Anon submits: Daily Mail- Prince Harry is ‘Hypocrital and Preachy’ and Prince Andrew’s new news

Prince Harry used to be the ‘people’s prince’ but has become ‘hypocritical, preachy and detached,’ a royal author claims

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon!

What are they covering up today?

This is the must-read from the BBC 



Anon submitted: Not Allowed to Talk to Meghan

“the women who were at the photoshoot have contacted someone on youtube called Danja zone.


And say they were told beforehand about the photoshoot and were told not to look at Meghan. And especially not in the eyes. That the people who were going to be hugged by Meghan were chosen before, everyone else was just a prop.”


Okay, wow, I can’t believe I agree with her on this. Meghan is known to be a monster on set. She has gotten people fired before.  The only reason why I don’t use Ashli is that she believes in lizard people, but there is a swamp that needs draining, lol.



This shoot reminds me of Vanity Fair shoot that took everyone by surprise, she got her poses down, and that’s what I see here. Big old phony play acting for the cameras.


Media Meg hard at work building her brand so she can say adios Harry!  I got what I came for, thanks, bitches!


Thank you anon for the submission,

Anon submitted: Daily Mail: Jan Street Porter- They didn’t need to say a word

They didn’t need to say a word but William and Kate just blew all Meghan’s silly celebrity cheerleaders right out of the water

Good article loved it.  Meghan is a PR nightmare that refuses to listen to any advice, tumblr is talking that Sara Latham is no longer with the Sussex’s?  She is supposed to be the communication director and she did set up their foundation for them. Sarah is a big league with a contract, maybe her job is done.  Does it have something to do with Clinton’s and Epstein?

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Anon Submits the Fakery continues

The fakery continues. Is there a baby?

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The Duke Of Cambridge And The Duke Of Sussex Take Part In The King Power Royal Charity Polo Day


Is the baby much older than claimed? I doubt there was a christening whenever the Sussexes claim privacy it is because they need to cover something up.

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TOPSHOT-BRITAIN-ROYALS-ARCHIE – Offical christening picture


Privacy re: where the baby would be born LOL cause there was no baby to be born out of MM.

Privacy re: who the delivering doctor was, well, cause no doctor did any delivery and then privacy re godparents cause there never was a christening hence, no, need for godparents.

Oh yeah, the AoC who allegedly did the baptism was in Durham for a conference the same day. LOL, I believe it was York? In any case, he still wasn’t there.

Enty, the entertainment lawyers dropped a blind that the name Archie was from Riverdale a teen show on the CW. Sperm Donor?  or she is insane to think that Blanket Boy will look like him?


The fakery is awe-inspiring. And the celeb tweets? Pleeease typical celeb scratch my back etc. Convinces no one, but spend that pr money, Meghan!!


Thank you anon for your submittal! What tricky things the Sussex Team does for attention. It all boils down to her fashion line.  The celebs fake outrage was free PR, sending the Woke message of the left! YOU’RE RACIST for criticizing the future King and Queen (country to be determined) if you didn’t bow down to the biggest narcissists on the planet. She built up excitement and landed the clothing line which I have no doubt that she is making money on this adventure.

Total fakery, she can’t contain her dramatic excitement while looking at herself. It’s called acting!


The entire mess was unnecessary and costly to taxpayers, and for what?  To piss off Great Britain?  They don’t care as long as brand Markle gets in the headlines and gets another chance to tell you how racist and awful you all are.  The scam was free PR. She is back to old school dramatics.


Elton shouldn’t have lied for them, that’s not his aircraft.


Nobody should fall for the fake Hollywood George Soros narrative and call them out freely. We are immuned to the race card stun grenade.  It’s a new low for team Sussex. 🌸😎


Investigating Meghan & Harry’s flight plan

What a great app! You enter in the tail number, in this case, it’s SE-RFL, it won’t be exact and going over mountains you lose the feed, but we can put the duo in Nice on the 17th of August.


It’s a European registered Aircraft, it started off the coast of Spain making several turn and burns into France. Which, I assume they went to Nice on the 17th. The app is tricky it won’t give you the point-blank answer where they landed.  It’s clear the aircraft went to Farnborough airport.


One turn and burn was Grenoble and the other is around La Chariote Sur-Loire, I don’t know the connections at this time and maybe someone of you can send in conjectures.


Thank you to @JulesVerne12345 for the tip!

Does Meghan have a 19 yr old daughter?

Did Meghan have a baby in Oct 1998? Bio father Luis S., her date for 1997 Christmas Formal? Named Noel, now called Noelle, and raised by Samantha?



Is that one coming back around again?  Many of us are suspicious, but Noelle only met Meghan once at Samantha graduation from university.



Unless Sam comes out to say she adopted her, then it will continue to be a rumor. There wasn’t any proof like Meghan’s annulment marriage when she was in university.  The National Enquire reported on that, and it went, POOF! Scrubbed, we would find stuff, and someone went behind our research and whitewashed the evidence.


The Royals went to great lengths to clean her up?? It was an awful lot of money spent to start the war to get the nobody recognized. LARP’s work for money. Follow the money trail and the wokeness. It will lead back to the Soros/Clinton narrative she’s been scamming on the British People.

Notice all the celebs coming to MM/PH defense using racist, check CAA creative artist agency to be complicit in this world scam.



It’s was a setup from the start.



MM is playing to your emotions to continue to talk about her. She is building her brand, and without us talking about her, she becomes irrelevant, and the woke message dies.



Enty claimed Meghan thinks she is part of the elite and is too good to fly commercial. What Meghan’s wants, Meghan gets!



Anything is possible with Meghan Markle, and the grifter has many tricks up her sleeve.


Thank you anon, God bless America! 🌸😎😘

Express- Meghan Markle – Not a fairytale princess

Interestingly, one of the videos a guest said we have 12 years regarding climate change. I keep hearing this bullocks, and I have to search where they going with this rubbish!

Potentially in12 years irreversible damage caused by emissions, horsefeathers!  Tell the developing third world to stuff it!


The left Woke couple should put the joint down and shut up for a while.

Good Point! There are many lovely places to go in the UK that could use a boost for tourism!  The lake district, Cornwall, the Jersey Isles, there are so many great beaches in the UK. Hello, you live on Island Nation, promote within!


Wales and Scotland are magical and beautiful, promote those and put those on Instagram; it’s not rocket science for goodness sake!


Where was Harry for the Rugby game England vs. Wales?? Anyone??  oh yeah,🤬 them we are on holiday!


Oh oh oh, I almost forgot! Archie was named after Archie from Riverdale a CW show

Enty, the Entertainment lawyer, dropped a hint about Archie’s name.

It’s not from the dead cat that MM killed with grapes or a cute little kid.

It’s from the CW show called Riverdale

I had to go check it out last night. I switched over to streaming, well I started busting a gut laughing! 

Pass it on Squad members spread it like confetti!  Really, How old are they? 

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Sperm Donor?? You decide 😝😝😝😝


Is Harry Jughead?

Anon submits: Daily Mail- Harry Markle branded ‘hypocrites’ following latest post

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are branded ‘hypocrites’ for urging people to ‘do your little bit of good’ on Instagram after private jet trip storm


Elton, 72, claimed he ensured Prince Harry and Meghan’s flights to and from the French Riviera were carbon neutral by making the ‘appropriate contribution’ to a carbon footprint fund. 

The whole lot of you shut the🤬up!  Elton is a hypocrite too, he just said, you can get out of a bind by saying that rich people will drop some coin in a jar when you get caught.  Where is this website you’ll contribute your shame taxes too?  Where does the money go?  It’s a suggestion and nothing more!


Meghan just loves her sappy sayings she borrows from others. She basically told us all to go piss off.



Elton goes on to say the press is using character assignation, what character?  You have to have some first!



We loved Diana but we are sick to death that she gets pulled out for a shame party, how dare all of you!  Don’t you know Harry uses his mother whenever there is a bit of trouble! ENOUGH! Grow up, put up or get out!


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