Meghan and her PR team publish an old video for PR where she talked about racism

Meghan Markle details her experience with racism, recalling her mom being labeled the N-word, as she shares her dream of raising kids in a more ‘open’ world in 2012 video that has gone viral amid the Black Lives Matter protests

Lather, Rinse and Repeat


Meghan attacks the BRF and Kate again

  • Meghan Markle complained that Kate Middleton ‘snaps her fingers’ and receives the backing of the Palace, yet she wasn’t given the same treatment  
  • British society magazine Tatler ran a cover story about Kate – headlined ‘Catherine the Great’ – but Kate and William took issue with the article
  • They said it contained a ‘swathe of inaccuracies and false representations’, with Kensington Palace sending legal letters to the magazine to remove the story 
  • Meghan pointed out to friends that she was plagued by negative stories but had received no support from the royal family
  • A source told ‘She was made to feel like she was asking too much, expecting too much, when all she wanted was support from the powers that be’
  • ‘All fell on deaf ears and then Kate comes along, snaps her fingers and gets an outpouring of support,’ they added 
  • The negative press was one of the reasons Meghan and Harry decided to quit their royal duties and move to Los Angeles, sources said 

Meghan and her connections



William will bring out the big guns if you go over the line. Tatler has.

Megan Narcle … gone radio silent. All of her jibber-jabber about her lawsuit and not being supported by the Palace, re: “If this was happening to Kate the palace would react…but not for me blah, blah, blah. Maybe she knew all along about the Tatler article from Jessica M. and that is why she kept going on about it.

She probably is very pleased with herself as the Palaces’ reaction reinforces MM’s position. Possibly she knew the vitriol that was going to spill out from that article, and ultimately the reaction was going to be strong. Therefore, radio silent as of late.

The “See, I told you the Palace will stick up for Kate”. Not a surprisingly observant comment since she probably already knew from her own sources what was going into the story on Kate in Tatler. So the more she said the Palace never spoke up for me, their reaction just confirmed her belief, which she expected it would. Still, I am surprised the Palace and that the Cambridges did react.

I, for one, am glad that Tatler sources will be scrutinized by an IPSO review. It also puts everyone on notice out there like the Narcles and their sources, if you put out these vague references of “Sources”…”friends of “… this kind of thing, you will have IPSO reviews and the resulting damages to pay, or lawsuits on your hands. Add to that, lies and inaccuracies of such magnitude that you completely distort any objectivity, because your focus is only on, i.e. body shaming of a woman, sexism, negative family relationships, you have sent a poor message to the female reader of your magazine. Compounding their errors, they are messing with William, and his reaction is not going to be any day at the beach.

The Narcs and their ilk may not pay in the short term, but Narckles long term payday will be very much diminished once William gets his hands on the Duchy. They will regret it because William will never forget it or forgive them. I can confirm these theories as I was told them by a very “skilled craftsman”…and you know what an accurate source they have always been.

I just love your posts! Yep, I hear you on the sources, they can be trusted. This situation fits in nicely with divorce if we can get Harry back in the UK. 

Meghan Markle has always been a hit and runs asshole leaving everyone else holding the bag. I’m really looking forward to this one happening. Glee 

Meghan is a fake claiming she loves women, no she doesn’t she hates them. If she did love them why would she treat her sister-in-law like shit! 

I’m as surprised as you are that the palace handled this, it usually don’t complain and don’t explain.  I think they know who did it and this their way of telling the hoe bag, we know. 

We thank you very much, and keep on bringing them!


“All Quiet on the Western Front”

Speculation is rampant that the Harkles have been quiet of late…and “must be plotting and planning their next move”. Maybe not, maybe they are just waiting for the next move that their world is going to take. I think the quiet now results from results, as MM probably knows them. Hollywood has bypassed her, basically dumped her and her scatterbrained goals.

Her philosophy that she and Harry are ” influencer’s”, and they can get her any role in a movie, a leading part in a play, or a book deal to follow “Funding Freedom” is considered a joke by the heavyweights of Hollywood.

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MM has the talent of a 3rd lead in a High School musical in their first play. Her High School performances were the top of her game, she has not gotten any better since them. The results from her past are catching up with her. I think the reason all is “Quiet on the Western Front” is that Megsy thinks she knows what is going on and why she has not had much contact with anyone. It all comes down to no contact for the 2 year anniversary, no one reaching out. Particularly the famous “5 friends”, none of the “shower friends, no Amal, no Serena, no one as far as we know.

Why is that? I think it is because all are either in the process of being deposed for the Court case or have been notified they are to be questioned. That can be a pretty scary experience. As with Markus Anderson, everyone associated with her, even Sunshine Sachs, People magazine , all will be given an opportunity by the lawyers for the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday to tell their version of the “letter” story in People Magazine. If they stand with the story ‘MM had no involvement” when they are deposed, as she has probably pressured them to say, and it is proven in court that they did collude with her, and were coerced by MM to recite parts of the letter, they have perjured themselves and they go to jail.

MM is also then a party to having Slandered and Libeled her Father, and damages result from that. I am sure those involved are concerned; from Jessica Mulrooney and her family/children down to the College friends, the acting friend, all who were possibly involved with the story in People (the writer and editor as well).

Amal and Serena are not involved as I think both have put much distance between themselves and the Harkles by now. They no longer appear to want to be aligned with her.

Mooch and Cootch are “Pariahs” in Hollywood now. Hollywood does not mind pariahs, mind you. If you were successful and talented at what you did and put a foot wrong; i.e. Directors, Produced great movies, great actors, a studio Head, etc. . However, Megsy does not get a nod for any of these talents. Even her Talent Agent, Handout Harry, has gone radio silent on promoting her.

Megsy, with every additional day that she stays out in Hollyweed, simply showcases what an untalented wannabee she is. More of her past acting performances show up and they are AWFUL! She has by now, solicited almost everyone worth soliciting through Sunshine Sachs. MM had made SS look like the most incompetent PR firm that ever existed, thereby becoming the embarrassment and annoyance that everyone wants to avoid.

She herself is Co-Meg, a walking, living pandemic. I am sure most are quietly grateful for the Covid lock-down where she is concerned. Her imagined contacts do not have to take real meetings with her, cannot meet at the Chateau Marmont, no story meetings, no Directors lining up (staying home), no studios open.

Covid is the perfect out. Plus, I think personally they do not like her. Most of Hollywood came up through the ranks, one role at a time, proven winners. They are not enamored of an amateur who just shows up and demands demands demands…So, dear reader, it turns out that all the Botox, the new eye lift, the new teeth, the cheek and chin implants did not work, you won’t get over on this crowd. The product known as MM will have no shelf life in Hollywood, she has been road-tested and she doesn’t meet the standards Hollywood invests in… it is still the same old bad act…and no one is buying. To paraphrase Markle’s first husband, they might give her five minutes but they will never give her five years!

I love your piece! I read today that the Harkle’s lost 200,000 followers, I guess they can’t afford the bill. Watch that dropped even further. 

I agree with you, she’s toast! When you end up in a blind bitching about your team, the team is going to care for another celeb. I don’t blame them one bit.  I do pick on Ken Sunshine over the Fergie and Markle deal but I respect the people that work there who try to handle that cow. We all know MM can’t be handled she is insane. We know from the past she treats people like shit. 

Meghan Markle is living in an alternative universe, that’s what I’m picking up and she has no clue she is headed for a brick wall going 75 miles an hour. I see her now as being clingy, very insecure that’s how she went after Catherine and continues to do so. I think the bitch who wrote their piece will eventually admit it was MM who supplied her with lies. That will be the ultimate embarrassment for MM. 

I believe that it is coming to an end, once Harry leaves to go back to England we will hear less and less from them. We should start hearing how it’s all Harry’s fault as soon as he leaves. 

It will get a lot more fun for us soon, I think it will spill into the fall. 

Thank you Snarky anon, 🥰


The way the “Sussex Squad” has responded to the Kate Middleton-Tatler fiasco proves that their behavior was never about Meghan Markle.


  • Kensington Palace is taking legal action against Tatler magazine for an article that paints Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in a negative light.
  • Despite this, the Sussex Squad and Meghan’s fans are generally reacting with glee at the upset this piece has caused.
  • This reaction confirms that for the Sussex Squad, it’s all about Kate.


US Protests – The Royals

Oh my Gawd! They shouldn’t do this, as Dan Bongino says to wait 72 hours for the entire story.  There is a story and THE STORY.

What we know so far, George worked with the officer at a club doing security, he was also resisting arrest, and it took many officers to get him in the car, he was also high as a kite. So was it alcohol and a combination of drugs? We don’t know all the facts yet.

Granted, the cop used excessive force and is being punished for it. Does that mean you burn down cities and loot stores? NO, and even George’s brother is condemning the protesters/rioters. We support all peaceful protests, and there is plenty of evidence showing they tried to stop the violence.

Meghan and Harry are complicit with ANTIFA, a terrorist group that had bricks stashed all over the city.  Patriot protesters filmed these premediated weapons. I know that MM has ties to Hillary Rotten Clinton and George. So, I say fuck them.

I found proof that George Soros was the curator of this massive destruction of property and death. It looked the same as Chile riots to which he sponsored.