Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Update: Relationship Like a Fairy Tale – Will There Be Another Royal Engagement?


read the article about marriage, it’s law, the MP’s and Lord’s may block him

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Update: Relationship Like a Fairy Tale – Will There Be Another Royal Engagement?


Internet white washed✨✨✨


Ms Sparkle’s PR team is doing a pretty good white washing the internet, moderating her Instagram site, all sorts of comments are gone, they have updated imdb file, got rid of religion (who doesn’t have Christmas pics?) none. Markus Anderson, IG now private. They know people will start to forget all drama, I’m not, I’ll remember.

 She had to do this, he would have to give everything up, if she is listed as jewish, they will except catholic, still no divorcee for a church wedding, civil union and than blessed by the church. Maybe he doesn’t want the grand wedding?

I’m not saying engagement, but she is trying to get her act together, maybe with hopes a legal team can change the law, not going to happen. Let them have their fling, he will have to give her up at some time. Everyone stop the worry.

UPDATE:This is my opinion, I did lots of research, Church of England on interfaith marriages and keeping up on Markle’s instagram, changes and updates on imdb pages. Piers Morgan interview said she was being threaten, trolls, ect, that was back in June, she did recently get some very nasty comments, all she had to do was turn the comments off, why didn’t she do that? Why did he let her leak that crap, it’s just not the banana and teapot, there is more on there, just not cute sayings for you, it’s for him

I swear that I thought it was cressida on the backpack pic!! 😂😂😂😂 Too funny! Actually is not, but, anyway, how have you been my beloved redneck? Everything all right? Allright, all right, allright!?

My answer: At first glance, I was thinking the same thing, but I really like the pink back pack and the blanket coat.

Redneck is life style I haven’t adopted, I still like things from the market as opposed to picking up road kill, really never developed the taste for squirrel, opossum or even deer for that matter.

 Another clue is, I don’t have an engine block hanging from my front yard. We have cable, no rabbit ears with tin foil.

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It’s nice to beloved, thank you! I love you too (now I know you won’t shoot me, lol)

Oh sweet baby Jesus I mean if they have been dating longer than a couple of months maybe I would understand, but according to Harry’s statement they haven’t so why does she need protection. He is aware he can’t protect her from herself. 2/2

Hallelujah! I couldn’t agree more. Why are they both reading comments and blogs about themselves? Megalomaniac, omg, a pun, lol.

Harry is going to be on a tanker, no visitors allowed, you dig   

Talk Marriage

If they do come around and decide to get married, personally, I don’t think a big huge expensive wedding should be in order at tax payer expense, she been married before and she Jewish (no do overs), she needs to convert to COE. Don’t get mad at me, you all know this, the firm, head of the church of England. In the event, god for bid, something happens to Prince William, Prince Harry will be regent till George becomes of age, I don’t think personally she is Duchess material., you can’t act your way through 

I’m the 76 weeks anon, June 1st comment is a different person. Did you get the link I sent you?

LMAO, I was so confused, had my puffs and was like, somebody Fing with me here, rotflmao.

Did you mean her at the UJA, Ms Markle is Jewish, anybody can go to catholic school or she may have converted because of Hollywood, husband, she looks like a JAP (Jewish american princess) I grew up in a jewish neighborhood this not offensive