Insta Hate for William

This is not OKAY!!!

I wonder who is the driving force behind this…

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Insta Hate for William


Prince William Blasts Social Media Giants in Speech

Today at the BBC Broadcasting House, London, Prince William gave a speech on social media and cyber bullying. He roasted Media giants such as Facebook and Snapchat. He impressed many Royal Reporters with his articulate and commanding speech.

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Prince William Blasts Social Media Giants in Speech

KP ~ #AntiBullyingWeek, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge ~ Markle could learn a lesson or two

InStyle: MM BS – Think Pink My A$$

One would think after the sound verbal thrashing Megs experienced by the Queen’s advisors, she would have listened and throws to improve her behavior. Her being punished like child by having to sit and stand away from the family on important occasions should have been a wake-up call but we promptly saw her PR machine start blasting away at anything negative that was reported about her and she amped up her anti-Kate smear campaign.

This new InStyle piece released tonight doesn’t surprise me in the least.

MM knows by now that Kate looked like the Queen she will one day be. Whereas MM looks like warmed over dog poo. Sorry, calling it as I see it.

Kate stunned with perfect makeup and an updo that only she can pull off. Her beautiful earrings sparkled and reflected off her pink gown like a fairytale!

MM’s hair looked as if it hadn’t been brushed in days and was quickly thrown up as she was running down the stairs. Her makeup was so-so and she re-wore the chandelier earrings she wore on tour. The same earrings “KP” insist borrowed but no one is saying from whom. Right…

Now because she knows she was outdone on every level tonight she has to make sure she gets some credit. This latest POS is claiming that Kate is wearing a pink gown tonight because she has taken notice of all of the pastel dresses MM wears. Sorry duch but the last time I checked navy, black, green, and navy again are not pastel. Also, I’m just going to leave this here…

Careful Megs, you’re starting to reek of desperation and the stench is spreading faster that you can to douse the smell.


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InStyle: MM BS

Royal Photos Hacked?

The two new photos of Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry & Meghan, Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte have apparently been hijacked and released before scheduled.

Hmmm…this one it a thinker 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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Royal Photos Hacked?

At last the inner circle are talking. A close friend of the Cambridges told a friend of mine that Markle is totally in charge of Harry. She mothers him to within an inch of his life. She is totally in control. He wont do anything unless he asks her permission and she controls what he wears, what he eats, who he sees, what he thinks. And she walks around KP as if she owns the place. They all hate her. His old friends cannot believe that he is behaving like this. I have more info.







Oh wow!  Please share…you can even ask me not to post and I won’t.  Is he being hypnotized?

That was already clearly visible in the engagement interview. She reminded me of a classic overbearing mother, listening to the child reciting something she made them learn by heart, quietly wording along with the lips and going “uh huh…uh huh… no no no, sweetie, that´s not how we practiced it… try it one more time… yes, well done, well aren´t you a good boy!”

Remember the most poignant, condescending bit: her grinning and looking at the interviewer after Harry had spoken of being in love with her and tackling every challenge they´ll have to face together: “So nicely said, isn´t it?!!!!”

oh they need to toss this bitch 

You can’t toss her… he’ll follow her. He needs to be the one seeing that she’s no good for him. No matter what anyone says or shows him or does, unless he sees and witness her true self with his own eyes…. hell follow her and she’ll destroy him.The best every one can do is keep her under their eye and make sure she doesn’t harm him mentally nor physically.

At the moment he feels loved and validated and after all these years can’t believe hid luck. He’s fallen pray to a manipulative narc. Best keep her close to keep him safe. Let him have his dream…. soon if not far he’ll start realising that it is impossible to please a.narc no matter how you try. And the excuses and promises will soon became unbelievable and will wear thin. And being blamed for everything, be in a mental tug of war with your family to protect a whimpy narc spoilt ass bitch who can’t even say I love you? What for? And that’s when hopefully the spoilt petulant self entitled Windsor genes will kick in…. And hopefully she’ll bolt!! Or get a fat boot in her arse!!

yup. but if this is accurate which i believe it is, he’s already being mentally abused. so yeah it would be hard for her to leave and he will follow her if he does not realize she is hurting him more than loving him

Thing is he won’t leave. He knows where he is best off. However if this situation is true then he will enable it so she can be around.

We all knew what she is and Harry was supposed to know after polo  it was her playing games and not the press.  

Harry had a love affair over the summer but MM ruined it with her plans.