I really tried to like her she supports a lot of causes I do and I love international relationships like her also i liked her style but there’s something that doesn’t convinced me of her maybe is this pr games i think shes playing


Games are most definitely being played. I just hope Harry isn’t on the losing side…

perfect answer


Another one says “I decided to ask the people I know in the industry what the general sense of Meghan is. These are production folks, insiders in H’Wood and all I got was a collective eye roll. So do with that what you will. “


“drama, demands, small level actor behaving out of their acting level, demanding. It’s not good. That was clear. The production guy I know met PH in San Diego and flat out said he can do “way better”. A headache”

thanks for the insight anon

Chocolate covered pickle

Toronto’s seven most important parties: an invitation is proof that you’ve arrived

Soho House is already a private members’ club, so getting an invite to one of Anderson’s personal events means you’ve reached the next level. Last summer, he invited fashion world heavyweights to toast celebrity shoe designer Christian Louboutin.

Toronto’s seven most important parties: an invitation is proof that you’ve arrived

Bullshit! Now the press will slander them both!

I don’t agree fully, my gut tells me, there is more to come, they’ve scratch the surface, it will pick back again. The sharks don’t care, blood is in the water now. Maybe the statement should have been  sooner, I believe we can all agree, the bread crumb trail is what blew it out of portion. Well played Sparkle, please take care of our Harry, we always be here for him. Treat him with kindness, 

This was just sent anon to my email, not lying, Meghan Markle

I just wanted to understand why this hype about her humanitarian side? She gave a speech, clearly not written by her, in which she talks about equality, that was on march 2015. By June 2015 she appeared on a video for men’s health that is online, being a s e x y b o y s t o y. Or she has no clue of what feminism is or she got the wrong message. Besides, when she went to Afghanistan, not one single soldier knew who she was. The world vision nonprofit job clearly comes from Trud eau, she is a friend of his doll (I can’t stand that bulldog face puppet). If you go to the IG account of the brand that she teamed up, you will see how her pics are photoshoped (I wanna wax that hair on her forehead so bad, it doesn’t straight up). So, the question is, for us, with brains, there is nothing much there to like. She is a zlister, that is capable of doing anything for money and spotlight, those tease pics after the story broke was to hence the spotlight. She is another actress trying to break in! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/~/article-3906994/index.html