Not push up bra. Its her posture, pushing her breast forward. The red dress with nude scarpin was at a press conference for suits.

Okay, I didn’t like the Silver dress she wore, did nothing for boobs. Is this boob day? How come I never get the memo?


We are on the same page, what is this “business” she had to handle was trying to win back harry but he called it off. Gotta keep that 15 minutes of fame going. Wait I’m so behind who is Camilla Tis?

sorry Camilla Tominey and maybe the picture at whole foods, who knows but they apparently had it set up for her at the rugby game. I put up Dickie Arbitier opinion, maybe she didn’t like hearing, no you are not going and off she went back home but not before laying out for Camilla Tominey.

The business, IMO, to make Harry release that statement while she was sucking on his big fat knockwurst (sorry H)

Who knows with this chick, she’s a cherry bomb waiting to go off. 

Apparently she arrived Tuesday night then left Friday. (photo is from Thursday morning) We’re suppose to believe she she didn’t miss any filming.

Who did actually say that she is taking time off, press release? You don’t take time off to go be with your boyfriend, we can all agree on that. It blows my mind that producers would say, yeah, okay it only cost about 100k a day, take your time or she wasn’t needed for those scenes that day