So forgiving

Meghan is so gracious – forgiving her mean daddy and her mean half-sister. /s

EXCLUSIVE: Reconciliation! Radiant mother-to-be Meghan Markle says she’s ready to bury the hatchet with her estranged father AND stepsister Samantha after her baby is born
The Duchess of Sussex hopes the birth will mark the start of a new chapter, a friend tells DailyMailTV

‘She plans to extend an olive branch to the family and invite them to visit after the baby is born – her sister [Samantha Markle] included,’ says the friend
Samantha, in particular, has repeatedly called on Meghan to spend more time with their father,
She told DailyMailTV last month that she should have visited him while in the US for her New York baby shower
On Tuesday afternoon, she took part in a reception held by the Queen to mark the 50th anniversary of Prince Charles’ investiture as Prince of Wales

A friend tells that’s rich, I knew this would happen but seeing is believing.  They will need photo ops to make me believe that.

Meghan going NYC is short compared to Mexico, just saying.

If this does happen will they shut up?  Enty, the Entertainment lawyer says that the family was paid 5 million, don’t know if that is true or not.  Whoever sent that tip into him, he may have trusted enough to make up the blind item.  It appears to be some sort of damage control.  Sam said she has a book coming out, I’ve always doubted this as no mention of a publisher if it did it would be sticky sweet.

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Northwestern Cheating?

Hi All,

In light of the recent college admissions scandal that came to light today, I wonder if Meg’s dad paid to get her into Northwestern. I’ve always wondered how someone who seems so inept get into Northwestern, and I now wonder if perhaps we have our answer.


Thank you for this, I was listening to this on HLN.

We are going to have to keep up on this, it’s breaking news, and as we find out more, then we can discuss the incoming articles and tell me how you feel about this.

This situation is nothing new; it’s been done for decades by affluent families trying to get their inept children into the right universities.  We have to remember athletes too; alums will sponsor a kid that amazing at sports.   My former boss went to Villa Nova and would hire basket players to do nothing at our building, and he hung in the stairwell for hours. All part the game.  Some students that get in on a free ride but have to take on menial tasks to stay there.

Another reason, Because Yale looks better than community college.

MM who knows, Dad says one thing, and she says another, but look for all of that to change or be swept under the carpet. Sarri just told me that there is a reconcilation coming up, I did say this was going to happen. How much did it cost Harry? What were the terms made, NDA and a pile of cash? They were never going to shut up.  They were all in it together from day one.

It’s a shame the Royals can’t see they are being bamboozled by grifters.

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Thomas Markle

I wonder how much Thomas Markle got paid to finally shut up and play along with the PR letter incident…


I was looking through Enty’s blinds last night he claims that MM and H paid their family 5 million. That didn’t shut them up or was it the mother that got the money?

Thomas will be back at MM beck and call.

Sam alleges she has a book, but yet no one knows the publisher. I would think there would some PR  attached and interviews, the standard stuff that is done to a potential outing of sitting Duchess.  Maybe it’s downloadable??

We haven’t seen the last of them yet, the delivery of baby Sussex will get them going again.

Once you start paying the con artists, they will keep coming back for more.

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Anonymous said:Lol the KP/DM have deleted my comment today

Lol the KP/DM have deleted my comment today on the latest article about Sam and Meghag. I wrote that Meghan will probably claim after the divorce that the palace forced her to stay away from her father. Sad how comment board manipulation has become normal since Christian Jones is the new PR guy.
No evidence of that anon. What I did find there may be some hacking or bot behavior in the comments.
Comments are appearing, disappearing and materializing right before our eyes.
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JKR submitted:Don’t Post On This Article!

Don’t Post On This Article!

Meghan’s PR team is deleting comments again – Best Rated comments disappear, and people complain that their comments were removed within seconds.

Samantha Markle reveals bitter feud with her sister and Harry began when the Prince referred to the Royals as ‘the family I suppose Meghan has never had’ in controversial 2017 radio interview

Speaking in a new documentary Meghan and the Markles: A Family at War that aired on Channel 5 yesterday, Samantha lambasted the comments made by Prince Harry.

She said: ‘The first thing I thought was I don’t think Harry has been given the full story.

‘Something was not right. Though we weren’t the classic family together on schedule for every holiday, we were family.’


Okay, it’s not out yet on youtube, I want to believe Sam Markle, I genuinely do!

When you start deleting comments, it goes against every freedom of speech that Sam’s rants about.  I believe in the right to free speech. Why is this happening again?

I did a little digging, wow! The worst, of course, is Natgray who is out their mind and taunting Brits. The first best rated has zero arrows, WTH! Then I went back 5 minutes later, and it’s replaced with this!  You’re not going crazy, something or someone is breaking into the hack the comments.

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Anonymous said: “Meghan and the Markles” programme here in the U.K

If you’re interested, the “Meghan and the Markles” programme here in the U.K. has just aired. Samantha came across well; articulate and reasoned.
 I’m interested, and Sam is a smart woman with a masters degree. What channel on was it on? I can’t find it.
The video below is one of MM stans that has a lot of nerve, and the megulators are twice as bad.  Unfair and unbalanced reporting.
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Anonymous said:What I can’t figure out is how Thomas Markle’s staged Pap photos

What I can’t figure out is how Thomas Markle’s staged Pap photos in a Mexican barrio look less staged than the Duchess of Frogs’ staged Pap sessions in Mid-Town Manhattan. She’s no better than her family, and Meghan knows that.
The daily mail already outed him, and he has paps living next door to him.  He is a sitting duck.  I’m convinced they are all in it together for the big payday!  They won’t ever go away.
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Anonymous said: Isn’t Thomas Markle Jr. the one who told Harry that he shouldn’t marry Meghan?

Isn’t Thomas Markle Jr. the one who told Harry that he shouldn’t marry Meghan? That he’s going to regret it? I wonder how much Meghan paid him to say now that people shouldn’t believe Sam. I don’t like Sam because the Markles are all the same money and fame hungry idiots, but I do believe the things she said about Meghan are true. She’s not as fake as Meghan who pretends to be someone she isn’t.
YES! The family of fame-seeking Narcs!  They will never stop! Pull the plug, Harry!
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JKR  submitted: Another Markle Family Member Who Wants Attention

Another Markle Family Member Who Wants Attention

‘Don’t believe anything Samantha says’: Thomas Markle Jr slams ‘lying, jealous’ sister over attacks on Meghan – but begs pregnant Duchess to let her father meet his grandchild

It must be hell to belong to a family of narcissists! UGH, They are all in it together.

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