You have to look on her IG of who she is following: This is what I mean, they are primarily business related from what I can tell she doesnt have true friends.. without strings attached

Jill Roth, best friend


I understan the disappointment but if she post on her ig that means he is ok with that. He has eyes to see and he see she is posting the dog with union jack and bananas. I think that the fandom overstimate harry. He has always liked to be sourranded by celebs, he enjoy that world.

You could be right, here he was in Florida for the Invictus games, the entire nation fell head over heels for him, why? Wants to get married have kids, tell us it’s going to happen very, very soon. Charming, witty, mom is proud of him. Harry goes back to England and decides he wants to be single and William tells people he enjoying being single right now. Enter Meghan, we all shocked cause she is everything he told us he doesn’t want.

Sure the fan base is confused, maybe even hurt and yes disappointing. Harry just a man when it comes down to it, like any other who think with the wrong head.

The celebs, oh yes, why not go out with Taylor Swift than, Katy Perry liked Harry. Why this one?

meghanmarkle💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #nolongeranonlychild (misha act), mishanonooWhen only children find sisters, : this is on video and photos on their trip to madrid. doesnt MM have a boatload of half siblings

Such a kiss ass, Misha’s husband Alexander is friends with Harry and William, they went to their wedding in Italy. I tried to see if she was there, couldn’t find it, so it’s a newer friendship. That’s why at first, I thought the Markus and Mischa were involved, she has Bea and Eugenie on her IG, however Mischa husband owns paddle eight auction house that Eugenie worked at.

Sparkle does have a bunch of half siblings

Kitty is not her. She is one of her fans or she wouldn’t answer that way. You should be mistaken, not all the comments pro-meg are her or her pr team. Actually there are people who like her, majorly harry’s fans as you can see on their blogs and if someone express their opinion politley many are quite passive/aggressive

Kitty from London? this girl has been there before this started. Always very gentle, we all treat her with kid gloves. She starts with, do you think,  not I think, she is passive, she is a Harry fan.

There is always going to be ying and yang but when it gets down right ugly is when the minions come in. The comments are salty, bitter, beautiful women, will not,  duchess dolittle, ect. It really fanned those flames for attacks. You can tell, if you are a regular , you can read it right away.

I wonder what Harry would say if he knew LL/MM was on DM calling his brother and SIL Willnot and Duchess Dolittle? She even had the nerve to say that Harry wasn’t on her level intellectually?! She really thinks she’s above the royals. Omg, if Harry doesn’t get bright and do it quickly she will be the fall of the House of Windsor.

ok, omg, you see it too, some of those statements makes you want to find somebody that can tell him. It’s a horror movie. This is why they went crazy on DM (I know we are crazy). You want to punch her.

Harry please run

thank you anon

PS: the comments about the Queen really pissed me off, meddling 

Idk. I think she overdramatizes her humanitarian wor, her qualities and i think she is in love with the prince and not the man but i also think that he loves her, and she believes to love him. So i fear that this will be the one and if we push against her we just feed his hero syndrome.

you’re right, damsel in distress. Ingrid Steward says he will dig his heels in when he wants his way.

They are both in love with idea, later they will find out the real person, it may not be what they expected. Here is something I read, you can stay in a bad relationship as long there is sex involved, when that ends you have nothing

It’s not going to end until they end it themselves, unfortunately. It’s horse to water story. 

Thank you anon