different paths… brothers have good days and bad days’: Prince Harry appears to confirm rift with sibling in revealing interview as he hits out at press and says ‘I won’t be bullied into playing game that killed my mum’

They try to outdo one another but that was when they were younger. Grow up Harry, stop sucking your thumb and let Mummy rest in peace.

Anon submitted: DM The Royal Rich List – Meghan – Millionaire

They are still trying to spread the lie that Meghan was a millionaire when she met Harry.

Wait, someone is lying here, the Queen Mother was allegedly broke, and the Queen had to pay her debts?


They keep showing Frogmore house, not the cottage complete with swamp🐸✈✈✈


Smegs jewelry worth 500k, that crap she merches?  Enty conjected that there was no way she has amassed that much money; she wasn’t considered a successful actress in Hollywood.  Meghan struggled like other actors doing odd jobs at Soho House tossing salads.

This reads like a Royal hit piece, and it tells the public they are being scammed.


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Anon submits: William & Kate in Pakistan~ A Royal Treat!

A Royal treat! Kate Middleton feeds trainee bomb dogs Sky and Salto as she and Prince William visit Islamabad Army Canine Centre – before boarding flight home at end of their historic Pakistan tour

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Love the outfit!!!  Dig the Coat, the big winner going for dogs

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A natural

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That’s love 💖💖💖

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Daily Mail: Prince William and Kate visit Pakistan’s Badshahi Mosque

In Diana’s spirit: Kate Middleton wears a veil as she and Prince William follow his mother’s footsteps at Pakistan’s Badshahi Mosque – ahead of trip to cancer hospital the Princess visited a year before she died

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William & Kate in Pakistan

The Prince in Punjab: Duke and Duchess land in the ancient city of Lahore near the Indian border ahead of a trip to cancer hospital Diana visited the year before her death

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LAHORE, PAKISTAN – OCTOBER 17: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit the Badshahi Mosque within the Walled City during day four of their royal tour of Pakistan on October 17, 2019 in Lahore, Pakistan. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)


Very royal , great job

Anon submitted: DM – William & Kate in Pakistan

In Diana’s footsteps: Prince William and Kate Middleton don traditional Pakistani outfit as they retrace his mother’s 1991 visit to the Himalayan foothills on the second full day of their historic tour.

How sweet, but they need to lay off Diana, IMO the brf treated her like crap, right?  Why do they keep doing this over and over again?

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It’s beautiful, why would anyone want to ruin traditions?  George Soros? Why?

Embed from Getty Images

Kalash tribe women wait for the royal couple during their visit to the Bumburate Valley in Pakistan northern Chitral District on October 16, 2019. – Prince William and his wife Kate flew near the Afghan border to visit a remote Hindu Kush glacier on October 16, after a morning spent trying on feathered traditional caps and luxurious shawls in Pakistan’s mountainous north. (Photo by FAROOQ NAEEM / AFP) (Photo by FAROOQ NAEEM/AFP via Getty Images)

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Anon said: About Harry’s dumb speech today

He was not crying. No tears. He was laughing & even snorted. And he never stated his wife was actually pregnant. They used surrogate, almost everybody knows it. He’s so cringe and weak and gets controlled by his narcissistic wife.

It’s not about him, and he’s trying to make people go AWW, poor little Harry Markle!  I like the dignified Cambridge’s. That’s why I picked this video, but check out the full video of Harry’s acting skills on my front page.

I do love the well-child charity, but the woke couple killed it for me.

Thank you anon! 🌸😎🥰

Pakistan Trip

The Crown Prince! Duke and Duchess don traditional Pakistani headwear as they meet Himalayan villagers – as historic Royal tour retraces steps his mother Princess Diana took during her visit in 1991

Can we discuss how good William looks? I mean what the hell? It should be illegal 😂