The Daily Mail ~ I forgive you~ Editorial

Many have been with me from the start as commenters on the Daily Mail to give opinions, and we loved the platform, How could I ever stay mad at them?  I’m not one to hold grudges forever, yeah sure, I could stay mad at Peter Sheridan and Charlotte Wace for Doxing me, what I was very hurt about, I gave information, and they chose to exclude it. 

What is happening now, the same information on this blog is now appearing all over the place. How about a little credit for running down leads, simple thank you would be good.

The British Royal Family belongs to ever one, occasionally there will be scrutiny through snark, sarcasm, and parody, that’s a fact, and they are aware of this.  Like any family, you may be upset with the things one of them do, doesn’t mean you fall out of like with them.


This recent rounds of ass kicking by the press is a wake-up call because the expenditures just came out.  The Press will do it every time one comes out, but Meghan is on the front because she doesn’t appreciate being a Royal and following the rules. Some may think Go Meghan! That’s certainly not how it works.

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Royalty = Loyalty, and if you can’t do that, you’re toast! Avocados not included🥑

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Meghan Markle New Engagement Ring Design

It’s similar to her band from Trevor Engleson, hmm

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – OCTOBER 11: Meghan Markle arrives at the Anti-Defamation League Entertainment Industry Awards dinner held at The Beverly Hilton hotel on October 11, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Can’t keep a good NARC down, they are fixated on a certain vision always trying to perfect.

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New Piers Morgan article

PIERS MORGAN: Why should taxpayers pay millions so super-rich Prince Harry and Meghan ‘Kardashian’ Markle can have a mansion makeover just because they don’t get on with Wills and Kate?


Wow. Shit is getting real.


Money, money money

RICHARD KAY: Royal split racked up the bill – but are couple doing their part of deal?


UK Citizenship MM

It’s interesting that we haven’t heard about that anymore

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… I even wonder if Meghan doesn’t want it anymore.


I wonder if a reporter would ask this question to Buckingham Palace on the status of Meghan’s dual citizenship.  We have argued this each way till Wednesday and still no clear answer.  It appears she wants to become a Fergie.

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Meghan, the z list actress

The DM was so nice to remind us what kind of role Meghan had in 90210. Small scenes like that just show again that she never had a huge career in Hollywood. A Grace Kelly she ain’t (even though her fans like to claim that). She would have been done after Suits and was lucky that Harry fell for her nonsense.


Meg, the z-list actress

It’s really hilarious that so many experts etc. pretend that Meg was a huge celebrity star. She really was a nobody before Harry. Meg wanted to be famous and only reached that level because of him.

She’s not like Julia Roberts, who people know without even watching her movies. It’s also ridiculous that some people pretend that she received a lot of money when she was in Suits. Suits is not like Friends or Sex and the City. Where do all the delusional people come from? Jeez.

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – OCTOBER 11: Actress Meghan Markle arrives at the Anti-Defamation League Entertainment Industry Awards Dinner Honoring Ryan Kavanaugh at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 11, 2011, in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/WireImage)

I wonder what happened to this person above.

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If you look at any celeb on google they always overinflate, not one has taken into account expenses like taxes in two countries, agent and PR fees, rent, hair, makeup, wardrobe. We know she liked men to pay her way, Corey was paying the rent up until December 2016 and then she had to pay up.

Meghan wasn’t even a mild success in Hollywood standards, and she knew she was washed up. We know she lied to Harry saying dating him kept her from getting parts in Hollywood. All lies, MM hoodwinked him, with tales of woe, the damsel in distress, Harry, save me!  She was tearing at his PTSD with being unable to save his mother, our icon, Princess Diana.  It’s unforgivable to use  Diana memory this way.

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